Air purifier “remove formaldehyde 99%”? Don’t believe it, it’s all flickering!

Air purifier “remove formaldehyde 99%”? Don’t believe it, it’s all flickering!

“Removal of formaldehyde 99%” “Efficient addition of PM2.5”… In the past two years, due to the influence of smog, air purifiers have been increasingly popular, and the effect of products with 5,000 or even 10,000 yuan is really publicized. Is it amazing?

Recently, the relevant performance evaluation results of China’s air purifiers released by relevant departments show that the PM2.5 technology in the air purifier purifying air is relatively mature, and the function of scavenging formaldehyde is basically “flickering”, with no significant effect, and the price is high and exaggerated. And so on.

Remove formaldehyde by 99%? Just selling

The reporter saw at the air purifier counter of the front store of an electrical appliance store in Beijing that there were twenty or thirty air purifiers on the shelves, and the price ranged from less than 1,000 yuan to nearly 10,000 yuan. Many manufacturers’ large posters are printed with “99% formaldehyde removal”, “complete decomposition without residue”, “smart removal of formaldehyde”, etc., and various “advanced technologies” with letters and English are attached below.

The reporter asked about the need to purify the air after the house was renovated. The salesperson immediately promoted an imported brand air purifier with a price of 5,499 yuan. In the promotional materials, this model AC4076 products filter formaldehyde rate as high as 99.1%.

The reporter asked the clerk “when the effect can be achieved so well, how the value is drawn”, the clerk said that “this is imported, all the data detected by the authoritative laboratory, authentic and reliable, just use it.”

So, the actual use of formaldehyde in addition to the effect is really so ideal? Song Guangsheng, director of the National Indoor Interior-Environment and Environmental Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (hereinafter referred to as “Indoor Environmental Inspection Center”) gave a rather pessimistic answer: “Most air purifiers claim that formaldehyde has almost no effect.”

It is understood that the indoor environmental inspection center selected ten purifiers on July 23 and conducted a one-month test. According to the test report, seven out of ten purifiers have the function of purifying formaldehyde. According to the results of the measured cleanroom air (CADR), these seven purifiers have no significant effect, including the similar products of AC4076. AC4074. The best-performing one purifier is turned on for 1 hour in a 15 square meter room. In theory, the formaldehyde in the air is also reduced by less than 50%, and the CADR value is only 29m3/h.

“Generally, the CADR for removing pollutants is worth more than 60m3/h. The effect is even worse when formaldehyde is released indoors. Most air purifiers claim that the effect of removing formaldehyde is only a selling point.” Song Guangsheng said.

The best value for a thousand yuan purifier

It is understood that the national standards for air purifiers stipulate that their performance indicators are expressed in terms of “clean air volume” (CADR) in m3/h. The air purifier has a corresponding CADR value for each air pollutant that can be removed. The CADR value can directly and scientifically reflect the true purification ability of the air purifier. The larger the value, the stronger the ability.

Because the effect of the air purifier is difficult to visually verify, there are few products with more professional CADR values, which leads many people to choose the air purifier. Liu Lin, a citizen, said: “I can’t tell the effect of a machine. In this case, for the sake of peace of mind, I can only buy a relatively high price.” The reporter found that Liu Lin’s idea is quite representative.

Air purifier, is it really the higher the price, the better?

The test results of the “Indoor Environmental Inspection Center” gave the answer: the purification performance and the price level have nothing to do with it. The reporter saw in the statistical results of the test results that the price of a foreign brand product with the highest price was 4047 yuan, the CADR value of PM2.5 ranked fourth, but the price/performance ranking ranked the last; the lowest selling price was a 499 yuan air. Purifier, the CADR value of PM2.5 in the test is 110m3/h, and the price/performance ratio is ranked second.

From the test results, the high-efficiency filter to purify PM2.5 technology in indoor air is very mature. The ten air purifiers involved in the test are basically high-efficiency filtration technology, and the CADR of nine sets are above 100m3/h. Air purifiers are effective in purifying particulate matter in indoor air.

According to industry insiders, the cost of purifiers is not high, but the price is not uncommon in the seven or eight thousand yuan. The phenomenon of high prices is more serious. “To be reasonable according to the size of your room, this inspection effect, the purifier cost of about 1,000 yuan is the best.” Song Guangsheng said.

