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Characteristics of indoor air pollution

Characteristics of indoor air pollution


air purifier,ion air purifier,plasmacluster ion air purifier

Since the 20th century, the material and cultural living standards of the people have been greatly improved with the acceleration of economic development, and the quality of life and health have become a major concern. According to some surveys, modern people spend an average of 80% – 90% of their time indoors, especially old, weak, sick, disabled, young, pregnant, etc., which are longer in indoor activities. The quality of indoor air is directly related to the human body. health. However, a large number of survey data at home and abroad have confirmed such a disturbing fact: the indoor air pollution level is 5-10 times higher than the outdoor, the indoor pollutant concentration is 2-5 times higher than the outdoor, and the indoor air pollution is more than the air pollution. To be serious, domestic and foreign experts have proved that following the ‘smoke type’ and ‘photochemical smog type’ pollution, modern people are entering the third pollution period marked by ‘indoor air pollution’. At present, the number of excess deaths caused by indoor air pollution in China has reached 1.11 million, and the number of emergency evacuations has reached 4.3 million. The number of people worldwide who die each year is 2.8 million. In recent years, indoor air pollution has received widespread attention.

Causes and characteristics of indoor air pollution

Due to indoor introduction of pollution sources that release harmful substances or indoor environment poor wind, causing harmful substances in indoor air, regardless of quantity or type increased and caused a series of discomfort symptoms, indicating that the indoor air has been contaminated dye. As far as the impact of environmental pollution on human health is concerned, people live and work long time in indoor environment, poor indoor ventilation, not conducive to thinning of pollutants interpretation, self-purification, etc., indoor environmental quality is more than outdoor environmental quality important.

Indoor air pollution and air pollution are different due to their environment features are also different. Indoor air pollution has the following characteristics:


The indoor environment is a relatively closed space, and one of the characteristics of its pollution formation is cumulative. From the entry of pollutants into the room, the concentration increases, and the concentration is discharged to the outside.Gradually zero, most of them take a long time. Various items in the room, including building decoration materials, furniture, carpets, etc. may release certain chemicals.They will gradually accumulate indoors, causing the concentration of pollutants to increase, forming a body hazard.

According to scientific evidence, a person’s daily inhalation of air is about 20kg, which is equivalent to 10 times the amount of food ingested a day, which is equivalent to 52 times the weight of a normal indoor air of 100 square meters. That is, indoor air is circulated 52 times in the human body during the day, so indoor air pollution forms a cumulative effect in the human body.


The indoor environment is the most frequent and intimate environment for people to contact. More than 80% of people spend their time indoors, even if the concentration of very low pollutants, after long-term effects on the human body,also affects human health.


Indoor air pollutants have biological pollutants, such as bacteria; chemical pollutionmatter, such as formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, dioxide,sulfur, etc.; there are also radioactive pollutants, helium and its daughters.

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Office cleaning – Olansi air purifier

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According to the survey, indoor activities ,indoor office staff time accounted for most of the day, lack of exercise, poor ventilation, boredom is a major indoor staff common problem.

Indoor air quality, which directly affect the health of these people, poor air quality, indoor workers likely to cause chest tightness, influenza, respiratory diseases, and so on. You want good health, indoor staff must understand some of the knowledge of indoor air purification. Factors that affect indoor air quality have a few, a source of contamination, a clean indoor air efforts to speed itself. If no indoor sources of pollution, the quality of indoor air pollution is not serious, then a clean indoor air circulation and the strength and speed are good, then indoor air quality can stand the test.

Here introduced to several indoor air purification methods:

1, ventilation, ventilation is a more natural way to purify the speed is relatively fast, but needs more fresh air in the outdoor environment better.

2, the planting of air purification plants, plants can absorb air particulate matter, air purification effect with the role of forests is the same.

3, the purchase of air purifier / air cleaner, air purifier / air cleaner or air in the interior Fengbi case can purify the air machine, air purifier on the market’s full-featured, variety, both for indoor particulate matter, or pollution or the flu has a different decoration of our approach. Buy an air purifier / air cleaner on the interior is a modern city essential household choice.

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