Preventing the formaldehyde crisis, starting with the use of air purifiers

Preventing the formaldehyde crisis, starting with the use of air purifiers

In recent years, with the rapid growth of China’s economy, the acceleration of urbanization and the improvement of people’s living standards, more and more people are willing to increase investment in improving the living environment in order to live a better material and spiritual life.

Renovating new homes, improving old homes and adding new furniture seems to have become “home-cooked.” As everyone knows, these new furniture and new decoration imply a formaldehyde crisis, which will cause irreparable harm to human beings, especially children.

Do you know formaldehyde?

Formaldehyde is a colorless, irritating and water-soluble gas, and is the smallest molecular weight aldehyde. The No. 153 “Formaldehyde Carcinogenicity Announcement” issued by the World Health Organization on June 15, 2004, officially confirmed that formaldehyde is a carcinogen. In the same year, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) raised formaldehyde to a Class 1 carcinogen. Formaldehyde has become an important cause of leukemia.

Formaldehyde has a slightly higher density than air and sinks in the air. The most concentrated space of formaldehyde is less than 1 meter. This height is the most important space for children to absorb air. According to epidemiological statistics in China, about 50% of leukemia patients are children, and they are growing year by year. Home decoration leads to indoor environmental pollution and is considered to be the main cause of the increase in children with leukemia.

In general, formaldehyde in the air mainly comes from three places: wood-based panels for decoration and their wood-based panels, including wood-based panel furniture, partitions, moldings, flooring, etc.;

Decorative paints and adhesives, including latex paints, wood paints, metal paints, and glass glues; soft decoration, including curtains, wallpapers, sofas, carpets, etc.

Children have a large amount of activity, often crawling around and crawling. The amount of breathing is much higher than that of adults, and indoor activities are longer than adults. However, children’s own immunity is not strong and they are more harmful to formaldehyde.

The harm of formaldehyde to children

1. Increase the incidence of asthma in children. According to statistics, formaldehyde release pollution is the main cause of the increase in asthma in children aged 3-5 years;
2. Inducing children with blood diseases. Because children’s immunity is weak, formaldehyde emitted from interior decoration materials can easily damage children’s vulnerable bodies;
3. Make children’s intelligence greatly reduced. Long-term exposure to formaldehyde affects children’s intellectual development;
4. Excessive formaldehyde can even cause malformations in infants. Children with neonatal chromosomal abnormalities and pregnant women are particularly sensitive to formaldehyde and are more harmful. The baby’s immunity is low, the harm of formaldehyde is more serious, and eventually, the baby is deformed.

Therefore, no matter the child’s physical or intellectual development, the harm of indoor formaldehyde pollution to children can not be ignored.

How to reduce the harm of formaldehyde

1. We can increase the indoor green plants to absorb harmful gases through green plants. For example, ivy, spider plant, green radish, and aloe vera are both inexpensive and easy to manage;

2. We can use the ventilation method. By taking the natural circulation of indoor air to take away and dilute the harmful gases in the room. For rooms with poor ventilation, you can use a fan to blow;

3. Activated carbon adsorption method, using activated carbon with adsorption function, bamboo charcoal to remove these harmful gases, while activated carbon can be used repeatedly by drying;

4. Furniture cleaning and drying methods. Formaldehyde is easily soluble in water, often wiped with a wet rag, the effect is very good.

However, the evaporation period of formaldehyde can be up to 15 years, and the above methods are not always applicable. Therefore, the use of air purifiers is a long-term solution.

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How to create aldehyde-free life, how to remove formaldehyde air purifier indoors

How to create aldehyde-free life, how to remove formaldehyde air purifier indoors

The progress of the times has brought about major changes in the way of life. The country town has become a high-rise building, and the simple outdoor sports have become indoor gymnasiums and gymnasiums. Contemporary people spend more than 90% indoors. How do you guarantee indoor air quality? In the years before the smog was seriously jeopardized, people’s perception of PM2.5 gradually became clear, and they tried their best to reduce the harm to the body and hide inside the closed door.

Is the air quality at home good? In fact, the indoor air pollution level is not weaker than the outdoor, and there are data showing that indoor air quality is unqualified as high as 74%. The main source of pollution is formaldehyde exceeding the standard. Less than 5% of the air quality is qualified within one year of renovation, and less than half of them are qualified within three years. The house that has been renovated for 3 years is the research object, and it is carried out at 16°C-38°C, and the base number is 6482 households, and the unqualified rate reaches 74%. In addition, the office is the hardest-hit area, and most businesses will start working after the renovation. In such a bad environment, employees will be the biggest victims.