No authoritative testing agency

In the first half of this year, sales of air purifiers nearly doubled and the market prospered. Behind the prosperity, the chaos in the air purifier market cannot be ignored, and it is suspected of false propaganda and blind expansion. The reporter saw a third-party test report on some air purifier brand brochures, and most of the products only had their own propaganda.

In the above AC4076 product brochure, the “99.1%” result is to inject formaldehyde into the “1m3 closed box, start the action for 3 hours, and determine the concentration change of the components.” The data were tested according to a third-party testing agency and the Guangdong Provincial Microbial Analysis Center.

The reporter contacted the Guangdong Provincial Microbial Analysis Center to inquire about the air purifier testing. The staff sent a “trust check registration form” and an “air purifier quotation” to the reporter. The quotation shows the CADR value (particulate matter), CADR value (formaldehyde), formaldehyde, benzene, and other testing items. The price ranges from 500 yuan/time to 2500 yuan/time. “You are free to choose the project you are willing to test.”

Experts said that air purifiers do not have an authoritative testing mechanism. It is inevitable for enterprises to detect certain data according to their own choices and even exaggerate the purification effect. In addition, the third-party testing units are mixed, which is easy to do with commercial interests, and it is difficult to ensure the accuracy and fairness of the test results.

Experts remind that the basic requirements for the purchase of air purifiers are non-toxic, safe, and the CADR value is valid and reasonable. It is necessary to purchase products according to indoor pollutants and rooms and pay attention to the timely replacement of filter materials during use.

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How to place a household air purifier

How to place a household air purifier

After purchasing a home air purifier, which position in the home is better, here are four common senses for your reference:
1 When installing the air purifier, ensure that the bottom is stable, the position should be kept dry, and there is a relatively smooth vent;
2 Place it in the center of the room as much as possible, do not rely on anything (including walls, furniture, water, volatile flammable materials, etc.), keep it more than 1 meter away from the wall when using it;
3 Close the door and window when using to ensure better purification effect, not too close to people, because there will be more harmful gases around it, more or less harmful to the human body after inhalation;
4 Every 1-2 weeks, remember to clean the surface of the dust filter, and usually do the work of washing and disassembling and replacing the filter as needed to reduce the occurrence of faults, maintain good purification effect and prolong service life.

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Air purifier market enters the iteration period

Air purifier market enters the iteration period


There are multiple reasons for the “favored” air purifier products in the Chinese market. There are both internal factors of air pollution problems and media external factors that focus on air quality, and internal and external factors have contributed to the Chinese air purifier market. In 2013, there was explosive growth. The long-term tracking and research findings of Zhongyikang in the industry also confirm this point. The core appeal of Chinese consumers to air purifiers is to remove PM2.5. It can be said that the purification ability is the most popular when Chinese consumers purchase air purifiers. Concerned indicators, large purification (CADR) products are popular with the market in line with this logic.

A reality that cannot be ignored: China is already at the key node of economic development, and is no longer blindly pursuing GDP growth, but also paying more attention to the quality of economic development. In such a large background, the public’s breathing air quality, which is closely related to physical health, is placed in a more prominent position. The “satisfying the people’s need for a better life” mentioned by the Chinese government several times in the 19th National Congress is precisely the manifestation of the popularization and popularization of the Chinese government’s governance of the country, linking the people’s livelihood with the goals and vision of national development. In 2017, we saw the determination and will of the Chinese government to control air pollution. The public also really felt the result – “the sky has turned blue.” This achievement is hard-won and is the result of the joint efforts of many parties. The air purification industry, which is committed to improving the health of the Chinese people, has also made its own contribution.

Another problem has arisen. The air quality is good. Should the air purifier industry withdraw from the stage?

From the historical experience of foreign air quality, the process of air pollution control is a long-term process, which is 20 to 30 years short and 50 or 60 years long. The long-term optimism of the air purification industry is a reference to historical development experience. With the increase of public health awareness, the improvement of air quality requirements is an inevitable trend. The development of product functions in the depth direction has its inherent driving force. In the past, the public paid more attention to PM2.5, and now the pollution sources are more extensive, such as formaldehyde and TVOC. Bacteria, pollen, odor, etc., special populations with serious respiratory diseases, are the driving force behind the development of the industry.

