portable purifier,air purifier ionizer,new design air purifier

Do you need an air purifier when installing a fresh air system? Many people are not clear about this problem

Do you need an air purifier when installing a fresh air system? Many people are not clear about this problem

portable purifier,air purifier ionizer,new design air purifier

The fresh air system may be familiar to modern home improvement users. In the earlier days, window ventilation was the best choice for us to choose indoor ventilation. However, as the air pollution increased, the number of window opening was less and less, and the outdoor air was not as good as indoors. Because of this, the air Purifiers have gradually become standard indoors, and can the fresh air system, which is very hot in the field of home decoration, replace the empty net status? The Xiaobian of Jimei Comfort Home tells everyone: This is impossible.

What is a fresh air system?

I believe that most people are new to the concept of the fresh air system. Simply put, the fresh air system is like a large air switch in the room. It exchanges indoor and outdoor air, discharges indoor formaldehyde, carbon dioxide and other gases, and introduces fresh air outside. The most important role of the fresh air system is ventilation.

Fresh air system work

The fresh air system covers a wide area and is therefore divided into commercial and general households. Here we only discuss the home fresh air system. It is generally recommended that the area of ​​the home where the fresh air system is installed needs to reach more than 100 m2, and the fresh air system can show its advantages. In order to achieve the effect of ventilation throughout the house, the current mainstream fresh air system construction requires pipeline laying, so the coordination requirements for home improvement are very high. Professional installation personnel are required to come to the door for installation. It is almost impossible to build these pipes by themselves.

Commercial heat exchanger

The core component of the fresh air system is the new wind turbine. Generally speaking, the new fan will have four pipes, each of which constitutes the air inlet and the air outlet, and a part of the air filtration is completed in the new fan. Some of the slightly higher models will also have a hot and cold switch, so that the hot summer air and the cold winter air will not be brought indoors.

HEPA filter installed on fresh air system

Because many fresh air systems now carry PM2.5 filtering and even HEPA filters, many people also have the idea that fresh air systems can replace air purifiers. Actually, it is completely wrong. The most fundamental reason is that The functionality of the person is different.

Each other

Regarding the air purifiers, whether it is the major portals or the public number are overwhelmingly publicized, we will not explain the function of the air purifier too much. As its name suggests, its function is to purify the air, then the function of the fresh air system. what is it then? It is to exchange air.

We can understand that the use of air purifiers, always circulating indoor air, is a simple internal circulation; while the fresh air system introduces outdoor air, and finally achieves indoor and outdoor internal and external circulation, both of which There is a fundamental difference in the nature of the air cycle, and such differences are ultimately reflected in the data.

According to the record of a certain period of time, the outdoor PM2.5 concentration reaches about 300ug/m3, the room with fresh air system and no air purifier is about 150ug/m3, and finally reaches 20ug/m3 after using air purifier, the fresh air system can be seen. Just as the initial filtration of PM2.5, it still needs professional equipment to purify the air.

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Experts tell you that the kitchen needs cleaning of the air purifier

Experts tell you that the kitchen needs cleaning of the air purifier

The air purifier does clean the air effectively, but have you used the right place? Nowadays people pay great attention to air pollution, but the most polluted places in the home have been ignored. The cleaning expert from Dorrens tells you that it is the kitchen. The information shows that cooking is an extremely important source of indoor air. The oily smoke seems to be illusory, but it contains at least 300 kinds of chemicals, and there are many carcinogens such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. Up to 21% of the organic matter in urban haze comes from the fumes that people produce during cooking.
What are the hazards of kitchen fumes? Housewives can experience headaches, chest tightness, itchy eyes, stuffy nose, and tinnitus after a long period of operation in the kitchen. Fume can reduce the activity of facial skin factors, gray and rough, full of wrinkles (commonly known as “yellow face”). It can also lead to insomnia, memory loss, bronchitis, pneumonia and other “drunk oil syndrome”. In households with serious kitchen pollution, the incidence of colds and coughs in children exceeds 50%, causing eye, nose, and respiratory tract lesions, affecting normal growth and development. The fatty oxides of soot can also cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, especially in the elderly, which are more susceptible to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. The soot also contains a large amount of carcinogens. The most important lung cancer carcinogen is DNP. The DNP that the housewife inhales when preparing a meal in the kitchen is 188 times that of the outdoor fresh air. What is even more shocking is that cooking on cooking utensils with poor ventilation system and low combustion efficiency is equivalent to damaging two packs of cigarettes per day!
The functions of the purifier are: air purifying air: air negative ions make gas-soluble substances such as dust, smoke, pollen, droplets of water droplets and suspended microorganisms easy to accumulate, and can oxidize with organic substances in the air to eliminate the odor generated by them. Therefore, it has the function of cleaning the air and improving the environmental quality.
1. Sterilization: Air negative ions can be combined with bacteria, microbial viruses, etc. attached to the dust in the air to make them fall. Experimental studies have shown that air negative ions have a strong inhibitory effect on airborne microorganisms, so that the virus loses its ability to attack cells, and thus has the effect of killing bacteria to purify the air.
2, eliminate static: electrostatic phenomenon is generally caused by positively charged ions, the negative ions in the air will be combined with positive ions, to eliminate the role of static electricity.
3. Biological effects: Experimental studies and clinical observations have shown that air negative ions have many biological effects on the body. Recommend a heart air purifier, he has this function, after use, the air becomes very fresh, can reduce the various pollution of the air, and bring you a comfortable environment.