ozone air purifier,home fresh air purifier,plasma air purifier

In addition to ventilation, how should you solve indoor air pollution?

In addition to ventilation, how should you solve indoor air pollution?

ozone air purifier,home fresh air purifier,plasma air purifier

Since I was pregnant with my baby, it was a surprise and a scare. I was delighted by the birth of a new life to the future. I was shocked that you could never foresee where the danger came from.

The most worrying thing is that after changing the air quality problem after the new home, although everyone knows the harm of formaldehyde, how to detect the formaldehyde content in the environment in the life of the schedule? How to effectively deal with formaldehyde? Which purifiers on the market have the best effect in addition to formaldehyde? We have no way of knowing.

Not only that, there are always some unavoidable reasons for the baby to be exposed to formaldehyde. For example, some of the mothers have to be forced to inhale formaldehyde due to work reasons, resulting in physical discomfort and worry about the baby. Some treasured mothers are forced to survive by reality. Some treasure mothers do not pay attention to the hazards of formaldehyde. After the renovation of the new house, they will stay in the room until the baby’s body appears abnormally and suddenly wake up and regret it!

The harm of formaldehyde can not be underestimated

In fact, excessive formaldehyde caused by decoration is an important predisposing factor for blood diseases such as leukemia and lymphoma. The National Institutes of Health has determined that formaldehyde is a known human carcinogen, and the World Health Organization has identified formaldehyde as a ‘type 1 carcinogen.’ If the concentration of formaldehyde in the air is too high, it will obviously stimulate the mucous membrane, damage the respiratory system and even cause cancer; even if the concentration is not high, long-term exposure may lead to chronic respiratory diseases. Especially for children and the elderly who are weaker, the harm is even greater.

In addition to opening the window, the 4 major methods of removing formaldehyde

  1. Plant purification method: Can green radish remove formaldehyde?

After decorating a new home, can you clean the formaldehyde by placing plants such as green radish? In 1984, Wolverton and other studies showed that the rate of formaldehyde release is much higher than the rate at which plants remove formaldehyde and benzene from the air. It is obviously unrealistic to rely solely on the absorption of formaldehyde by plants. Plant absorption can be said to be almost negligible. In fact, formaldehyde is not only harmful to humans, but also a ‘toxic’ to plants. Formaldehyde can damage plant cells, causing damage and death of plant leaves. Considering that plants still have certain ornamental value, combining plant absorption with other methods is a practical method to solve the current indoor formaldehyde and benzene pollution.

  1. Fresh air system: auxiliary ventilation

The fresh air system is essentially a ventilator that ensures fresh air in the smog. However, the air exchange rate of the general fresh air system is still much worse than that of the direct window ventilation. It can be used as an aid when the weather is not allowed to open the window. In addition, the fresh air system is best to choose the central fresh air system, which means that it must be designed in the early stage of the renovation.

  1. Activated carbon: easy to transform pollution source

What is the effect of bamboo charcoal on formaldehyde removal? The optimum adsorption conditions for bamboo charcoal for formaldehyde are 3 hours, especially in the case of high temperatures in summer. Once this time is exceeded, formaldehyde is easily desorbed, run out of bamboo charcoal, and enter the air again, which becomes a secondary source of pollution.

  1. Air Purifier: taking into account the choice of formaldehyde removal and PM2.5

The biggest advantage of air purifiers is the dual purification of formaldehyde and PM 2.5.

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