From the development trend of China’s consumer market, with the income growth and the rejuvenation of the main consumer groups, closely tracking and grasping the trends of these consumer groups is a topic of intensive research by brand manufacturers. Air purifiers are also imperative in reducing the image positioning of PM2.5. To meet the needs of different segments of the population, not only need to break through the needs of product design but also need to do more homework in product marketing. Air purifiers are not only for the existence of functional goods but also for the existence of engineering artworks that satisfy their individual demands. This needs to start with the scene design of consumers using products, Chinese consumers need to be guided, their needs can be stimulated, especially in the era of mobile Internet, we are optimistic about the iterative upgrade of the air purification industry, the market development space must Will be further opened. Contact us for more products and discounted prices
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Air purifier purchase, see these 4 values is enough!

Air purifier purchase, see these 4 values is enough!

The air purifier can purify most of the harmful particulate matter in the air to a certain extent to achieve the effect of clean air. As more families value indoor air quality, air purifiers are almost a must for families.

How to choose an air purifier if you want to achieve the best indoor purification effect?

Look at the CADR value
CADR (clean air delivery rate) means “clean air output efficiency”, that is, the volume of air that can be purified per unit time. It is an internationally valuable data indicator for purifying air purifying capacity. The higher the CADR value, the higher the purification efficiency of the purifier. The CADR value determines the core performance of the air purifier and is the most important indicator when purchasing an air purifier, but it is not the only indicator.

Look at the CCM value
CCM (cumulate clean mass) is the cumulative purification amount. The air purifier’s consumables will decrease in performance as the use time increases. CCM means that CCM refers to the cumulative purification of pollutants (particles or The total weight of formaldehyde). The larger the CCM number, the longer the cycle of replacing the filter material, which means that the longer the filter life, the more pollutants the filter will purify during its lifetime.

Look at noise and energy consumption
It is very important that the air purifier is quiet when working. The excessive noise will cause trouble for the daily life of the room. The new national standard divides the noise limit of the air purifier from low to high into 4 files, which will be marked directly in the machine’s outer packaging and in the conspicuous position of the manual.

Users do not blindly pursue the CADR value of the product when purchasing the air purifier. In addition to the air purification efficiency, the high-quality air purifier, the sterilization detoxification ability, the running noise and the maintenance cost of the air purifier itself are also A key factor in determining the quality of an air purifier.
Buy four steps
☑ First, think about your purification needs;
Select the empty net value of the corresponding CADR according to the area;
Compare CCM to understand the empty net filter life (long-term cost of use);
Compare noise conditions, especially sleep silence.

In order to give full play to the effect of the air purifier, pay attention to the correct method when using it.

Placement position

The air purifier is best placed in the middle of the room without affecting the aesthetics of the home. Try not to rely on walls or furniture, or leave the wall more than 1 meter away from use. In addition, since some purifiers also generate traces of harmful gases around them, do not place them too close to the human body.

Open as long as possible

The purifying function of the air purifier takes a certain amount of time to improve the indoor air and to open it for a long time if conditions permit. Some purifiers with timing function can also more conveniently and effectively control the use time of the purifier. In use, the length of the specific opening is determined according to different usage areas.

Replace the filter in time

In the specific use process, the user also needs to pay attention to the purification effect of the air purifier in time. If the purifying effect of the air purifier is found to be reduced, or the odor is turned on after the air purifier is turned on, the filter should be replaced in time. The time for replacing the filter material should refer to the recommendations in the instruction manual, and it is usually better to replace it every six months. In addition, the replacement cycle should be adjusted according to the frequency of use and the severity of air pollution.

Choose the air purifier that is most suitable for the home environment, to ensure the cleanest air quality and create a cleaner home life.

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Air purifiers do not need to be opened frequently? Are you using these misunderstandings?

Air purifiers do not need to be opened frequently? Are you using these misunderstandings?

According to the data, the number of air purifiers in China has reached more than 30 million, and more and more families choose to use air purifiers.

However, as a “small fresh meat” in the large family of household appliances, many consumers have insufficient understanding of air purifiers, and there are still some misunderstandings in the daily use process.

Is it possible to open a purifier when someone asks the air to be heavily polluted? When will the filter be replaced? Is there a requirement for the position of the purifier? ……

Xiaobian summed up some common misunderstandings for everyone, to avoid these misunderstandings, in order to make the air purifier play the most effective effect~

When the air quality is poor, just open it?

