European air purifier,air purifier PM2.5,WIFI Air purifier

Second-hand smoke is equal to chronic suicide. How to do air purification?

Second-hand smoke is equal to chronic suicide. How to do air purification?

European air purifier,air purifier PM2.5,WIFI Air purifier

According to the latest report of the World Health Organization, nearly two-thirds of women of childbearing age in China passively smoke second-hand smoke at home, and more than half of them are exposed to second-hand smoke in the workplace. Experiments have shown that the concentration of PM2.5 produced in a sealed space of 35 square meters exceeds 30 times the normal value. The micro-particles originating from second-hand smoke account for about 90% of the total indoor PM2.5. As long as you can smell the smoke in the room, PM2.5 has already exceeded the standard by at least double. The global death of 24 million people each year is closely related to indoor PM2.5.

Studies have shown that secondhand smoke can lead to adult lung cancer, coronary heart disease, childhood asthma, sudden infant death syndrome. It can also cause many diseases such as adult stroke, childhood brain cancer and lymphoma. Passive smoking can increase the risk of lung cancer by about 20% and the risk of coronary heart disease by about 30%.

For everyone’s health, or hope that everyone smoke less, in order to reduce the harm of second-hand smoke from the source! However, for old smokers, quitting smoking has never been easy. Even American writer Mark Twain said: ‘It is easy to quit smoking. I have already quit a thousand times!’

What should I do if I can’t stop smoking and I don’t want my family to be harmed by second-hand smoke?

Planting green plants

Can plant some potted plants to absorb second-hand smoke to reduce the damage of nicotine to the human body! Such as: Ivy, rich coconut, cyclamen, evergreen and so on.

Use air purifier

If you have a husband or elder who loves smoking at home, you can put an air purifier at home to purify harmful smoke and dirty air inside the room. Note that when selecting an air purifier, you should choose a purifier produced by a regular manufacturer. Inferior products not only have a poor purification effect, but also release harmful gases.

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