Why do we recommend using negative ion air purifier but ozone generator?

Why do we recommend using negative ion air purifier but ozone generator?


Negative ion air purifier works by electrostatically charge negative ions internally and disperse them into the air. Like a magnet, the released negative ions will merge with positive ions particle in a room. This includes dust mites, mold/ mildew, pollen, pet dander, bacteria, and viruses. The bonded ions will fall due to the increased weight leaving the air free from any contaminants.

A negative ion is an oxygen atom with an extra electron. It is ODOURLESS and vital to health.


The ozone generators advocated on the market are unsafe. why?

Ozone is a highly reactive chemical. Because of its ability to react with the molecules in the air, it has an uncanny ability to remove strong odors and pollutants. But ozone doesn’t magically lose its reactive abilities when inhaled. On the contrary, when ozone is inhaled by humans, it remains just as reactive. This reactive nature is what makes ozone dangerous to humans and other forms of life.

When inhaled, ozone can create a reaction in the lungs. Even at low levels, this can create a wide range of health problems, particularly with the lungs. They can inflame and damage airways and make the lungs more susceptible to infection.

First, ozone can be a contributor to chest pain and coughing. It can cause shortness of breath, and irritation to the windpipes. These problems can inflict anyone who breathes in ozone contaminants, but they are especially potent for people with respiratory conditions such as asthma and allergies. Ozone makes it more difficult to breathe deeply, causing someone to struggle with getting enough pure oxygen for normal activity and daily function.

Ozone can also cause issues with the throat. This can come in the form of mild to serious coughing and, depending on the exposure levels and overall health of the patient, can disrupt normal daily functions.


On the contrary, more and more proofs prove that negative ions are beneficial to the body.

Negative ions breathed in high concentrations for prolonged periods of time give us energy, vitality and most importantly fight the negative effects of positive ions. We want to be around negative ions as much as possible. Negative ions are extremely important to having a healthy, disease free body.

***Effects of Negative ions***

  1. Decreased respiratory rate
  2. Decreased basal metabolic rate
  3. Decreased blood pressure
  4. Produced a feeling of well being
  5. Increased vital capacity
  6. Decreased skin temperature
  7. Acceleration of the conversion of succinate to fumerate
  8. Stimulation of cytochrome
  9. Decreased eosinophilia and lymphocyte count
  10. Increased CO2 combing power of plasma
  11. Decreased blood sedimentation rate
  12. Decreased muscle chronaxie
  13. Increased ciliary activity
  14. Increased frequency of mitosis
  15. Increased resistance to infection

Therefore, please choose our negative ion air purifier to maintain a healthy environment while sterilizing and disinfecting.

Choose Olansi, choose a better future.


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Indoor air pollution is much more dirty than you think

Indoor air pollution is much more dirty than you think

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When it comes to air pollution, especially the office workers who live in big cities, they are familiar with the term ‘smog’. It can be said that everyone has learned the ability to ‘swallow the clouds and spit’ every day without knowing it. I don’t know how many harmful substances are sucked. Even those who have iron cores and lungs can’t help but absorb the “essence” of the heavens and the earth for a long time.

Outdoor air pollution cannot be ignored, and indoor air pollution should cause concern. Some people may be confused. The interior is a closed space. As long as the doors and windows are closed, how can it be polluted? Let’s see what factors are there.

Harmful substances such as formaldehyde generated in newly renovated rooms, and the emission of outdoor polluted air caused by air flow into indoors, indoor smoking, and other harmful gases, or the harmful gases generated by long-term closed doors and windows, cause indoor air pollution more than outdoor A serious and important factor.

With the development of science and technology, on the one hand, the indoor activities of human beings have greatly increased, and on the other hand, due to the serious pollution of indoor and outdoor air, they are always threatening human health. Indoor air pollution damage is not only our generation, but also affects our children. So, do you think air pollution has nothing to do with you? Do you still think that going out with a mask can avoid air pollution? Many people go out to wrap themselves very tightly, thinking that this can avoid pollution, but the indoors are also the focus of air pollution.