Many small partners believe that the air purifier can be used for an hour or two in the foggy days and when the pollution is serious.

In fact, not only PM2.5 is pollution, in many cases, indoor air formaldehyde, bacterial viruses, pollen, dust, odor, chemical gases, etc. will have an impact on the human body!

Especially in the hot weather in summer, the temperature continues to rise, and the amount of formaldehyde released indoors is 20%-30% higher than usual.

Phil Bode air purifier, four-layer filter, layering more than 200 kinds of indoor air pollution, and effectively filtering out harmful pollution!

Therefore, the household air purifier should not be an occasional electric appliance that is turned on for an hour or two. The use of the Phil Bode air purifier for a long time can keep the indoor air clean!

Should the air purifier be placed against the wall?

After many consumers buy an air purifier, they are naturally placed against the wall.

But in fact, in order to achieve the desired purification effect of indoor air, it is best to place it in the center of the house or about 30cm away from walls, furniture, curtains, etc.

If the object is too close, the airflow of the air purifier will be blocked, the purification range will be small, and the overall purification effect will be poor.

Filters do not need to be cleaned and replaced regularly?

Many people in the process of using air purifiers often ignore the life cycle of the air purifier filter and use a cleaning.

The filter has a certain degree of saturation. During the operation of the air purifier, the purification function will gradually decrease as the adsorbate increases.

If the filter is not replaced for a long time, it will easily cause the filter to accumulate too much dust, which will cause the dust to be released into the air again, resulting in secondary pollution.

The Fairfield Air Purifier has a filter replacement reminder function. In general, the filter replacement period is 6-12 months.

No smell in the room means clean air?

After the new decoration, there will be a heavy smell in the room. Many people will choose an air purifier to purify the air after the interior decoration. As the indoor odor disappears, it is considered that the indoor air is up to standard and the air purifier is shackled.

It is not known that the indoor air standard is a comprehensive measure of the content of inhalable particulate matter, harmful gases, odors, and bacterial viruses. It is very one-sided and unreasonable to judge the air quality by odor alone.

If you don’t smell it, the hidden gas in the room will cause great harm to the body.

One is enough?

One parameter of the purifier is called: applicable area

An air purifier has a limited area for purification, and it is difficult to guarantee the air quality of the entire space.

For better purification, it is recommended that large-sized homes or indoor spaces (such as offices, hospitals, etc.) be equipped with multiple air purifiers at the same time.

For small rooms (such as study rooms, baby rooms), a Phil Bode purifier is enough.

Air purifiers have become a necessary measure to effectively protect the health and well-being of the family, so it is necessary to avoid casual use. After all, health is the top priority!

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When summer is over, there is no need to open an air purifier.

When summer is over, there is no need to open an air purifier.

small air purifier

Summer is here, there is no smog, more blue sky and white clouds
Although it is very hot, there are air conditioners.
People can’t help but feel the beauty of life in the summer.
Duang! ! ! a blockbuster smashing down
The temperature rises and indoor pollution is coming!
Especially in summer, high temperature, low air pressure, and high humidity make the indoor air convection correspondingly reduced, which also causes the retention of polluting gas, and indoor air pollution also enters a high incidence period.
Summer is a season of high levels of toxic and harmful gases such as formaldehyde and benzene. When the temperature rises, the molecular thermal motion is intensified, which leads to an increase in the volatilization rate of indoor formaldehyde and the like, and an increase in the release amount. Indoors are uncomfortable, chest tightness, coughing, sneezing, etc. are all indoor air pollution problems.
Summer is the season with the most germs and the fastest breeding. These bacteria that lurk around us not only become allergens but also cause symptoms of allergies to some people. More importantly, these bacteria are highly susceptible to disease in the summer. Some people with poor resistance can easily develop symptoms such as abdominal pain, diarrhea, and skin allergies in summer.
❸The China Health Education Association has issued a report stating that summer is a high-incidence season in a year, and indoor air pollution is four or five times higher than outdoor.
So the air purifier at home must not be idle.
Indoor air purification, summer is still very important!
Small tree dividing line
Source of the round “net” air purifier
This product adopts HIMOP technology and M13 filter core jointly developed by Sino-German, and HEPA filter of American 3M Company. The filtration precision is up to 0.08 micron, no ozone, no radiation, low-pressure negative ion.
Technical Parameters:
filter material:
M13 filter: It is an improvement of activated carbon, close to fullerene C60, which is a very spectral gas absorber.
HEPA filter: It can effectively remove inhalable particles and filter particles such as bacteria, smoke and dust in the air above 0.3 microns, and the filtration efficiency is over 99%.
Haimanpu filter: completely different from activated carbon, activated carbon is reversible adsorption, and Heimup is irreversible adsorption, its ability to decompose harmful gases is dozens of times stronger; Haimanpu has a service life of up to two years, while general activated carbon only needs a few It is saturated in the month.

