What is the role of the air purifier?

                                                                                       What is the role of the air purifier?


Air purifiers are mainly used to purify the air, such as removing dust, pollen, animal hair and invisible PM2.5 from the air to protect the lungs from dust.


In addition, the air purifier also has the function of special sterilization and killing viruses, because in addition to the dust-removing filter device, the general air purifier is also

equipped with a photocatalyst, an ion generator, and the like, and the olive green air purifier is installed. In the photocatalyst, the generated ions can decompose viruses and

bacteria in the air and become substances such as water. In addition, the formaldehyde in the newly renovated house is relatively heavy, and there are harmful gases such as

helium, sulfur and ammonia, which can also be adsorbed and decomposed.

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