The air purifier is good, you can see the purification principle!

The air purifier is good, you can see the purification principle!

An online search for a search for air purifiers is not too much, all kinds of air purifiers are varied.
It is a technical activity to pick a good air purifier. A little understanding of the purification principle of the family air purifier can help us to purchase the most satisfactory air purifier.
What does China best air purifier use to purify the air?

Mechanical filtration

Generally, the particles are captured by the following four methods: direct interception, inertial collision, Brownian diffusion mechanism, screening effect, which has a good collection effect on fine particles but large wind resistance. In order to obtain high purification efficiency, the resistance of the filter is large, and the filter is filtered. The net needs to be dense, resulting in reduced life and needs to be replaced regularly, but efficient and environmentally friendly purification methods are used by best and cheap air purifiers.

High voltage electrostatic dust collection

A dust collecting method for ionizing a gas by using a high-voltage electrostatic field to electrically adsorb dust particles to an electrode, although the wind resistance is small, but the effect of trapping large particles and fibers is poor, causing discharge, and the cleaning is troublesome and time-consuming, and ozone is easily generated. Form secondary pollution.

“High-voltage electrostatic dust collection” is a way to ensure both air volume and fine particles. This is the way in which the particles are charged by a high voltage before the particles pass through the filter core so that the particles are “easy to adsorb” onto the filter element under the action of electricity.

Electrostatic electret filter

Relative mechanical filtration can only effectively remove particles larger than 10 microns, and when the particle size of the particles is divided into 5 microns, 2 microns or even sub-micron, efficient mechanical filtration systems become more expensive, and Wind resistance will increase significantly. Filtered by electrostatic electret air filter material, it can achieve high capture efficiency with low energy consumption and has the advantages of electrostatic dust removal and low wind resistance. However, it does not need an external voltage of 10,000 volts, so ozone is not generated, and Its composition is made of polypropylene, which is easy to dispose of.

Electrostatic precipitator

It can filter dust, smoke, and bacteria smaller than cells, and prevent diseases such as lung diseases and lung cancer. The most harmful to the human body in the air is dust less than 2.5 microns, which penetrates cells and enters the bloodstream. The ordinary purifier uses filter paper to filter the dust in the air, which is easy to block the filter hole. The dust not only has no sterilization effect but also easily causes secondary pollution.

Electrostatic sterilization

Using a high-voltage electrostatic field of about 6000 volts, it can instantly kill bacteria and viruses attached to dust and prevent diseases such as colds and infectious diseases. Its sterilization mechanism is to destroy the four polypeptide chains of the bacterial capsid protein and damage the RNA. However, the electrostatic series purification method is as easy to produce secondary pollution as the one described above, and the sterilization is still safe and effective with the enzyme-containing sterilization layer.

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Experts remind that negative ion air purifier is the family of choice

Experts remind that negative ion air purifier is the family of choice

The popularity of mobile phones does provide children with the convenience of communication, but children are in the stage of brain development, long-term exposure to mobile phones, lack of learning and communication to the outside world, will affect brain development, and even the phenomenon of mental decline. Adhere to the negative ions of breathing air, which has a good effect on children’s mental development.
What if the child’s intelligence declines? Many manufacturers have promoted children’s intellectual development as a publicity stunt, and various nutritional products and medicines have entered the big counter. So far, no research has shown that these health care products are helpful for improving intelligence. Experts say that regular breathing of ecological grade air negative ions can promote the development of children’s intelligence.

Mechanism of action of air negative ions on improving children’s intelligence

1. Negative ions (negative oxygen ions) can increase the number of synapses in neurons, strengthen the strength of the joints, and expand the effective neural network. US National Aerospace personnel have observed that changing the potential difference between the inner and outer nerve cells can cause the proliferation of neuronal synapses. Negative ions (negative oxygen ions) can change the potential difference between cells inside and outside, increase the number of synapses, effectively expand the neural network, and improve the effect of children’s intelligence.

2. Negative ions (negative oxygen ions) can promote the conversion of DHA and protect the neural network from damage. In the absence of DHA synapses, it cannot be maintained, causing damage to the neural network. Negative ions (negative oxygen ions) accelerate this conversion by enhancing enzyme activity, thereby increasing DHA formation and protecting the integrity of the neural network.

3. Negative ions (negative oxygen ions) are neuron detergents

Dr. Marian of the University of California found that negative ions (negative oxygen ions) have the effect of scavenging neuronal impurity compounds.

