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The pollution caused by indoor air mainly comes from the following five aspects

The pollution caused by indoor air mainly comes from the following five aspects

fresh air grille,air purifier,green air purifier

First, the human body breathing, smoke;

Second, decoration materials, daily necessities;

Third, microorganisms, viruses, bacteria;

Fourth, kitchen fumes;

Fifth, air conditioning syndrome.

These pollutants enter the human body with breathing and accumulate for a long time, which seriously endangers people’s health.

  1. Human breathing, smoke

The research results show that the human body will produce about 500 kinds of chemical substances in the metabolism process, and 149 kinds of pollutants discharged through the respiratory tract, the pathogens emitted by the human body and a variety of odors, among which a variety of toxic components are mixed, and must not be ignored. There are as many as 171 kinds of body waste discharged by the human body through the sweat glands of the skin, such as urea and ammonia. In addition, the cells of the human skin are about 90% of the air dust. If the concentration is too high, it will form indoor biological pollution, affect human health, and even induce a variety of diseases.

Smoking is one of the main sources of indoor air pollution. The composition of the smoke is complex, with solid and gas phases. Approved by the International Cancer Institute expert group and through animal carcinogenic experiments, there are more than 40 ‘carcinogens’ in tobacco smoke. Smoking can significantly increase the incidence of cardiovascular disease and is the ‘number one killer’ of human health.

  1. Decoration materials, daily necessities

Interior decoration using a variety of paints, paints, wall coverings, adhesives, artificial boards, marble floors and newly purchased furniture, etc., will emit phenol, formaldehyde, asbestos dust, radioactive materials, etc., which can cause headaches, insomnia, dermatitis and Allergies and other reactions reduce the body’s immune function, so the International Cancer Institute lists it as a suspected carcinogen.

  1. Microbes, viruses, bacteria

Indoor air pollution 21% caused by microorganisms. Microorganisms and fine dust are often found in warm, humid and unclean environments. They are dispersed in the air along with dust particles, becoming a source of allergens and disease transmission. Dust mites, in particular, are an allergen to human bronchial asthma. Dust mites like to live in the dust of the room, the spring and autumn are the most vigorous period of dust mites growth and reproduction.

  1. Kitchen fume

In the past, the pollution of indoor air by kitchen fumes was rarely taken seriously. According to research, the number of lung cancer patients in urban women has increased. Most patients diagnosed with adenocarcinoma by hospital are a case of lung cancer that has little connection with smoking. Further investigations have found that the carcinogenic pathway is associated with the mutagenicity of kitchen fumes and the oxidative decomposition of high-temperature edible oils. Another major source of pollution in the kitchen is the burning of fuel. In the case of poor ventilation, the concentration of carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides produced by the burning appliance far exceeds the limits set by the air quality standard, and such concentration will inevitably cause harm to the human body.

  1. Air conditioning syndrome

People who work in an air-conditioned environment for a long time often feel bored, fatigued, lethargic, muscle pain, have a high incidence of colds, and have a marked decline in work efficiency and health. These symptoms are collectively referred to as “air conditioning syndrome.” The main cause of these adverse reactions is that it stays in a confined space for too long, and the accumulation of CO2, CO, respirable particulate matter, volatile organic compounds, and some pathogenic microorganisms increases the pollution. The above various reasons have caused poor indoor air quality, causing many diseases, which in turn affects work efficiency.

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