Can infants use air purifiers?

Can infants use air purifiers?


Infants can use air purifiers, which should be used when the air quality is not good, to reduce indoor air pollution.

The air purifier itself has no negative impact on the health of the baby, but if the air purifier is not used, the baby may be exposed to air pollution, which may have a serious impact on the baby’s health.

A year ago, UNICEF published a report stating that air pollution can affect the brain development of infants and cause brain damage. Air pollution can also cause pneumonia and other diseases in children under one year of age and is one of the causes of infant death.

In the past few decades, Europe and the United States have conducted a number of studies on air pollution and infant health and concluded that air pollution affects infant health. However, the air pollution situation they studied is inconspicuous compared with the air pollution situation in many parts of Asia, including most parts of China. The serious air pollution in Asia has a serious impact on infant health. Further research data is needed.

In recent years, smog in China has been very serious, and its impact on the health of infants is undeniable. In this case, efforts should be made to reduce the impact of air pollution on themselves and their families. The use of air purification equipment is one of the methods. Family, be sure to do a good job of air purification, not to be taken lightly.

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When moving the suction device, still use this car air purifier?

When moving the suction device, still use this car air purifier?

It is said that air quality determines the quality of life, but it has always been less concerned. The home is using an air purifier, the car has not been installed, the subconscious has an idea: Is that necessary?

It was not until I took the Olans car air purifier to get started testing that I really understood that it was necessary.

There is no air in the emperor here. The most important thing about car air purifiers is to pay attention to these points:
Perfect match with the interior
Effectively purify the air inside the car
Remind you not to smoke in the car (there are related tests below)
It seems to be the first car air purifier I reported, and I went straight to the topic.
Getting started and installing
There aren’t many things in a simple package: a small black air purifier, a cup-shaped battery (for cup holder mounting), and a car power cord.

Get the hand, 0.5 kg weight and delicate skin-like touch will instantly improve the sensitivity. The air outlet is located on the long side of the fuselage, so the machine can be used vertically or flat, but it should not be placed sideways. The interactive interface uses a refreshing LED screen, and in the car, you only see bright white numbers without seeing the background. Since the air purifier does not need many operations, the body has only a simple silver touch button, which can be switched to switch different air volumes.

Allan offers two ways to supply energy, one is to plug in the car power supply for driving (and can also charge the battery). The second is a cup-shaped battery so that you can get off the car and connect it, then set the time switch in the app to ensure that the air has been purified before getting on the bus. In addition to timing, Olans also supports Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to remotely switch clean, switch air volume, and read air quality index in real-time. If you want to make the most use of this car air purifier, you can – pre-purify with the battery before getting on the car; after the car is connected to the power supply and the battery, while charging and purifying.

After the power is connected, a blue breathing light will be lit around the upper cover of the Oakland. Of course, this is the best air quality, and the red and yellow lights are poorly matched and good. Since the fuselage is mostly black, it is more visually coordinated with the black interior. Alans put a cup-shaped battery on the bottom and put it on the cupholder. It is very stable and visually uncompromising.

Purification effect

(Official nominal efficiency and specifications)
General environmental testing – exhaust gas purification in the car. After getting on the bus, the car air purifier was started in the state where the air conditioner and the window were closed. The pollution value suddenly reached more than 100. The fan immediately accelerated, and the air that smelled the air outlet was close to the fresh air. The reading on the LED display dropped very quickly, and in just 5 minutes, it dropped to 5. This time is very satisfying, just to clean the air in a few minutes of the hot car, this process you can monitor the air quality inside the car through the mobile app.

Every time the hot car is at the same time, the air quality is improved to a healthy and comfortable state, and the daily cleaning effect is satisfactory.
However, this is only for ordinary people. For the smokers, is this Olans enough? Please see the violent test below:
Extreme environmental testing – no ventilation and smoke purification. As with the above test, keeping the windows and air conditioners off, I ordered a cigarette in the car. Just spit out a cigarette, the sensitive Alans responded instantly: I saw the LED screen air quality reading for one-second burst, jumping from 20 to >999, while the breathing light turned red and the fan speed reached the highest. Waiting for Alans to finish the work. In the case of a closed window, the readings in the car can be seen in real-time. In a few minutes, the reading drops quickly:

The biggest feeling is that a few cigarettes have caused pollution to burst for 13 minutes!
At 4:13, the smoke smell on the car has become noticeably faded, the fan speed has slowed down significantly, and the breathing light has turned yellow. After 10 minutes, the breathing light gradually turns blue. From the app, the air quality enters. “Excellent” area. After 15 minutes, the air index in the car was purified to 12.