The transparency of the media allows us to see more news, free formaldehyde in the room, and every tragic case gives us an alarm. Except for aldehydes, don’t be lucky.
Some common “experience” misunderstandings in addition to aldehydes
1. The sense of smell has nothing to do with harmful other concentrations. It is very risky to stay when you smell it.
The individual’s personal sense of smell is different. Many harmful others are colorless and odorless. It is unscientific to judge indoor air quality by simply smelling. To determine the indoor air quality, this requires professional equipment to assist.
2, the window ventilation is not a once and for all
The release cycle of formaldehyde is as long as 3-15 years. In the first three years, it is a dense divergence period. Even if it is effectively ventilated to release formaldehyde before occupancy, the pollutants will be slowly released according to the characteristics of formaldehyde. If it stays in such an environment for a long time, it will also increase the risk of cancer. The presence of formaldehyde is divided into three types: free, adsorbed, and combined. Only the free form of formaldehyde can be eliminated at a 4 times wind speed.

3. Green plants are not very useful for removing aldehydes.
It is more difficult for them to purify the indoor air by green plants. Green plants are only an auxiliary means for indoor environmental management. When indoor air pollution is mild, plants can also contribute a force; when indoor air pollution is serious, plants can not only help but will be smoked by harmful gases.

4, vinegar, air freshener, water, tea to formaldehyde is a cover
Some consumers will use vinegar, air fresheners, and grapefruit peels to remove odors from new homes. Experts say that vinegar is an acidic substance that reacts with ammonia in the air, but it is not good for adsorbing formaldehyde. The use of air fresheners will only cover the ears and use a scent to cover up another odor without any adsorption or decomposition.

5, an air purifier can effectively adsorb and decompose formaldehyde
Air purifiers have been well received by consumers in recent years, not only to resist particulate matter but also to purify pollutants such as formaldehyde and benzene.

The air purifier is a kind of household environmental protection electric appliance that has accumulated a variety of aldehyde removal methods. The activated carbon filter mesh has been upgraded and modified, and the activated carbon particles are used to adsorb formaldehyde molecules and are not suitable for saturation. At the same time, HEPA filter dust removal, high-efficiency catalytic decomposition enzyme purification technology, and other methods are adopted, and indoor formaldehyde molecules are adsorbed reasonably and effectively.

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You may never have thought of this toxic substance in an air purifier.

You may never have thought of this toxic substance in an air purifier.

Under the smog, many families have purchased air purifiers, hoping to bring a small environment for families, especially the elderly and children, to breathe safely.

As the PM index on the air purifier continues to drop, you will feel a little comfort in your heart. Many people regard the air purifier as their last respiratory guardian.

But the following news may cause you to have doubts about the air purifier in your home.

Metal texture dividing line

On July 20 this year, the Ministry of the Environment of the Republic of Korea broke out that OIT (octylisothiazolinone), which is harmful to the human body, was detected in the air purifiers and air-conditioning filters on the Korean market. OIT-containing products cover most of the brands on the market, with up to 84 models.

What is OIT? OIT is an antibacterial, mildew-resistant, oil-soluble chemical. On some filter screens marked with “sterilization” type purifiers, manufacturers use OIT, an anti-fungal agent to sterilize and prevent the strainer from becoming moldy. However, this chemical is harmful to the human body, it is highly toxic to aquatic organisms, and causes an allergic reaction in the human body in direct contact or through the air. The anti-mold agent component enters the human body together with the exhaust of the purifier and the air conditioner.

The Korean Ministry of the Environment has conducted a risk assessment and believes that OIT, an antimicrobial ingredient, poses a potential risk to human health. For public health reasons, the Korean Ministry of the Environment has asked major manufacturers to recall all air purifier filters containing OIT components.

According to a report by South Korea’s International Broadcasting Station (KBS) on July 22, the list of 84 air purifiers and air conditioners containing the toxic substance OIT announced by the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Korea, some of Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, Cuckoo, and other companies. The product is impressively listed.

The filters of these companies are produced by two international brands.

Subsequently, 3M apologized for the detection of toxic substances in the air purifier filter and immediately began recalling the product.

Metal texture dividing line

So, is the current domestic purifier brand concerned about OIT?

Taking science home to investigate the current air purifier products in China, we found that with the exception of a few products, most brands did not explicitly indicate that they did not contain OIT ingredients in the product description.

