ionizer dust collector,anion hepa,portable installation

Why air purifiers play a vital role in sleeping?

Why air purifiers play a vital role in sleeping?

ionizer dust collector,anion hepa,portable installation

Today, more and more people are pursuing health and environmental protection. When decorating, they will choose some environmentally friendly materials, such as paint and flooring. But is this peace of mind? In fact, how to choose environmentally friendly materials, some pollution can not be volatile, such as deep-seated formaldehyde, its volatilization cycle is generally 15 years, a steady stream of evaporation, so we need an air purifier is very important.

Someone asked, can I turn off the air purifier when I sleep?

According to clinical data, when the person is sleeping, the immune system is in the lowest state. At this time, viruses, bacteria and harmful substances are more likely to sneak into, invade and harm the human body.

In addition, when people are in bed, especially in the evening, there is a habit of closing doors and windows, which makes the air in the bedroom relatively closed, and the harmful gases and harmful substances that are continuously emitted are not diffused in time and fully. It is often much higher than when the window is ventilated during the day, which can cause more serious damage to human health. Therefore, it is recommended to use a negative ion air purifier in the bedroom at night.

Numerous clinical studies have found that negative ions can improve neurasthenia, insomnia, clear heart and brain blood vessels, reduce blood viscosity, improve human immunity, and have significant effects on improving insomnia, asthma, relieving hypertension, diabetes and other ills.

Recommend a child negative ion air purifier suitable for indoor bedside use, silent and no radiation.


Unique negative ion energy flow, continuous and stable release of massive, high energy, high concentration, millions of small particle size ecological negative oxygen ions, clean the air, enjoy breathing negative ion air.

Actively attack and capture tiny particles in the air, causing them to coagulate and precipitate, and strongly remove fine dust, viruses and harmful substances such as PM1 and PM2.5 in the air, and protect personal health at all times.

It is best to sleep with an air purifier! Friends who have air purifiers at home should not save money and save money!

If you are not using an air purifier at home, or are considering whether you want an air purifier, then don’t hesitate to buy an ‘insurance’ for health!

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