The pollution of the air against the window is really amazing. This test gave me a more intuitive understanding of the impact of smoking. When I saw the reading, I felt that I didn’t want it.
Some people may say that I drive in the window, the wind blows away the smoke, and the pollution should not be big? In this regard, let the measured data speak:
I carried out a smoking test with the window open while the vehicle was moving. The air quality fluctuated between 300 during the burning process, indicating that the pollution caused by smoking in the window is still not small. Spit the last cigarette and close the window. After 5 minutes, Olaland purifies the air to a level of 80.
It turns out that smoking without pollution is just a kind of self-consolation. Because there are various pollutions such as exhaust gas outside the window of the car, the air inside the car will be affected after opening the window. On the other hand, if the fog is encountered, the effect of opening the window is more counterproductive. Therefore, if you want a healthy car air, it is best not to smoke in the car. Some friends can’t help it, it is necessary to go to an Olans.

Good and bad
Benefits: good appearance, easy installation, and use, good purification effect, timed purification function
The downside: take up the cigarette lighter interface, you have to buy a second or a third cigarette lighter to solve
Evaluation: worth buying (for reasons see at the beginning)

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Air purifiers do not need to be opened frequently? Are you using these misunderstandings?

Air purifiers do not need to be opened frequently? Are you using these misunderstandings?

According to the data, the number of air purifiers in China has reached more than 30 million, and more and more families choose to use air purifiers.

However, as a “small fresh meat” in the large family of household appliances, many consumers have insufficient understanding of air purifiers, and there are still some misunderstandings in the daily use process.

Is it possible to open a purifier when someone asks the air to be heavily polluted? When will the filter be replaced? Is there a requirement for the position of the purifier? ……

Xiaobian summed up some common misunderstandings for everyone, to avoid these misunderstandings, in order to make the air purifier play the most effective effect~

When the air quality is poor, just open it?

Many small partners believe that the air purifier can be used for an hour or two in the foggy days and when the pollution is serious.

In fact, not only PM2.5 is pollution, in many cases, indoor air formaldehyde, bacterial viruses, pollen, dust, odor, chemical gases, etc. will have an impact on the human body!

Especially in the hot weather in summer, the temperature continues to rise, and the amount of formaldehyde released indoors is 20%-30% higher than usual.

Phil Bode air purifier, four-layer filter, layering more than 200 kinds of indoor air pollution, and effectively filtering out harmful pollution!

Therefore, the household air purifier should not be an occasional electric appliance that is turned on for an hour or two. The use of the Phil Bode air purifier for a long time can keep the indoor air clean!

Should the air purifier be placed against the wall?

After many consumers buy an air purifier, they are naturally placed against the wall.

But in fact, in order to achieve the desired purification effect of indoor air, it is best to place it in the center of the house or about 30cm away from walls, furniture, curtains, etc.

If the object is too close, the airflow of the air purifier will be blocked, the purification range will be small, and the overall purification effect will be poor.

Filters do not need to be cleaned and replaced regularly?

Many people in the process of using air purifiers often ignore the life cycle of the air purifier filter and use a cleaning.

The filter has a certain degree of saturation. During the operation of the air purifier, the purification function will gradually decrease as the adsorbate increases.

If the filter is not replaced for a long time, it will easily cause the filter to accumulate too much dust, which will cause the dust to be released into the air again, resulting in secondary pollution.

The Fairfield Air Purifier has a filter replacement reminder function. In general, the filter replacement period is 6-12 months.

No smell in the room means clean air?

After the new decoration, there will be a heavy smell in the room. Many people will choose an air purifier to purify the air after the interior decoration. As the indoor odor disappears, it is considered that the indoor air is up to standard and the air purifier is shackled.

It is not known that the indoor air standard is a comprehensive measure of the content of inhalable particulate matter, harmful gases, odors, and bacterial viruses. It is very one-sided and unreasonable to judge the air quality by odor alone.