Life is breathing

A German man closed his breath for 22 minutes and 22 seconds, breaking the world record and not breathing in pure oxygen to close the air for 10 minutes and 12 seconds.

Breathing is invaluable for everybody we sit in. We inhale 12 cubic meters of air a day, which is equivalent to a 3 ton truck; and we breathe 28,800 times a day; we can not eat for 7 days, 3 Do not drink water in the day, but we can’t breathe for 3 minutes;

However, we spend 70% of the time indoors, for urban residents, 70% to 90% per day, home, office, shopping malls, cinemas, gyms, supermarkets, etc., so how is the indoor air to us? importance;

Cognitive Misunderstanding of Indoor Air Pollution

Misunderstanding 1: Cover the odor with air freshener

Air fresheners and perfumes can only mask the odor of pollutants. In fact, the original harmful pollutants still exist in the room, continue to affect and endanger the health of the body, and inferior air fresheners will become The source of indoor air pollution increases the degree of pollution.

Misunderstanding 2: There is odor and pollution

Among the toxic and harmful gases, some in the case of serious pollution, the concentration is greater than the human odor threshold, you can feel the obvious odor, some pollution due to their low concentration, the human sense of smell is not smelling of. At the same time, the complex smells of various substances mixed together are difficult to distinguish. Therefore, it is inaccurate to judge what pollution is by smell.

Misunderstanding 3: The use of environmentally friendly materials during renovation is not polluted.

Qualified materials mean that the content of toxic and hazardous substances is not exceeded, but not. Therefore, if the same material is used in a large amount in one room, the indoor air quality may be unqualified or even exceed the standard due to the additive effect.

Misunderstanding 4: Indoor planting can purify the air

It is generally believed that green plants have the effect of purifying air, sterilizing and vacuuming, and removing toxic substances. However, the action of plants is characterized by slow speed, long time, and very limited absorption. Some plants can produce some unpleasant smells indoors, pollen or consume oxygen in indoor air, but increase indoor air pollution.

Misunderstanding 5: Harmful gases come from renovation

This is an incorrect view. For example, the main source of ammonia is concrete with additives such as antifreeze, and ammonia can be released from human waste; cigarette smoke and kitchen smoke can produce formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC, etc. Contaminants. In China, due to the large number of applications of various benzene-containing solvents, the common presence of benzene in indoor and outdoor ambient air is relatively low. Relatively speaking, the proportion of benzene pollution generated by cigarette smoke is relatively low, but this indicates that the degree of indoor air pollution in China is more serious.

Misunderstanding 6: Purify the air inside the car with perfume

After the new car leaves the factory, the concentration of toxic gas in the car is high, and the volatilization time can last for more than 6 months, which can cause dizziness, nausea, drowsiness, cough, sneezing and other discomforts, and even lead to serious diseases such as leukemia. At present, many perfumes are not naturally extracted.

Misunderstanding 7: Fortunately

Everyone’s physical fitness and resistance adaptability are different. Not all people will develop in the same harsh environment, so some people are lucky. This is not true. According to surveys of relevant international organizations, indoor air pollutants that are harmful to health are found in 30% of new and rebuilt buildings in the world, and 68% of diseases are caused by indoor air pollution.

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PM2.5 has become one of the important causes of high asthma

PM2.5 has become one of the important causes of high asthma

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In recent years, the incidence of asthma has been on the rise, especially in children with increased incidence of asthma. Respiratory experts explain that this has a lot to do with the increasing air pollution in recent years, and PM2.5 is an important cause of high incidence of asthma.

Why is the prevalence of asthma high? Respiratory experts explain that this has a lot to do with the increasing air pollution in recent years, and PM2.5 is an important cause of high incidence of asthma. Especially in the continuous smog weather, the number of patients who came to see a doctor in the respiratory department of major hospitals increased significantly.

