Who is the best air purifier OEM/ODM manufacturer factory in China? What’s their advantages?

Olansi advantages in air purifier OEM / ODM manufacturer industry


Air Purifier OEM / ODM Market Overview

In the Chinese air purifier market, OEM/ODM is one of the most important brand cooperation methods. Mastering the design of international and domestic famous air purifier brands and manufacturers that hold production technologies through commissioned production can effectively reduce production costs and allow brand owners to focus on developing new products.


So, Who is the best air purifier OEM/ODM manufacturer factory in China? What’s their advantages? Olansi takes an absolute advantage in the air purifier OEM/ODM foundry industry!

Advantage One

In the past 10 years, Olansi focused on the R&D, design, manufacturing, and sales of air purifiers, water purifiers, and hydrogen water products. Olansi has a wealth of market experience in the industry, there is a better advantage in the products’ price.

Advantage two

Olansi has a mature design team, perfect product data, adopting the latest foreign design styles, making the products show distinctive post-modern styles. The sense of labeling is very obvious, and it is easier for consumers to be impressed. New product development, product manufacturing, product sales, and product after-sales evaluation are all in the leading position in the industry.

Advantage three

There are three major R&D centers for research and development in Olansi: the Environmental Research Institute of Sun Yat-Sen University, the Material Research Institute of South China University of Technology, the Research and Evaluation Center of Olansi. With abundant technical reserves, the company has developed more than 10 new product lines each year, and has cumulatively sold 5.5 million air purifiers, water purifiers and hydrogen water products.
How to Measure the Quality of Air Purifier OEM/ODM

As the manufacturer of air purifier products, the strength of OEM/ODM manufacturers directly affects the future development of the products. If the quality of OEM/ODM products frequently occurs, brands and OEM/ODM manufacturers will not be able to gain a foothold in the net and air market. Therefore, it is very important to choose a strong OEM/ODM manufacturer.
The evaluation of the four basic technical indicators of air purifiers: CADR (clean air volume), CCM (cumulative purification volume), energy efficiency grade and noise standard.

These four indicators have evaluated the performance of air purifiers in terms of purification capacity and service life. A high-quality air purifier should have high CADR value + high CCM value + high purification energy efficiency + low noise, only one strong is not strong, “three high and one low” will be considered strong! For example, Olansi Air Purifier K15 leads the new national standard with its advantages of three highs and one low.
Why choose Olansi?
Olansi OEM/ODM high-end air purifier. Air purifiers are precision equipment, and the production and processing of the core purifiers are all subject to strict quality control. The company has set up a product lab that meets the national standards. It can test whether the production of each part of the air purifier product meets the standards in batches and samples, discovers and eliminates unqualified products in time, and simulates the effects and encounters of the air purifier filter in various environments. Problems and timely adjustments ensure that the air purifiers produced are optimally effective.
The company has a dust-free production workshop that keeps the controlled environment in a “sterile-free” standard, high-efficiency production, and safety and hygiene.

The company’s product line adopts fully automated flow-through operations, which greatly increases production efficiency. All front-line employees have undergone systematic training and then work on their posts to achieve error-free production and ensure product quality. The company has an independent team of professional mold engineers who have many years of experience in mold design and development. They can meet the design requirements of major brands and provide complete product samples and mold processing.

Olansi strictly enforces the ISO quality management system and the 3C compulsory product certification system. The entire process of product production has always been implemented with quality control. QC controls all the detailed points to ensure the quality of each manufactured product.


Our advantage

  1. Variety of models (updating from newer generation to meet market demands);

2, small batches (MOQ 300PCS, free choice);

3, have advantages over peer quotes (source manufacturers offer affordable);

4, fast delivery (Logistics Express tracking report);

5, good service (intimate after-sales service).


Our service

  1. OEM OEM (design and produce all-inclusive affix your brand);

2, to map sample processing (you provide paper samples, we process for you production);

3, spot wholesale (various styles, spot wholesale sources).
Not every air purifier manufacturer’s product can make consumers feel comfortable using it. Not every air purifier manufacturer will let distributors feel comfortable introducing a lot of OEM/ODM air purifiers, the Chinese air purifier manufacturer—Olansi, Let the world rely on “made in China.”