If you don’t smell it, the hidden gas in the room will cause great harm to the body.

One is enough?

One parameter of the purifier is called: applicable area

An air purifier has a limited area for purification, and it is difficult to guarantee the air quality of the entire space.

For better purification, it is recommended that large-sized homes or indoor spaces (such as offices, hospitals, etc.) be equipped with multiple air purifiers at the same time.

For small rooms (such as study rooms, baby rooms), a Phil Bode purifier is enough.

Air purifiers have become a necessary measure to effectively protect the health and well-being of the family, so it is necessary to avoid casual use. After all, health is the top priority!

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Air purifier conscience guide, so buy, no longer have to worry about being pitted

Air purifier conscience guide, so buy, no longer have to worry about being pitted

Under the smog, life is important. The smog of earning money, the smog of the official, the ordinary people, know the smog, anti-smog.

Americans love to sterilize, Japanese people are afraid of pollen, and Chinese hate PM2.5. In the special industry of air purification, we are the only country in the world that is seriously polluted by smog and has the strength and willingness to purchase air purifiers. Hey, so, in the face of thousands of air purifiers on the market, from hundreds of oceans to tens of thousands of oceans, how can you choose not to be deceived?

Then, before entering the topic, the sheep and the old wet first knock on the blackboard, you must know the following points –

We purchase air purifiers, mainly for indoor pollutants. Simply put, indoor air pollutants fall into three categories:
1 Particulate matter | such as inhalable particulate matter (PM10), smaller particles can inhale PM2.5 in the lungs, pollen, pets or body exfoliation;
2 Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) | including various odors, formaldehyde or toluene pollution caused by decoration;
3 Microorganisms | Mainly viruses and bacteria.

The principle of removing indoor air pollutants
Mechanical + electrostatic + water filter

Mechanical type, that is, “filtration”, high air volume fan + filter screen, can intercept some particles and microorganisms, large particles “adsorbed on the filter screen” and adsorbed, small particles are absorbed by the electrostatic force of gravity of the filter fiber, Therefore, the filter screen is often a layered structure, and one layer cannot be blocked.

The most popular air purifiers on the market, with the most mature technologies and products, are mechanical filter purifiers. Electrostatic and water filtration purifiers, although there is no need to replace the filter, the filtration efficiency is very general, it will bring secondary pollution such as ozone and chlorine, and the problem of microbial growth, so it will not be described.


HEPA high-efficiency filter
(High-Efficiency Particulate Air Filter)
Referred to as HEPA

Various countries have different standards for high-efficiency filters, and European HEPA grades (EN 1822) are often mentioned. In the latest EN 1822:2009 standard, H13 grades or higher can be called HEPA (so strictly used) The H10-H12 purifier can no longer be called HEPA).

From H11 (filtration efficiency >98%) to H13 (filtration efficiency >99.97%), with the same CADR value (described below for CADR), the purifier can be faster with the purifier of the H13 filter. Lower, while the H11 filter takes longer. The higher the level of HEPA, the better. Of course, the higher the level, the more expensive the price.

Some air purifiers add a lower filter front filter to the HEPA to filter out larger particles such as hair, which improves HEPA efficiency and longevity, as well as cost control.

HEPA is the core component of the purifier and needs to be replaced at regular intervals.

Activated carbon or zeolite

Both HEPA and pre-filters filter particulate matter and some microbes, and other important indoor air pollutant, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as formaldehyde. Toluene requires an additional filter to remove. The most widely used is the activated carbon filter. Activated carbon absorbs VOC through its huge surface area, removing formaldehyde and various odors. The same is true of the basic principle of zeolites.

About air purifier
The most important CADR and CCM

1 CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate), the clean air output ratio
CADR is the ratio of the air purifier output clean air obtained by the American Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) according to strict test standards. It is generally expressed by the area ratio time (domestic use m3/h), that is, each How many volumes of air are purified in an hour. The higher the CADR value, the higher the purification efficiency.

Simply put, CADR/10 (poor air quality can be increased to 15) can be used as a reference for purifying the area. For example, the nominal CADR value is 750m3/h purifier, the applicable purification area is about 750/10=75m2, if the purification requirement is higher, it is 750/15=50m2.