First, know asthma

Asthma is bronchial asthma, which is often referred to as ‘cracking disease’, ‘air urgency’ and ‘asthma disease’. It is the most common chronic non-specific inflammatory disease in the airway and is the most common chronic disease in the world. One.

The pathogenesis of chronic airway inflammation in asthma is complex, mainly related to allergic reactions and abnormalities in immune regulation. In a popular way, it is allergic or sensitive to the airway, resulting in recurrent cough, wheezing, difficulty breathing, chest tightness and other symptoms, mostly at night or in the early hours of the morning. These symptoms can be relieved by themselves or quickly relieved by treatment.

In addition to typical bronchial asthma, there is a special type of asthma that varies from cough, which is easily overlooked or misdiagnosed, namely ‘variable asthma.’ Its main symptoms are coughing only, paroxysmal and irritating dry cough at night, and patients usually have no obvious upper respiratory tract infections and fever before coughing, and are often misdiagnosed as bronchitis. If the child has a cold or cough, parents should be careful if they have asthma. Many parents mistakenly treat asthma as a cold and delay treatment.

Asthma and rhinitis are sisters

Pay attention to asthma and pay attention to allergic rhinitis. Allergic rhinitis is closely related to asthma. The survey found that 80% of asthma patients with allergic rhinitis, most asthma patients have asthma or simultaneous onset of rhinitis. Asthma and rhinitis belong to an airway, which is also a chronic inflammatory disease of the airway, thus supporting the idea that ‘one respiratory tract, one disease’ is a sister. Allergic rhinitis is also a risk factor for asthma, so early treatment of allergic rhinitis Can reduce the incidence of late asthma.

Second, how does smog induce asthma?

In addition to congenital genetic factors, the onset of asthma has a lot to do with the environment. Such as urban air pollution, home decoration, second-hand smoke, pets, carpeting, pollen, etc. can induce asthma. With the increase of urban air pollution, smog has become an important cause of high incidence of asthma.

A large amount of PM2.5 particles in the smog, the human nose and throat have been blocked, they can go down all the way into the bronchioles, alveoli, and then enter the capillaries through the alveolar wall, and then enter the entire blood circulation system. The most direct and most influential one is the damage to the respiratory system.

Sulfate, sulfur dioxide, heavy metals and various bacterial viruses carried in PM2.5 are easy to invade the human respiratory tract. A large amount of particulate matter enters the lungs and has a clogging effect on local tissues, which can reduce the ventilation of local bronchus, bronchioles and alveoli. The loss of ventilation function, particulate matter adsorbed by harmful gases can also stimulate or even corrode the alveolar wall. The most direct effect is that it is easy to cause respiratory tract irritation, poor breathing, chest tightness, dry cough, dry throat and itching, etc. Long-term inhalation is easy to cause rhinitis, pharyngitis, bronchitis and other diseases, and it is easy to cause chronic diseases such as asthma and chronic bronchitis. Acute attack.

Previously, a study in Hong Kong confirmed that the increase in air pollution was significantly associated with an increase in hospitalization rates in patients with allergic asthma. When the sulfur dioxide in the air increased to 10μg/m2, the relative risk of admission was 1.017. When the sulfur dioxide in the air increased by 10μg/m2, the proportion of acute allergic asthma hospitalization increased by 3.3%. Nitric oxide, ozone and atmospheric particulate matter can be used. Increasing the proportion of hospitalization for patients with allergic asthma increased by 5.5%, 5.9%, and 3.0%, respectively, suggesting that these four air pollutants are important factors in the aggravation of allergic asthma.

Third, how to prevent asthma in smog days

For people with a genetic history of asthma

1. Smog days to minimize going out or wearing a mask

When encountering dense fog weather, try to reduce your outing. If you have to go out, it is best to wear a professional anti-PM2.5 mask and try to use a version with a breathing valve. In addition to filtering some of the particles in the air, it can also warm the cold air and reduce the stimulation of the respiratory tract.

