How to distinguish the quality of the water purifier filter?

How to distinguish the quality of the water purifier filter?

You may have doubts, is there a good or bad filter for the water purifier?
Of course! Even with the same type of filter element, there are quality and process differences, the quality of the filter directly determines the safety of our drinking water.

Cleanroom produces safe and qualified filter elements
Frequently received news from users:
“I bought a filter cartridge online before. After using it, I found that the water purification effect is very poor and the service life is very short.”
“There are cheap filter cartridges on the Internet. The appearance looks quite like that. Are these genuine?”
“A cheap filter, is the effect the same as authentic?”
Buying a cottage filter with genuine money is definitely a matter of who is on fire. However, in order to save money and save money, you can buy the filter cartridges on the Internet. Xiao may remind you that you must not “be a big loss”!
The filter element is the “core component” of the whole water purifier. The water purifier can filter the dirty water into water that can be directly consumed. The decisive factor is the filter element.
In general, the life of inferior filter elements is very short, and the effect of purification is not the same. Once the quality of the filter element is not closed, it will not only cause the filtration effect to be greatly reduced, but also affect the water quality of drinking water, and even cause secondary pollution to drinking water.
Therefore, don’t think that you have earned a low-cost filter. You should be careful not to let the “water purifier” become a “sewage device”.
Imagine if the filter element can’t filter, what are the dirty things and bacteria that have not been filtered?

The quality of the filter element is indistinguishable from the appearance, but in fact, it is hidden in the “catty”…
In order to reduce costs, bad merchants will not hesitate to cut corners, shoddy, and secretly “hands-on” in internal materials:
For example, in the case of activated carbon filter cartridges, it is better to use imported coconut shell carbon, but many counterfeiters will use coal-based carbon or shell-shell materials instead. This raw material has weak purification ability, high gray matter, and even releases harmful substances. .

Merchants recycle water purifiers, filter cartridges, and resell in rural areas
Users who have used water purifiers know that the filter element is basically scrapped after the end of its service life. The inside of the filter element is filled with bacteria and various dirt. Think about it, what happens when such a filter cartridge is recycled and reused? Where are the dirty things and bacteria going?

How to distinguish the quality of the water purifier filter, today to teach you a few tricks, to avoid being fooled!

Filter identification method

Third, regular channel purchase
Whether it is a filter or a machine, it is recommended to go to a regular store authorized by Angel.
Angel’s regular after-sales master, with the filter core to go home to change the core service, please check the tooling badge of the door-to-door master in time, beware of counterfeit personnel

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