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Sensor observation: research on new trends in domestic air purifier market

Sensor observation: research on new trends in domestic air purifier market

At present, with the continuous promotion of formaldehyde removal products and the increase in demand for new housing, air purifier products with formaldehyde screen display will further increase. At present, in the aspect of formaldehyde detection, the mainstream sensor application is an electrochemical sensor, and the mainstream application of dust detection is a laser particle sensor. Other detection contents include VOC correlation, temperature, humidity, and the like. Below, please follow the sensor expert network Xiaobian to understand the new trends of the current air purifier products, as well as the application of sensor technology.

In the case of air purifiers in addition to formaldehyde, the mainstream sensor application is electrochemical sensors.
Air purifier store, data map

In addition to formaldehyde function into a new hot spot in the air purifier market

With the improvement of China’s air quality, sales of domestic air purifiers have fallen sharply in recent years, and the industry’s prosperity has shrunk. At the same time, after experiencing explosive growth, the air purifier market as a whole began to return to rationality, which also increased sales pressure in the market. So, what is the performance of the current air purifier products?

At present, in the market, manufacturers are more focused on the promotion of formaldehyde removal. In the product identification, most products no longer use PM2.5 as the main identification object but focus on the removal of formaldehyde. In addition, in the promotion of product features, it has become more detailed and diverse. For example, at present, Super air purification products mainly use the new house to eliminate formaldehyde demand as the main promotion group, equipped with French NanoCaptur formaldehyde decomposition technology to rapidly decompose formaldehyde.

However, there are many purifier products with formaldehyde removal function on the market. But in terms of effect, there are still some differences in different products. At present, in addition to formaldehyde, there are two ways of simply adsorbing formaldehyde and decomposing formaldehyde. In contrast, products using the decomposition of formaldehyde technology are relatively more expensive.

In promoting the function of removing formaldehyde, Samsung and Yadu are also prominent. In addition to formaldehyde-enhanced products, Samsung has used two independent sensors for PM2.5 detection and odor detection to more accurately detect air quality. It is understood that the price of Samsung’s enhanced formaldehyde-removal products is currently concentrated at 2,000 to 8,000 yuan, and some products have a child lock function. At present, most of A.O. Smith’s products are equipped with formaldehyde numerical display function, and the price is concentrated at 4,000 to 10,000 yuan.

Say goodbye to the previous focus on firepower promotion in addition to PM2.5 capabilities, including virus H1N1, formaldehyde, pollen, soot, etc., have become the main selling point of air purifier products. At the same time, many products have posted various certification marks such as Chinese patent products, China environmental protection products, and AHAM.

Sensor observation: new trends in the domestic air purifier market and sensor applications in it
New air purification robot, data map

Homogenization is still the new air purification robot eye-catching

However, homogenization remains a major problem in air purification products. At present, the air purifier products on the market are mainly white and gold and the difference in appearance is not large. In terms of the air outlet, the air is vented on the two sides of the wind is driven in and out. A few products are windy on the wind.

In addition, in some air purification product stores, new air purification robots have emerged, and they are quite intelligent. These robots break the problems of traditional air purifier purification source fixation, limited purification range, low purification efficiency, etc., and are equipped with high-precision infrared ranging sensors, ultrasonic obstacle avoidance sensors, down-sight anti-drop sensors, dust sensors, and other up to 40 sensors. Breaking through the room restrictions, the robot intelligent mobile platform is combined with air purification technology to meet the multi-room purification needs.

In general, in the context of the intelligent development of electrical products, the intelligent trend of air purifier products is constantly improving. Currently, most air purifiers have Wi-Fi control and mobile APP control and smart sensing. In the future, intelligent upgrades will be the trend in the field of air purifiers. Correspondingly, sensor manufacturers can also find favorable business opportunities. At the same time, in the future, Sensor Expert Network will continue to pay attention to the domestic air purifier market and new trends in sensor applications, so stay tuned.

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Is it necessary to use the summer air purifier? In fact, summer is even more terrible!

Is it necessary to use the summer air purifier? In fact, summer is even more terrible!