2. Determine allergens

To prevent asthma, first determine your body’s allergens. Dust mites, cats, dog skin scales, mold, pollen, milk, eggs, silk, feathers, moths, cotton wool, fungi, drugs, etc. are all important allergens. For patients with food-induced asthma attacks, first determine which food is allergic to it. You can go to the hospital for personal allergen testing.

3. Pay attention to climate change and prevent colds.

Winter and spring are the high incidence of asthma, the weather suddenly changes or the pressure is reduced, etc. Cold and cold and upper respiratory tract infection are the most common causes, so pay more attention to keep warm and prevent colds.

4. Pay attention to adjusting mood and avoid excessive fatigue.

Anxiety, sadness, over-excitement, and even laughter can also lead to asthma attacks. People who are psychologically vulnerable and have psychological barriers will feel abnormally heavy, nervous, and depressed in this weather. These people should pay attention to emotional regulation in the foggy days. You can listen to music and do something that you feel happy about. Maintain good exercise habits and daily routines, and don’t get too tired.

5. Drink plenty of water and eat more lungs and fruits and vegetables

For smoggy weather, choose a food that is lighter and rich in vitamins C and A. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits such as spinach, tomatoes, carrots, oranges, grapes, kiwis, etc. Drinking plenty of water can also help the body to expel toxins.

6, cough, chest tightness, need medical attention

Children’s immune function is not perfect, it is more sensitive to external stimuli, and it is easy to cause asthma attacks in case of severe air pollution. Many children start to have cold symptoms at the beginning. Many parents think that their children only have a cold and don’t pay attention to it. When the acute episode comes to the hospital for treatment, it has often developed to the severity of breathing difficulties. Therefore, when the child has cough, chest tightness, sneezing, and spit white foam, the inhalation is relatively smooth, but you should seek medical advice if you have a bad breath. Otherwise, the terrible consequences of collapse may occur.

Have asthma in the family

1. Improve the living environment to avoid asthma

There are a large number of allergens in the living environment that can cause asthma attacks, such as dust mites and fungi. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the living environment and minimize the allergens. The bedroom should be simple, don’t hang fluffy jewelry, don’t put any good items such as carpets and fabric sofas, and don’t keep cats, dogs and other pets. Parents must not smoke.

Bed bedding should be exposed frequently, tapped, and washable bedding such as bedspreads, duvet covers, etc. should be cleaned frequently, and washed with hot water above 55 °C or even 100 °C to kill mites. If the economic conditions permit, the bedding should be replaced once every 2 to 5 years.

2. Adhere to the standard medication

Respiratory patients should insist on taking the medicine on time in the fog to avoid the disease. Pay attention to your body’s feelings and reactions, and seek medical advice if you feel unwell.

3. correct window ventilation

In the smoggy weather, avoid the traffic peaks in the morning and evening, and open the window twice a day for 20-40 minutes under static wind conditions. Increasing the humidity in the room, excessive drying in the room will increase the dust in the air.

4. In the diet, we must pay attention to the ‘six but not’ principle: eating should not be too salty, too sweet (chocolate), too greasy (animal fat), should not eat too much spicy, spicy and other foods, should not eat too much allergenic protein Food (milk, fish, seafood, etc.) should not be full.

5. Develop good habits, limit the amount of exercise, avoid overwork and mental stress, stimulation.

6.Install the air purifier

It is best to install an air purifier with PM2.5 particles in the home. It is good for removing PM2.5, and it can increase the relative humidity in the air and make it more comfortable to breathe.

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Singapore is full of smog, Indonesia is hard to blame

Singapore is full of smog, Indonesia is hard to blame

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Singapore will once again enter the annual ‘season’. In 2013, Singapore’s smog from neighboring Indonesia’s land reclamation came with the wind, and Singapore experienced unprecedented air pollution. Due to the inaction of the Indonesian government in the past year, coupled with the impact of the El Niño phenomenon, it is expected that air pollution in Singapore will only become more serious this year.

Singapore has always been proud of its fresh air, but the air pollution index here reached its highest point in history last June. The neighboring Indonesian island of Sumatra opened up forests by burning waste, causing the whole of Singapore to be swallowed up by smog.