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small air purifier

Air purifier health function: air conditioning disease

Air purifier health function: air conditioning disease

Watermelon, WiFi, air conditioning, the three “treasures” that are known as summer, is the favorite of the homeowners. Working, studying, and eating in an air-conditioned room during the hot summer is a very pleasant thing. However, the air-conditioned room is relatively sealed, the air does not circulate, and the indoor furniture volatilizes pollutants. After continuous accumulation, many harmful gases exceed the standard, which may cause cough, headache, salivation and other symptoms, commonly known as “air conditioning disease.”
So what role can the Yikang negative ion air purifier play in the summer?
01 Prevent bacterial infection
Summer is the season of bacterial reproduction. In addition to directly entering our body, these bacteria can enter our body by attaching particles and dust with a diameter of less than 5μm. Even by talking, coughing, sneezing, etc., we can easily put the mouth and throat. Pathogenic microorganisms in organs and lungs are transmitted to other people through the air, and some epidemics are caused by the spread of germs. The sterilization function of the air purifier can solve this problem very well, so if someone has a cold or cough in the house, it is recommended to turn on the air purifier.
02 Prevention of “air conditioning disease”
In summer, the temperature is high, and many people can’t wait to stay in the air-conditioned room for a day. Although the air-conditioning is cool, the doors and windows are closed all day long, not only the humidity is very large, but also the indoor air is not circulated, causing indoor air pollution, which will cause various discomforts. When turning on the air conditioner, it is recommended to turn on the air purifier.
03 purification indoor formaldehyde
The increase in temperature will increase the volatilization of indoor pollutants. According to the statistics of the health department, the concentration of formaldehyde and benzene released by furniture increases by 0.15 to 0.37 times for every degree of humidity increase. The pollutants in the home are not released in a short time, and it takes 15 years to completely release the clean. Many indoor air purifiers in addition to formaldehyde can help us remove harmful substances such as formaldehyde so that users can have a fresh indoor environment in the summer.
04 Prevention of second-hand smoke hazards
Many people like to smoke, which has buried the hidden dangers of second-hand smoke for their families. Second-hand smoke contains hundreds of known toxic or carcinogenic substances, including formaldehyde, benzene, and vinyl chloride. The concentration of many carcinogens and toxic chemicals in second-hand smoke is higher than that smoked by smokers themselves. The purifying function of the air purifier can remove these harmful substances well and provide a healthy indoor living environment for everyone.
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The first meeting of the revision of the national standard for air purifiers was held in Guangzhou

The first meeting of the revision of the national standard for air purifiers was held in Guangzhou

From July 15th to July 16th, 2019, the National Household Appliances Standardization Technical Committee Cleaning Appliance Subcommittee held the first meeting in Guangzhou, on the revision of GB/T 18801-2015 “Air Purifier” national standard. The standard revision plan number is 20190972-T-607, the release date is March 28, 2019, and the work cycle is expected to be 24 months. More than 50 technical experts from mainstream enterprises in the air net industry participated in the meeting.

Ma Dejun, vice president of China Household Electrical Appliances Research Institute, delivered an important speech on the current background of air purifier industry, global environmental pollution, and the development of IEC standards for air purifiers. He said that current air purifiers are not limited to removing particulate matter and future product development. It is necessary to combine pollen allergens, ozone, odor, and other issues; not limited to the domestic market, India and other developing international markets are also in great demand. He said that the development of products should keep pace with the times, and the standards should fully consider the status quo of the industry and consumers. I hope that the revision of standards can fully consider the market and social needs under the new situation.

