facial cleansing brush,facial brush,Cleansing Instrument

Wash your face, what is washed away?

Wash your face, what is washed away?

facial cleansing brush,facial brush,Cleansing Instrument

We wash our face every day, what is it that washes away what is on our face? There are three kinds of dirt on our face:

One is water-soluble dirt, which mainly includes skin metabolites, such as toxins, skin care products, sweat, and air dust. This dirt can be rinsed off with water.

The second category is greasy soils, including sebum, emollient residues, and waterproof cosmetic residues. This dirt needs to be dissolved with an organic solvent such as a cleansing oil.

The three types are accumulated dirt, which mainly refers to the old dead skin cells, oxidized waste and blackheads accumulated in the skin surface and pores. They need to be cleaned with a deep cleansing mask or exfoliation.

To understand the dirt on the face, we can take cleansing measures in a targeted manner.

Suitable for people who use a cleansing device:

1.Always feel that the face is not clean skin;

2.The oil is large, the water and oil are not balanced skin;

3.Blackheads, acne, acne marks, dull skin;

4.Dhe skin is rough and not delicate enough skin;

5.Dhe usual skin care products absorb not enough skin;

6.People who often use make-up;

7.Long-term in an airtight office, all day long against the computer office workers;

8.Housewives who often cook.

The cleansing instrument uses high-frequency vibration to achieve the purpose of cleaning. It has different brush heads and frequencies to switch, mainly relying on batteries to meet the power demand. Why are these people more suitable for using a cleansing instrument? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of the cleansing device!

Advantages of cleansing instrument 1: uniform controllable speed

Electric cleansing products can be prevented from being over-cleaned or cleaned due to the fact that the speed cannot be guaranteed to be completely the same due to the uniform controllable speed. Many cleansing devices are available in different speeds to ensure that different skin types are in place.

Advantages of cleansing instrument 2: can penetrate deep pore cleaning

Most of the bristles of electric cleansing products are made of fiber material, which has high toughness and a diameter smaller than the average pore size. Therefore, it can deeply clean the dirt and grease in the pores, and at the same time, it will not harm the skin. This is difficult to do with ordinary cleansing methods, but the pores are delicate, and there is no need to use a cleansing device for a girl without any skin problems.

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