Despite the indignation of Singaporeans, the environmental protection organizations have exerted a lot of pressure on the Indonesian government. However, over the past year, the Indonesian government has not been able to reach an agreement on cross-border smog pollution in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations in 2002. The fire on Sumatra is still raging. Burning. Because of the many peat deposits beneath the surface, fires can often last for several weeks.

To make matters worse, the possibility of the El Niño phenomenon is also growing this year. This means that Singapore, parts of Indonesia and Malaysia may be enveloped in smoke in the next few months, which will be a major blow to the health, economy and tourism of local people.

The El Niño phenomenon usually manifests as an unusual warming of the Pacific Ocean, which can cause severe droughts in Australia, Southeast Asia, and India, while flooding the Midwest and Brazil.

Singapore’s Environment Minister Vivian Balakrishnan told Reuters: ‘If Southeast Asia enters the dry season of four to six months from June, and the behavior of businesses and people remains the same, we will face a period of time. Very difficult time.’

According to Reuters, due to delays in pollution control, Singapore intends to take the initiative to punish individuals and businesses that cause air pollution in Singapore outside the country and is expected to submit it to Parliament later this year. However, legal experts believe that this decree is a bold move and it is difficult to implement it.

Because it is not easy to obtain evidence, it is difficult to specify who should be responsible for the smog. Both Indonesia and Malaysia refused to disclose maps that clearly show land use and rentals, so that it is impossible to know who the land to be burned is. Legal proceedings in courts in Singapore are a more complicated process.

Alan Tan, a professor of international law at the National University of Singapore, said: ‘The basic forensic investigation of who is arson on any land is difficult to complete, not to mention the real prosecution of parties or the management of land use conflicts. A complicated problem.’

The world’s two major palm oil companies, Fengyi International Co., Ltd. and Jinguang Agricultural Resources Co., Ltd. have promised not to destroy the forest. In addition to the palm oil industry, it is believed that the paper and pulp industry is also one of the causes of smog.

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There is no smog in summer, but it is more necessary to open an air purifier

There is no smog in summer, but it is more necessary to open an air purifier

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As soon as summer arrived, the foggy days were significantly less and the air quality gradually improved. Many people have turned off their home air purifiers, especially in the southern regions where smog was not as serious. However, most people don’t know that in the summer without smog, they should open the air purifier!

TVOC in summer

Everyone knows that winter should guard against smog, but ignore the ‘TVOC’ in summer.

‘TVOC’ refers to the total volatile organic compounds in the room, including carbon monoxide, carbonates and ammonium carbonate, and a series of toxic and harmful gases in the air. These substances will volatilize more indoors as the temperature rises in summer.

The problem of volatilization of indoor harmful gases is often more severe in summer than in winter.

For formaldehyde, a pollutant that is particularly harmful to the body, its volatile release is greatly affected by temperature. For every 1 °C rise in room temperature, the concentration of formaldehyde volatilized from wooden furniture and flooring increased by 0.15 to 0.37 times. Tiles also often contain serious carcinogenic gases such as radioactive cesium, which also spread as temperatures rise.

In summer, everyone is used to closing doors and windows and air conditioning. As a result, indoor pollutants are more difficult to reduce. In addition, if the interior of the air conditioner is rarely cleaned, the indoor bacterial microorganisms are more likely to grow and are inhaled into our respiratory tract along with harmful gases. Therefore, staying in the air-conditioned room often feels dry mouth and mouth, itching of the throat, mild symptoms of cold, and serious respiratory diseases, which is often referred to as ‘air conditioning disease.’

The World Health Organization has listed indoor air pollution as a top 10 threat to human health, including hypertension, hypercholesterolemia and obesity. The main culprit of respiratory diseases and intestinal infections and even leukemia, which are predisposed to infants and young children, are also closely related to indoor air pollution.

Most families generally open windows for long periods of time after the renovation of the new home. However, even if you have been through the wind for half a year, it is not a cure.