Many people buy air purifiers to purify indoor air in the haze. With the arrival of summer, the foxes are also temporarily away, so is it necessary to use air purifiers?
The answer is yes!
In fact, the air purifier is not only to prevent smog, the air purifier also has the function of removing indoor pollution, formaldehyde, bacteria, pollen and so on. And you know?
The summer indoor air environment may be worse than winter!
Why is indoor pollution worse in summer?
High air conditioning disease
In summer, the weather is hot, and people use air conditioners for summer.
However, although the air-conditioning is cool, the doors and windows are closed all day long, not only the humidity is very large, but also the indoor air is not circulated, causing the indoor air pollution to cause various discomforts, chest tightness, coughing, sneezing and the like.
The report of the Indoor Environment Monitoring Center of the China Interior Decoration Association also confirmed that indoor air pollution testing in summer will be about 20% higher than other seasons.
Active bacterial infection
Little boy wearing a crayon hat
Because summer is the season of bacterial reproduction, in addition to directly entering our body, these bacteria can enter our body by attaching particles and dust with a diameter of less than 5μm.
Even though our speech, coughing, sneezing, etc., pathogenic microorganisms in the mouth, throat, organs, and lungs are easily transmitted to other people through the air, such as some epidemics caused by the spread of germs.
Increased formaldehyde volatilization rate
As the summer temperature increases, the volatilization of indoor pollutants also increases significantly.
According to the statistics of the health department, the humidity increased by one degree, and the concentration of formaldehyde and benzene released from furniture increased by 015 to 0.37 times.
The pollutants in the home are not released in a short time. It takes 15 years to completely release the cleanliness. It is best to avoid the summer and then move to the new house. The elderly and pregnant women need to pay special attention.
Architectural,old,light,hotel,apartment,house,white,indoor,table,plant,features,curtain,painting,wood floor,modern,creative,art,real estate
How to prevent indoor air pollution in the summer?
1. Ventilation and ventilation. You can open the window when the temperature is not so high every morning and evening, as long as 2 hours can greatly reduce the concentration of indoor pollutants.
For long-term use of air-conditioned rooms, new renovations, and rooms with new furniture pay special attention to window ventilation every day.
2. Use an air purifier. Air purifiers are the most effective way to improve air quality.
It can effectively filter dust, bacteria, toxic gases, etc. in the air. Don’t worry about the summer air purifier need to be used?
In fact, in today’s environment where the environment is not very good, many harmful gases, substances, and germs are often around us.
Using an air purifier, it is indeed essential to create a healthy air environment for the family and yourself.
The Auslan Air Purifier uses a new composite 5-stage filter to filter the layers of true healthy breathing, breathing every bit of spring natural freshness. Pre-filtered sterilized cotton: Filters dust and bacteria smaller than cells, not all purifiers have pre-filters. HAPA filter: Effective filtration of 99% for PM2.5, allergens, etc.
Nano-mineral crystal: adsorbs toxic and harmful polar substances such as formaldehyde, benzene, and ammonia in the air.
Molecular sieve: adsorbed water, methanol, ethanol, hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, ethylene, propylene.
Negative ion technology: The air purifier releases the negative ion group and combines with the flying dust to make it lose its ability to float to the ground, to reduce dust and fresh, and to realize every breath in the home, the taste of the forest.
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small air purifier

What are the functions of the air purifier?

What are the functions of the air purifier?

Almost like the TV set, there is now an air purifier at home. But do you know what the role of the air purifier is? Today, PChouse will explain it to everyone.

The main role of the air purifier:

1. Remove particulate matter such as PM2.5, bacteria, pollen, etc. Most air purifiers work well. Since 2013, we have known the power and harm of smog. In many cases, PM2.5 is as high as 300 or more, causing asthma in some patients with respiratory diseases. Indoor air purifiers can effectively reduce indoor PM2.5 concentration and reduce the health effects of smog.

2, in addition to gaseous pollutants, such as formaldehyde, benzene, garbage odor, glue paint odor.

3, release negative ions, also called water ions, negative oxygen ions, nano mist, etc., are almost the same thing, fresh air.

4. Humidify to increase air comfort.

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Olansi K07

What exactly is air purifier?

What exactly is air purifier?

Olansi K07

Rather than catching indoor air impurities, the Hepa Air purifier device is claimed to eliminate them by breaking these people into harmless elements.

Invoiced as being the world’s first molecular air cleaner, the best room air purifier utilizes cutting-edge technology, Photo Electrochemical Oxidation (PECO), to oxidize air pollutants such since mold, bacteria, viruses, contaminants in the air, and VOCs, which fundamentally destroys them. This nanotechnology best air purifier-based system will be said to completely get rid of pollutants up to a thousand times smaller than just what a HEPA filter draws, which could deliver comfort for those suffering by allergies and asthma, and also help reduce the signs and symptoms of experience of poor atmosphere quality, such as headaches, fatigue, nausea, congestion, and much more.