Participants and experts fully expressed their opinions on the revision of the standard and discussed the draft standard. The meeting reached a basic consensus on the standard revision content and the overall framework. The standard revision direction is as follows: the gaseous pollutant test method is changed to the continuous dynamic balance method; the CCM is no longer graded separately, and the file is directly divided according to the CADR; the technical requirements of the silent mode are added; the test cabins of 10m3 and 81m3 are added; and the performance evaluation method of the automatic mode is added; Increase the filter odor evaluation method, etc. At the same time, as China is taking the lead in formulating the international standard IEC 63086 for air purifiers, the revision of GB/T 18801 also refers to the relevant technical directions of international standards.

The National Household Appliance Standardization Technical Committee has arranged the follow-up related work, requiring all units to combine the industry and consumer status, strengthen the research in the technical field on the basis of the standard overall framework, and further improve the core content of the standard.

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olansi air purifier

Talking about the history of air purifier development – those things you don’t know

Talking about the history of air purifier development – those things you don’t know

Air purifiers, also known as “air cleaners” and air purifiers, mainly solve indoor air pollution problems caused by renovation or other reasons.

The release of pollutants in the air is characterized by persistence and uncertainty. There are many different technologies and media in the air purifier, which can adsorb, decompose or convert various air pollutants (generally including dust, pollen, odor, formaldehyde). Such as decoration pollution), so that it can provide users with clean and safe air. Therefore, air purifiers have become the internationally recognized best way to improve indoor air quality.

So how does the air purifier appear on the technological stage?

Origin of the predecessor · Originated from firefighting purposes

In 1823, John and his friend Charles Dean invented a new type of smoke protection device that allowed firefighters to avoid smoke during firefighting.

In 1854, a man named Johns Tenghaus learned that adding charcoal to the air filter could filter out harmful and toxic gases from the air, so after several attempts, the invention was based on the invention of Dean. More. It can be seen that the predecessor of the air purifier originated from fire protection purposes.

During the Second World War, the US government began research on radioactive materials and wanted to develop a machine to filter out all harmful particles to keep the air clean and scientists can breathe, so the HEPA filter came into being.

In the 1950s and 1960s, HEPA filters were very popular because of the popularity of many shelter design and construction personnel.

Reform and innovation · first-generation air purifier

However, such filters can only target toxic gases and odors in the air and are basically useless for bacterial viruses. In the 1980s, new air purifiers were born, which can not only be used to eliminate odors but more importantly, It can effectively remove bacteria, dust, pollen, etc. from the air to purify the air.

Fiery market, many brands compete

With the passage of time and the growing development of science and technology, purifiers have evolved in many versions, and every technological innovation has brought people a better experience than ever before.

Commonly used air purification technologies include: adsorption technology, photocatalytic technology, HEPA filtration technology, negative oxygen ion technology, low temperature asymmetric plasma air purification technology, molecular complexation technology, electrostatic dust collection technology, reactive oxygen technology, room temperature catalytic oxidation of formaldehyde and Catalytic sterilization, etc.; material technology mainly includes: photocatalyst, activated carbon, synthetic fiber, HEAP high-efficiency material, negative ion generator, etc. At present, the existing air purifiers in the domestic market are mostly compounded, and various purification technologies and material media are used at the same time.

Redefining · excellent products to break the chaos

Advanced science and technology are integrated into the development of air purifiers to improve human air quality step by step and provide a guarantee for a better life for human beings. The state also issued a policy response to the development of the empty net industry. At that time, the development of the empty net industry was bright, and many large and small enterprises rushed to join it.

However, the increase in quantity has also caused bad consequences. The air purifier brand in the leasing market is mixed, the purification principle is varied, and the purification effect is mixed. The original national standards cannot effectively cover the technology, types, and needs of the air purifiers in the new era, leading to some enterprises. Exaggerated propaganda or false propaganda for the sake of profit.

Previously, air purifier products were not uncommon due to false standard parameters, false publicity, and after-sales service; industry standards were old and chaotic, which has caused many consumers to start distrusting and not accepting the current empty net products. With the introduction of the new national standard, users renting air purifiers will also be “based on evidence” and will not be blind again. To a certain extent, the accelerated purging of the air purifier rental market has been promoted, and the substandard cottage products have gradually been eliminated, and some competitive machines have gradually emerged and entered the consumer’s field of vision.