Research by the National University of Yokohama in Japan shows that the release period of indoor formaldehyde is generally 3-15 years. Short-term ventilation is unable to completely remove indoor formaldehyde. These harmful volatiles will accompany the long-term existence of residence.

In addition, more people are hoping for bamboo charcoal bags, plants and fruit skins. As the saying goes, partial treatment of serious illnesses, it turns out that these effects on eliminating indoor pollution are almost negligible and can be ignored.

Olansi Air Purifier introduces air purification technology focused on respiratory health research, specializing in the creation of high quality air purification systems. High-efficiency filtration system, CADR (clean air volume) up to 800m3 / h, purification of 56~96 square meters of room. Effectively solve indoor pollutant pollution, let you breathe the cleanest air.

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Air pollution is worrying, is the air purifier useful?

Air pollution is worrying, is the air purifier useful?

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Due to the continuous increase of smog weather in recent years, the PM2.5 value of many cities has frequently exploded, coupled with the strong smell of formaldehyde in new home decoration and purchase of furniture, in order to breathe clean air, more and more people began to purchase air purifiers. So is the air purifier really useful? The answer is certainly yes.

The air purifier can detect and control indoor air and formaldehyde pollution, bringing fresh air to our interior.

Which includes

1) Settling particles in the air to effectively settle various inhalable suspended particles in the air such as dust, coal dust, smoke, fiber impurities, shavings, pollen, etc., to avoid causing allergic diseases, eye diseases and other diseases.

2) Remove microorganisms and pollutants from the air, effectively kill and destroy bacteria and viruses in the air and on the surface of objects, and remove dead dandruff and pollen from the air to reduce the spread of diseases in the air.

3) Effectively eliminate odor, effectively remove the strange smell and polluted air emitted from chemicals, animals, tobacco, oil smoke, cooking, decoration, garbage, etc., and replace indoor gas continuously for 24 hours to ensure a virtuous circulation of indoor air.

4) Rapidly neutralize chemical gases, effectively neutralize harmful gases emitted from volatile organic compounds, formaldehyde, benzene, insecticides, aerosol hydrocarbons, and paints, while at the same time reducing the discomfort caused by inhaling harmful gases. .

So, can the air purifier really eliminate pm2.5?

Air purifiers have become a must-have home appliance for many families. They have a small role in indoor air purification. They can detect and filter PM2.5 in the air and effectively protect the family’s respiratory health. In the smog weather, the indoor anti-mite air purifier can not be less.

Is the air purifier effective for removing formaldehyde?

First of all, we must understand that formaldehyde is produced by decoration and raw materials, and it cannot be removed for a long time. To solve the problem of formaldehyde permanently, it is necessary to remove the pollution source of the decoration or raw materials from the source. Otherwise, it can only be treated by formaldehyde, but if the formaldehyde exceeds the standard, then the treatment can not be completed. The air purifier is an auxiliary means, it is recommended to open 24 hours, which has a certain elimination effect on formaldehyde.

So what is the best way to remove air purifiers?

Most of the air purifiers are composed of HEPA filter and activated carbon filter. HEPA is mainly used to purify solid pollutants such as dust and PM2.5. The activated carbon filter is mainly used to adsorb volatile gases such as formaldehyde and odor. There are two necessary conditions for indoor air quality to meet certain cleanliness standards. First, it must be ensured that the indoor air reaches a certain number of air changes, that is, the fan built in the cleaner has a certain amount of air. Second, the purification efficiency of the cleaner must be relatively high. Clean Air Volume (CADR) is the physical quantity that quantifies the two necessary conditions above the cleaner.

In general, the larger the CADR value, the higher the purification efficiency of the purifier. That is, the clean air output ratio, which directly affects the purification efficiency. The higher the CADR value, the higher the purification efficiency of the purifier and the larger the applicable area. It can be seen that CADR is an important indicator to measure the excellence of an air purifier, but note that this is not the only or dominant indicator.

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