“PECO, or Photoelectrochemical Oxidation process, is a type oxidation process that breaks along pollutants extremely quickly. This particular process works by perfect light on an electrochemical cell. Much like if you shine light about a solar photovoltaic mobile and it generates electrical power, the PECO process utilizes the identical principles to glow a light on an electrochemical cell to have some sort of chemical reaction that breaks or cracks down pollutants. ” — Molekule

In line with the company, the particular PECO technology used by simply Molekule, which uses free of charge radicals to oxidize toxins, was developed over a few twenty years by one particular of the founders, chemical type engineering professor Yogi G. Goswami, who was migrated to address the difficulty of indoor air polluting of the environment due to the wellness struggles of his boy, who suffered from each allergies and asthma.

“Charged with a unique determination to aid his ailing kid, Doctor Goswami turned towards his very own expertise and exploration with the University of California. Using the with the fundamental question: are the particular principles of solar technological innovation provide to clean typically the air? With a mixture of nanotechnology, light and a great deal of determination, he created a revolutionary new technique. After two decades involving educational research, countless guides, and multiple patents–the technologies behind Molekule was created. ” – Molekule

Typically the company claims that it is technology has been thoroughly tested by independent amenities, which provided verification not really only does the Molekule safely remove air toxins, but that the byproducts of the system happen to be completely harmless elements of which normally exist in clear air, such as little amounts of water, CARBON, and other trace components like nitrogen. The environment toxins aren’t trapped in the filtration system (which may result inside them being inadvertently re-released in the air), ensuring that just climate is released back again into space. And as opposed to some other air cleaning technologies, which employ ozone (which can potentially affect lungs and worsen respiratory system diseases, as well while irritating the lungs regarding healthy individuals), the Molekule device breaks straight down and eliminates ozone within the home.

The China Air Purifier just launched publicly, plus the company is giving an early-bird price in the HEPA air purifier ($499, that is said to end up being $300 off of typically the future retail price).

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Get Best Olansi Negative Ion Air Purifier With Humidifier and Hepa Filter

Get Best Olansi Negative Ion Air Purifier With Humidifier and Hepa Filter


olansi best air purifiers home is an eternal place about all and it should be kept genuinely and clean to be able to be safe from most the diseases. People perform a lot of things to be able to keep their homes fresh. But have you at any time thought that apart from coming from keeping your home clean up you also need to keep the environment clean too? This may mean that the airflow we breathe should end up being clean enough harmless through any kind of health and fitness issues. Now the query arises as to accurately how to keep our air flow clean. I mean that cannot be an easy activity to do so, might it? Well, the reply is yes, you may keep air clean together with a home air cleaner. Let all of us understand this in depth.

The requirement of an Air Filter

Many forms of home air purifiers will be installed. That they help in keeping the particular environment clean. In circumstance if you are hypersensitive to certain things in addition to the smell of a new few foods makes an individual allergic, then there are usually some of the ideal home air cleaners that will help you. Just about all you need to carry out is to find the appropriate one of which suits you and your current surroundings. Now is the particular time to research upon some of which will help an individual keep your homes clear. They are not merely limited to homes plus can be used inside many other places this kind of as offices, cars, plus many more places.

Just what does it do?

Poor Ion Air purifiers aid to remove the contamination existing in air and create it clean for clean breathing. They are typically people paid the profit of allergic and labored breathing patients. It helps these people to stop struggling with fresh air. Since airflow is the most crucial element necessary for residing, it should be offered which too freshly while well. Also, it helps throughout reducing the smoke in addition to the tobacco smell in the air flow. With the many contaminants now being present within abundance in the atmosphere, it has become challenging to breathe a sigh associated with fresh air. But these kinds of home air cleaners support in doing so using much ease.

How perform they work?

Air filter systems are installed during these types of air purifier for baby room which filtration system mid-air and stops particles, chemicals, pollen, smoke, the insulation, as well as more elements which in turn are law the common breathing. However, you must realize the need and next find the correct and the perfect air cleaners. Air devices come in various dimensions and it is extremely important for you to be able to install the one of which can filter the complete place. It comes in measurements by the particular rooms. They should possess a high-quality HEPA filtering to get each of the things that trigger allergies out. A pre-filter may ensure that all this sort of allergens gets filtered on the first stage plus the remaining ones that will escape the pre-filter find caught in the major filter section.

All about home air flow cleaners

A home weather sterilizer is simply not much throughout demand in the typical homes. It needs to be understood that surroundings is an essential want and should be clear in all aspects to be able to be safe from virtually any diseases. These days typically the air purifier’s work miracles in most of the particular places. They are today being used majorly regarding commercial purposes to present the hospitality feel with hotels along with other service relevant destinations. With such publicity top rated room air purifiers, have grown to be a lot more common for use and even are being bought simply by the commoners for residence usage.

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