Future market · Improving the environment is an urgent task

The development of air purifiers in China has gradually become a mature industry. In 2019, the challenges posed by the air purifier market are unprecedented. Only high-quality and conscience industries can continue to survive in the net industry. Huggins owns air purifiers from international brands such as Blueair, Austin, and IQAir to provide air purifier rental quality services for enterprises and families.

In addition, the environment provides the necessary resources and conditions for our survival and development. Regardless of the future market, protecting the environment, reducing environmental pollution, and curbing the trend of ecological deterioration are the basics of human civilization and scientific and technological development.

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Can the air purifier really eliminate formaldehyde? Is this high technology or IQ tax?

Can the air purifier really eliminate formaldehyde? Is this high technology or IQ tax?

The same is the air purifier, how the price is very different?

Haze and formaldehyde have caused people to panic about air quality and health, so air purifiers have gained a foothold in the market.

Some people say that the air purifier market is really too profitable, taking advantage of the public’s panic about smog and formaldehyde, as well as the lack of understanding of the purifier, the price of the sky. The ordinary things are priced at five or six thousand, and some brands even sell the price.

1. What is the internal structure of the air purifier?

According to the internal analysis, the three components constitute a simple air purifier, which is a common filter, HEPA net, deodorizing net.

The first part, the ordinary filter. Similar to the air conditioning filter, it filters coarser particles and can be washed.

The second part, the HEPA net, is also known as the dust net. It is used to filter small particles, bacteria, and other substances, not water.

The third part, deodorizing net. Each brand of this layer has many different names, named high, but the main components are basically activated carbon, many businesses will compound some things to improve performance and extend life. The purpose is to remove odor and harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde and benzene.

These three components, together with a plastic case and a fan for air in and out, have become a “high price” purifier. So, the price of four or five thousand or even tens of thousands of things, take a look at it, but it is the composition of these things, do you say that this is the IQ tax?

2. Can the air purifier remove formaldehyde?

After the renovation of the new house, the most troublesome problem is the formaldehyde problem. Some people choose to ventilate for a while, but for the owners who are in urgent need, they will choose the air purifier, because many brands of air purifiers use the slogan of “clearing formaldehyde” to attract consumers, then the air purifier removes formaldehyde. Is it effective?

First of all, if the new house has just been renovated and moved in, don’t expect the air purifier to eliminate formaldehyde in a short time, which is unscientific.

Because during the decoration, many furniture and other materials use a lot of decoration materials containing formaldehyde, the pollution of formaldehyde will be very serious, especially in the summer of high temperature, formaldehyde will be evaporated quickly unless you open dozens of air at the same time. filter.

Second, the release cycle of formaldehyde ranges from 3 to 15 years. Formaldehyde is completely eradicated and can only be controlled within a safe range, and an air purifier can achieve this.

According to the “indoor air quality standards”, after closing the doors and windows for 1 hour, the indoor formaldehyde safety range value is ≤0.08 mg/cubic. However, according to children’s response to formaldehyde, it should be less than 0.06 mg/cubic.

3. How to judge whether the air purifier is qualified?

In the room where the doors and windows are closed, the air purifier controls the indoor formaldehyde concentration to ≤0.08 mg/cubic within 12 minutes to be truly qualified.

In addition, Xiao Bian once again reminds everyone, do not rely on too much and believe that air purifiers can eliminate formaldehyde, the best way to reduce formaldehyde damage is ventilation and green plants.

4. How long does the air purifier open in a day?

If you are staying in a new home and have a family stay indoors, it is best to open it 24 hours and open the air purifier to prevent the formaldehyde concentration from exceeding the standard. Some people will worry about whether the air purifier will burn out. After all, it is a machine. As long as the air purifier you buy is a quality qualified product, it will basically not burn out, because it has the function of thermal protection of the fan.

5. How long does the air purifier change the filter?

It can be replaced according to the color of the filter of the air purifier. If the filter is black, it means that a new filter cartridge needs to be replaced. However, there are also smart air purifiers on the market that automatically remind you to replace the filter cartridges, if you can buy smart products for convenience. The timely replacement of the filter element of the purifier can extend the life of the product and also achieve the purification effect.

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