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                                                                                     Office cleaning – Olansi air purifier

According to the survey, indoor activities ,indoor office staff time accounted for most of the day, lack of exercise, poor ventilation, boredom is a major indoor staff common problem.

Indoor air quality, which directly affect the health of these people, poor air quality, indoor workers likely to cause chest tightness, influenza, respiratory diseases, and so on. You want good health, indoor staff must understand some of the knowledge of indoor air purification. Factors that affect indoor air quality have a few, a source of contamination, a clean indoor air efforts to speed itself. If no indoor sources of pollution, the quality of indoor air pollution is not serious, then a clean indoor air circulation and the strength and speed are good, then indoor air quality can stand the test.

Here introduced to several indoor air purification methods:

1, ventilation, ventilation is a more natural way to purify the speed is relatively fast, but needs more fresh air in the outdoor environment better.

2, the planting of air purification plants, plants can absorb air particulate matter, air purification effect with the role of forests is the same.

3, the purchase of air purifier / air cleaner, air purifier / air cleaner or air in the interior Fengbi case can purify the air machine, air purifier on the market’s full-featured, variety, both for indoor particulate matter, or pollution or the flu has a different decoration of our approach. Buy an air purifier / air cleaner on the interior is a modern city essential household choice.

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