International standards require that the purifier must change the air of the area to be used more than 5 times per hour, so each purifier will mark its applicable area, such as 20m2, the height of the floor is 3m, which is 60m3, which requires the purifier. The air volume needs to be above 300m3/h.

2 CCM (Cumulate Clean Mass), cumulative purification
As the name implies, CCM stands for the endurance of the purifier. The new national standard divides the CCM value into 1~4 grades (the higher the number is, the higher the level), corresponding to different pollutants, the particulate matter uses the P1~P4 standard, and the formaldehyde uses the F1~F4 standard.

The CCM value determines that the number of days the screen can be used can be determined under conditions where the purifier, room area, and contaminant concentration are known. However, because the national standard threshold is low, some better purifiers will be marked as “Super P4/F4” or “Several times P4/F4”.

Air purification process

The indoor environment in which we live is always in gas exchange with the outside world. Indoor pollutants, such as formaldehyde that has just been renovated, particulate matter produced by smoking, and odors of other objects, overall, indoor particulate matter or pollutants, have been in a state of dynamic balance.

The function of the air purifier is to control the particulate matter or pollutants in the dynamic equilibrium state to a lower concentration range through the combination of “high air volume + high filtration efficiency”. In order to achieve a better purification effect, it is necessary to check the air leakage in the room. If the air leakage is very serious, even the best purifier, the high CADR, and CCM are also white.
The only solution is the fresh air system. By continuously changing the indoor and outdoor air, the fresh air system always maintains the indoor air pressure higher than the outdoor, thus preventing the outdoor air from directly entering the room. The Yang Lao Wet House installed a fresh air system before the renovation, and it has its own PM2.5 filter core. On the basis of the ordinary fresh air pumping air, the purified air is sent into the room.

From this point of view, the air purifier can only temporarily purify the indoor air, does not have the ventilation function, and the purification area is limited, and most fresh air systems must be installed before the house is renovated, so the air purifier can be said to be unmounted. A compromise between the family of the fresh air system.

Air purifier noise

Noise is an inevitable problem for all filter purifiers. The greater the air volume, the greater the noise. Even if manufacturers use a variety of sound-absorbing or sound-proof methods, once the air purifier is turned on, including the fresh air system, it will still add a sinuous background sound to the home.

The noise of the purifier for a long time to work stably, as well as the serious pollution of the air. The noise during maximum power operation is a factor to be considered when purchasing. Different types of purifier manufacturers will basically indicate the decibel number (dB) during operation. Reference.

Additional features / smart services

In today’s smart age, many home appliances add one or more additional features to the product, such as APP control, smart detection, mute or sleep mode, etc., such as smart detection, you should pay attention to the real-time monitoring of the air quality near the machine. , or the entire room, and whether the air purification effect in silent or sleep mode is guaranteed.

Sheep and old wet to say separately is after-sales, this is a problem to buy any home appliances, of course, it is still related to the manufacturer, it is recommended to choose the mainstream model of the mainstream brand as much as possible, saving the factory because of the niche and abandoned it into three.

Of course, the air inlet and outlet of the purifier, the placement and land occupation, the ease of movement, and the level of the color are all important factors that influence your final decision.

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You may never have thought of this toxic substance in an air purifier.

You may never have thought of this toxic substance in an air purifier.

Under the smog, many families have purchased air purifiers, hoping to bring a small environment for families, especially the elderly and children, to breathe safely.

As the PM index on the air purifier continues to drop, you will feel a little comfort in your heart. Many people regard the air purifier as their last respiratory guardian.

But the following news may cause you to have doubts about the air purifier in your home.

Metal texture dividing line

On July 20 this year, the Ministry of the Environment of the Republic of Korea broke out that OIT (octylisothiazolinone), which is harmful to the human body, was detected in the air purifiers and air-conditioning filters on the Korean market. OIT-containing products cover most of the brands on the market, with up to 84 models.

What is OIT? OIT is an antibacterial, mildew-resistant, oil-soluble chemical. On some filter screens marked with “sterilization” type purifiers, manufacturers use OIT, an anti-fungal agent to sterilize and prevent the strainer from becoming moldy. However, this chemical is harmful to the human body, it is highly toxic to aquatic organisms, and causes an allergic reaction in the human body in direct contact or through the air. The anti-mold agent component enters the human body together with the exhaust of the purifier and the air conditioner.