4. Negative ions (negative oxygen ions) can regulate the pH of the brain. Dr. Caro Yu, a British medical scientist, found that the higher the alkaline pH of the brain, the higher the IQ of the person. La Yin et al. used a magnetic resonance spectrometer to measure the pH of 42 brains of boys aged 6-13. It was found that when the PH value increased from 6.99 to 7.99, the child’s intelligence would more than double, that is, the IQ would be 63 points. It rose by 138 points. (From the October 4th “Economic Information Daily”)

With the deepening of people’s understanding of negative ion therapy, researchers have developed a negative ion generator based on the principle of negative ion generation. However, due to the different levels of negative ion generation technology, negative ions of three sizes, large, medium and small, are generated. Large and medium-sized negative ions cannot penetrate the human body like small-size negative ions, which have a health-care effect on the human body.

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How to choose an air purifier? Remember that these six points are king!

How to choose an air purifier? Remember that these six points are king!

Choose products with formal logos and complete information
When consumers buy air purifiers
Pay attention to the following

▲ Pay attention to whether the product packaging has a formal logo, including company name, product name, product model, implementation standard, after-sales hotline, and certification mark;
▲ Pay attention to the air purifier CADR (purification efficiency) and CCM (cumulative purification) indicators, such as CADR (particulate matter), CADR (formaldehyde), CCM (particulate matter), CCM (formaldehyde), and energy consumption, noise (maximum air volume) , applicable areas and other important indicators, and pay attention to whether the above indicators are fully marked;

▲ Also, pay attention to the product manual or its body, whether it is marked with the start-up operation guide, use safety tips and filter replacement operation instructions, etc., to avoid the impact of the air purifier due to incomplete information.

Choose products that meet the actual needs of the home
When consumers purchase air purifiers, they should pay attention to and consider the “CADR (purification efficiency)” index. Just as buying air conditioners should choose the number of horses according to the size of the space, different space areas should match the air purifiers with different CADR values. . For example, a 30 square meter room and a “CADR” 450 air purifier will have a better purification experience.

In addition, for particulate matter, formaldehyde (gaseous pollutants), allergens and other different pollutants, it is best to purchase products with corresponding purification functions.
Choose products with high quality and good price
At present, there are many brands of air purifiers on the market, and the price difference is large. Consumers should not argue about quality.

Low-cost products such as “100 yuan machines” have low cost, often with poor quality and high noise. They not only fail to achieve the desired purification effect, but also bring noise pollution to the home, and the high price is not completely equal to high quality, some high-priced products, In fact, it contains a lot of marketing costs. Some of the features in the product belong to the business exaggeration of publicity, play with the concept, and some of the functional indicators are directly marked by the merchants to maximize the eyelashes.
At the same time, consumers should not blindly pursue foreign brands and high-end brands, because each country has different national conditions. For example, some countries in foreign countries have milder levels of formaldehyde and smog. The corresponding brands of Olansi air purifiers mainly filter pollen and large. Particulate matter is not entirely suitable for the needs of Chinese consumers.
Choose pre-sale and after-sales guaranteed products
Whether buying products online or offline, consumers should purchase through formal channels. Do not blindly believe in channels such as mergers, sales, membership, etc., and avoid buying counterfeit and shoddy products.

At the same time, as a high-consumption product, the air purifier is particularly important for after-sales service. Some air purifiers sold through third-party platforms or dealers have a short warranty period, and subsequent maintenance services have defects, which greatly shorten the product life cycle, so consumers When purchasing an air purifier, you should carefully understand the after-sales service, warranty terms, and restrictions of the product to avoid unnecessary troubles in the after-sales process. In addition, after the consumer purchases the product, he must keep the invoice and other shopping vouchers for future use.
Choose a product certified by a third-party certification body
When consumers purchase an air purifier, they can pay attention to whether the product has a “star certification” from a third-party certification body.

“Star certification” is based on the requirements of the industry group standard “Filtering Air Purifier Particle Control Performance Grading”, and the removal of energy efficiency, cumulative purification, and noise of “particles, formaldehyde, microorganisms, allergens” and other pollutants. The grading evaluation of the indicators is “9 stars”. “Star certification” puts higher requirements on the quality of air purifiers. Consumers can directly judge the quality of air purifiers by means of “number of stars”.
Master the correct use of the product
At present, the air purifiers currently on the market mainly use filter type. The filter element can not be used repeatedly by cleaning, and the service life is generally about six months. Once the filter adsorption area reaches saturation, the machine work efficiency will decrease. There is even a risk of secondary pollution, so consumers should replace the filter element in time according to the degree of indoor pollution and product use cycle.

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