The Korean Ministry of the Environment has conducted a risk assessment and believes that OIT, an antimicrobial ingredient, poses a potential risk to human health. For public health reasons, the Korean Ministry of the Environment has asked major manufacturers to recall all air purifier filters containing OIT components.

According to a report by South Korea’s International Broadcasting Station (KBS) on July 22, the list of 84 air purifiers and air conditioners containing the toxic substance OIT announced by the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Korea, some of Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, Cuckoo, and other companies. The product is impressively listed.

The filters of these companies are produced by two international brands.

Subsequently, 3M apologized for the detection of toxic substances in the air purifier filter and immediately began recalling the product.

Metal texture dividing line

So, is the current domestic purifier brand concerned about OIT?

Taking science home to investigate the current air purifier products in China, we found that with the exception of a few products, most brands did not explicitly indicate that they did not contain OIT ingredients in the product description.

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olansi air purifier

What is the reason for buying an air purifier?

What is the reason for buying an air purifier?

Is the air pollution in the living city serious? Maybe some people are in a region where air pollution is not so severe, and the vigilance and harmful feelings about air pollution are not so strong, but in fact, air pollution is ubiquitous, and China’s reform is nearly four. Ten years later, China’s economic development has undergone earth-shaking changes, but at the same time it has inevitably brought about environmental pollution, including air pollution, water pollution, and living pollution. In the current, polluted environment, the use of air purifiers is imminent, not only outdoor air pollution, indoor air pollution is even more important to people. So what is the reason for using an air purifier?

First, the decoration room in addition to formaldehyde

If smog is still bullied by seasons, formaldehyde is relatively fair. Rural cities are treated equally, and winter and summer are not divided. As long as you decorate the house, formaldehyde must follow suit. In this year, who did not have one or two newly renovated houses?

The harm of formaldehyde, every enterprise that makes air purifiers are backward, but on the thorough purification, not every company understands.

Friends who have studied the air purifier know that most of the filter elements for purifying formaldehyde on the market are activated by activated carbon. This method is really effective, especially in the initial stages of purification. However, with the passage of time, the adsorption of activated carbon is gradually saturated, and the continued removal of formaldehyde appears to be incapable, and even if the temperature is high, the adsorbed formaldehyde is re-released, causing secondary pollution. The best way to not be hurt by the enemy is not to shut it up, but to be completely humane. The same is true for the elimination of secondary pollution of formaldehyde.

At present, there are few purifiers capable of implementing “humane extinction” of formaldehyde in the country. The cold catalytic agent of the Oulongdes air purifier decomposes formaldehyde technology and rapidly decomposes formaldehyde into carbon dioxide and water which are harmless to the human body under normal temperature and pressure. No secondary pollution.

Second, the outdoor atmospheric environment

As early as 2008, China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection announced that in the 519 cities in China that reported air quality data, only 21 cities reached the first level, accounting for only 4% of the total.

Third, to ensure healthy breathing

Two-thirds of a person’s life is spent indoors, and according to the survey, the indoor air pollution rate is 5-10 times that of outdoor, chemical pollutants such as second-hand smoke, formaldehyde, and helium contained in the room. , benzene series, ozone, and odor, indoor sanitary products may produce carbon dioxide, carbon tetrachloride, diphenyl, toluene, xylene, and other toxic substances, which are very important to the human body. Long-term exposure to indoor air pollution can easily lead to various diseases such as respiratory diseases, lung cancer, and atherosclerosis.

The above three reasons tell you that it is not acceptable to not use an air purifier. The multi-layer filtration system of the air purifier can filter, adsorb and decompose the indoor air pollutant layer to achieve cleanliness of more than 99.97%.

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Fresh air system and air purifier, how will you choose?

Fresh air system and air purifier, how will you choose?

Faced with a high incidence of winter smog and more and more serious decoration pollution, people are becoming more and more aware of health. How to improve the internal environment of their own living without changing the external environment has become the focus of attention. At present, air purifiers and fresh air systems are common in the market. What is the difference between the two? Below we will step by step to reveal the answer one by one:
First, several reasons for the unhealthy air and its importance analysis:
1. Oxygen content: The oxygen content is lower than the health needs of the human body. It is not necessarily a problem, but it is a problem in a closed space. Too hot and cold, we don’t want to open the window. It is afraid of wasting air conditioning when it is hot. It is cold and windy. It is afraid that the cold wind will enter the house and cause the room to be too cold. Or we can close the door and close the window for eight hours at night. Low, the consequences are dizziness, nausea, etc., the impact on health is inevitable (warm reminder: some people have no obvious reaction to the body of hypoxia, in fact, it is still harmful to the body, it is certainly not good for the accumulation of time).

2. Harmful micro particles (PM2.5): refers to particulate matter with a diameter of 2.5 microns or less in the air. Needless to say, it is extremely harmful and is the current top health killer. Particles smaller than 2.5 microns may enter the blood vessels directly because these particles themselves are often enriched with harmful substances and are one of the main sources of carcinogenesis, and particles larger than 2.5 microns will damage the respiratory system such as the lungs.

3, harmful gases: formaldehyde, benzene, hydrazine and other harmful gases. The problem of formaldehyde has little effect on plant greening. (Can plants breathe tens of hundreds of cubic meters of air per hour like a purifier?), their harm to the human body is very large, according to research in recent years, most of The rooms of leukemia patients have just been renovated.

4, bacteria: pay attention to hygienic habits and dry ventilation, bacteria is not a big problem, only pay attention when the flu season or respiratory infections. The human body has a certain resistance to bacteria, and the general damage caused by it can also be repaired, and the human body has almost no resistance to PM2.5 and formaldehyde.

Second, the function comparison between fresh air system and air purifier:

(1) The fresh air system is an air replacement device that can realize uninterrupted circulation and purification of indoor and outdoor air. It can directly change fresh air without opening the window and remove indoor harmful gases and dirty air for 24 hours without interruption. The indoor environment is natural, fresh and clean so that your living room is truly energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

1. Solve the problem of oxygen content by pumping in the air;
2. Use heat exchange to solve the problem of energy loss during ventilation;
3. Solve the PM2.5 problem with a filter membrane.

The “Olans” fresh air system has patented technology to effectively improve the filtration effect of the filter. Patented technology, automatic cleaning filter, continuous use for 20,000 hours, no need for manual maintenance, eliminating the secondary pollution and damage caused by replacing the filter, reducing user cost.
(2) Air purifier
The air purifier filters the indoor air in the direction of the inner circulation. In a properly enclosed environment, the strong airflow through the air outlet accelerates the indoor airflow, so that the hair, dust particles, etc. that originally float in the air accelerate with the airflow and are filtered by the strong suction of the filter structure. Thereby achieving a purification effect.

1, can not solve the problem of oxygen content, need to open windows and doors regularly;
2. There is no energy loss problem;
3, using high-voltage electrostatic adsorption, ultraviolet light, photocatalyst, negative ions, and plasma to solve a variety of different technologies to solve harmful micro-particles, harmful gases, bacteria, and other issues, but some of them are flicker.

High-Efficiency Particulate Air Filter (HEPA) is one of the most popular technologies used in air purification. As for other so-called technologies: negative ion function (contaminants are easy to adhere to indoors, and the effect of solving particles is very limited, the sterilization effect is controversial) has the risk of ozone; electrostatic filtration is also likely to produce excessive ozone, which is harmful to human health.

Moreover, the air purifier is often placed at the corner, and its purification range is generally about 2 meters in diameter. The air in other places is difficult to be “captured” by the purifier.

If you choose an air purifier, you need to open the windows and doors regularly. Every time you open the doors and windows to change the air, it is the beginning of pollution.

Fresh air systems include top air and wall mount. The top air supply is mainly used for houses that have not been renovated, and is installed in the ceiling; the wall-mounted fresh air is mainly used for houses that have been renovated. The fresh air system works as follows:

Top air supply fresh air system: Install new air blowers and exhaust ducts in the kitchen or bathroom, and install air inlets in the bedroom and living room. When the machine is running, the original air in the room is exhausted, so that the indoor air generates a negative pressure. The outdoor fresh air enters the room through the air inlet under the action of the indoor and outdoor air pressure difference, thereby achieving the purpose of indoor ventilation and ventilation.

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When summer is over, there is no need to open an air purifier.

When summer is over, there is no need to open an air purifier.

small air purifier

Summer is here, there is no smog, more blue sky and white clouds
Although it is very hot, there are air conditioners.
People can’t help but feel the beauty of life in the summer.
Duang! ! ! a blockbuster smashing down
The temperature rises and indoor pollution is coming!
Especially in summer, high temperature, low air pressure, and high humidity make the indoor air convection correspondingly reduced, which also causes the retention of polluting gas, and indoor air pollution also enters a high incidence period.
Summer is a season of high levels of toxic and harmful gases such as formaldehyde and benzene. When the temperature rises, the molecular thermal motion is intensified, which leads to an increase in the volatilization rate of indoor formaldehyde and the like, and an increase in the release amount. Indoors are uncomfortable, chest tightness, coughing, sneezing, etc. are all indoor air pollution problems.
Summer is the season with the most germs and the fastest breeding. These bacteria that lurk around us not only become allergens but also cause symptoms of allergies to some people. More importantly, these bacteria are highly susceptible to disease in the summer. Some people with poor resistance can easily develop symptoms such as abdominal pain, diarrhea, and skin allergies in summer.
❸The China Health Education Association has issued a report stating that summer is a high-incidence season in a year, and indoor air pollution is four or five times higher than outdoor.
So the air purifier at home must not be idle.
Indoor air purification, summer is still very important!
Small tree dividing line
Source of the round “net” air purifier
This product adopts HIMOP technology and M13 filter core jointly developed by Sino-German, and HEPA filter of American 3M Company. The filtration precision is up to 0.08 micron, no ozone, no radiation, low-pressure negative ion.
Technical Parameters:
filter material:
M13 filter: It is an improvement of activated carbon, close to fullerene C60, which is a very spectral gas absorber.
HEPA filter: It can effectively remove inhalable particles and filter particles such as bacteria, smoke and dust in the air above 0.3 microns, and the filtration efficiency is over 99%.
Haimanpu filter: completely different from activated carbon, activated carbon is reversible adsorption, and Heimup is irreversible adsorption, its ability to decompose harmful gases is dozens of times stronger; Haimanpu has a service life of up to two years, while general activated carbon only needs a few It is saturated in the month.

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Is the air purifier useful in addition to formaldehyde?

Is the air purifier useful in addition to formaldehyde?

Worried that formaldehyde is not good for health, what kind of formaldehyde removal method do you use? In addition to formaldehyde, after ventilation, green plants, activated carbon, formaldehyde air purifiers have become more family choices. But air purifiers are useful in addition to formaldehyde, and netizens have more than one controversy.

As we all know, the main reason for the indoor formaldehyde exceeding the standard is the interior decoration building materials, so it can be seen that the formaldehyde pollution is eliminated, and the scientific way is to control at its source.

Main decoration materials for indoor decoration materials

(1) Mainly from the board: interior decoration of plywood, medium-density fiberboard, blockboard, particleboard, veneer, reinforcement, and laminate flooring;

(2) artificial panel furniture;

(3) Furniture containing formaldehyde paint;

(4) Wallcovering wallpaper, chemical fiber carpet, foam plastic, paint coating, heat insulation layer, adhesive, and other decorative materials;

Summary: The main source of indoor formaldehyde pollution is urea-formaldehyde resin glue with formaldehyde as the main component in various decoration materials.

Assuming there is formaldehyde pollution in the room, how can we manage it, is it useful to remove formaldehyde in the air purifier?

In a certain temperature and humidity, the formaldehyde in the room is volatilized in the form of free gas, which we call formaldehyde pollution. When the concentration of formaldehyde reaches 0.06-0.07 mg/m per cubic meter of air, children will experience mild asthma, and long-term exposure to formaldehyde is carcinogenic. The indoor formaldehyde pollution hazard incident: “killing formaldehyde”, “a renovation for 2 years to stay in leukemia”, “90% of leukemia from home decoration” has been repeatedly mentioned in the news. If there is an air purifier in the house, you can quickly purify the indoor air to achieve the aldehyde removal effect.

Although air purifiers are useful in addition to formaldehyde, they are not *. When the outdoor air quality is good, it is necessary to ventilate frequently. The green plant, activated carbon in addition to formaldehyde is relatively weak, can be used as an aid. But it is not a substitute for formaldehyde air purifiers and ventilation.

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Sensor observation: research on new trends in domestic air purifier market

Sensor observation: research on new trends in domestic air purifier market

At present, with the continuous promotion of formaldehyde removal products and the increase in demand for new housing, air purifier products with formaldehyde screen display will further increase. At present, in the aspect of formaldehyde detection, the mainstream sensor application is an electrochemical sensor, and the mainstream application of dust detection is a laser particle sensor. Other detection contents include VOC correlation, temperature, humidity, and the like. Below, please follow the sensor expert network Xiaobian to understand the new trends of the current air purifier products, as well as the application of sensor technology.

In the case of air purifiers in addition to formaldehyde, the mainstream sensor application is electrochemical sensors.
Air purifier store, data map

In addition to formaldehyde function into a new hot spot in the air purifier market

With the improvement of China’s air quality, sales of domestic air purifiers have fallen sharply in recent years, and the industry’s prosperity has shrunk. At the same time, after experiencing explosive growth, the air purifier market as a whole began to return to rationality, which also increased sales pressure in the market. So, what is the performance of the current air purifier products?

At present, in the market, manufacturers are more focused on the promotion of formaldehyde removal. In the product identification, most products no longer use PM2.5 as the main identification object but focus on the removal of formaldehyde. In addition, in the promotion of product features, it has become more detailed and diverse. For example, at present, Super air purification products mainly use the new house to eliminate formaldehyde demand as the main promotion group, equipped with French NanoCaptur formaldehyde decomposition technology to rapidly decompose formaldehyde.

However, there are many purifier products with formaldehyde removal function on the market. But in terms of effect, there are still some differences in different products. At present, in addition to formaldehyde, there are two ways of simply adsorbing formaldehyde and decomposing formaldehyde. In contrast, products using the decomposition of formaldehyde technology are relatively more expensive.

In promoting the function of removing formaldehyde, Samsung and Yadu are also prominent. In addition to formaldehyde-enhanced products, Samsung has used two independent sensors for PM2.5 detection and odor detection to more accurately detect air quality. It is understood that the price of Samsung’s enhanced formaldehyde-removal products is currently concentrated at 2,000 to 8,000 yuan, and some products have a child lock function. At present, most of A.O. Smith’s products are equipped with formaldehyde numerical display function, and the price is concentrated at 4,000 to 10,000 yuan.

Say goodbye to the previous focus on firepower promotion in addition to PM2.5 capabilities, including virus H1N1, formaldehyde, pollen, soot, etc., have become the main selling point of air purifier products. At the same time, many products have posted various certification marks such as Chinese patent products, China environmental protection products, and AHAM.

Sensor observation: new trends in the domestic air purifier market and sensor applications in it
New air purification robot, data map

Homogenization is still the new air purification robot eye-catching

However, homogenization remains a major problem in air purification products. At present, the air purifier products on the market are mainly white and gold and the difference in appearance is not large. In terms of the air outlet, the air is vented on the two sides of the wind is driven in and out. A few products are windy on the wind.

In addition, in some air purification product stores, new air purification robots have emerged, and they are quite intelligent. These robots break the problems of traditional air purifier purification source fixation, limited purification range, low purification efficiency, etc., and are equipped with high-precision infrared ranging sensors, ultrasonic obstacle avoidance sensors, down-sight anti-drop sensors, dust sensors, and other up to 40 sensors. Breaking through the room restrictions, the robot intelligent mobile platform is combined with air purification technology to meet the multi-room purification needs.

In general, in the context of the intelligent development of electrical products, the intelligent trend of air purifier products is constantly improving. Currently, most air purifiers have Wi-Fi control and mobile APP control and smart sensing. In the future, intelligent upgrades will be the trend in the field of air purifiers. Correspondingly, sensor manufacturers can also find favorable business opportunities. At the same time, in the future, Sensor Expert Network will continue to pay attention to the domestic air purifier market and new trends in sensor applications, so stay tuned.

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