Car air conditioning filter VS car air purifier

Car air conditioning filter VS car air purifier

As people’s attention to the living environment and various reports and interviews on environment and health and the rapid spread of science, society’s attention to the environment and health continues to rise. Among them, the attention to the air quality closely related to people’s health has continued to rise. What followed was the sales boom in a market segment, which was a new step in air purification.
For most of the existing residential houses, the fresh air system with filtration and purification is far from universal. Therefore, the indoor air purifiers of all major websites continue to be hot, and together they enter high heat, as well as automobile air purification products.
Since the car air conditioner itself has a filter element, many consumers feel confused about the trade-off between the car air conditioner filter and the car air purifier. In this article, Kun brand Xiao Erhe compares the similarities and differences between the two in order to let consumers make more choices for themselves.
Before comparing the similarities and differences between the two, let’s take a brief look at the air environment inside the car.
We need to first understand that air-conditioning filters and best small room hepa air purifier are all present to purify the air. So what needs to be purified in the air inside the car?
Among the first types of particulate contaminants, the highest content and most difficult to avoid are dust particles, such as PM2.5, PM10, which are now well known to the public, and various solid particles that are visible to the naked eye. These particles are characterized by a long history, ubiquitous and unpredictable, and are therefore the most important source of pollution for all air purification products at the beginning of the design.
Another important class of pollutants are harmful gases, most typically volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as formaldehyde, benzene and toluene. This type of pollutant is characterized by continuous release from the interior of the vehicle for several years. Therefore, in recent years, materials such as activated carbon that can absorb harmful gases by using a large surface area have been widely used in air purification product filters.
The main function of the car air conditioner is to adjust the air environment of the car from the wind speed, temperature and humidity. The core components include the compressor, control unit, radiator, evaporator and the entire air duct system. When the air conditioner is working, the wind inside or outside the vehicle can be sucked into the blower, and then purified and filtered by the air conditioner filter, and then sent to the air outlets in the vehicle through the air duct to drive the air circulation in the entire cab. Such a car air-conditioning filter is transformed into a car air purifier by utilizing the function of air supply in the car. It has the advantages of internal and external circulation and ventilation.
 Schematic diagram of automotive air conditioning cycle
The function and principle of the car air purifier is much simpler. The core components are the blower and the filter element. The air blower drives the airflow through the filter element, and then the filter element is used to remove the pollutants in these airflows.
With such a preliminary understanding, it is easier to compare the similarities and differences between the two.
The effect of air purification in the vehicle is determined by factors such as the air flow rate at the filter site (related to the air flow rate of the blower and the wind resistance of the filter), the filtration efficiency, the amount of space affected, and the air circulation path at the location of use. The most important of these is the flow rate and filtration efficiency. For air conditioners, the air circulation path cannot be changed. Only the wind resistance of the filter element will affect it, and the filtering effect is completely determined by the filter element. Therefore, the main content that can be discussed is the filter element.
From the comparison of filtration capacity: the types of automotive air-conditioning filter elements vary widely, and the shape of the filter elements used in each model is different. The filter cartridges of the same model are divided into single-effect double-effects. Different brands of filter cartridges use different filter materials, which results in a very large price gap, which is as low as 10 yuan for the unit price in the auto parts city. A few hundred, so that most consumers are at a loss. Therefore, under such circumstances, most of the owners have chosen the principle of “no need to spend money.”
However, in fact, air conditioner cartridges that are too inexpensive are generally unable to guarantee the performance and filtration of their filter materials, and are not within the scope of today’s discussion. We only discuss those filters that meet national standards, or that can reach the upstream level of the industry.
Filter efficiency. From the test method, the standard commonly used in domestic standards requires that the volume of the automotive air conditioning filter should not be less than 800 cm3 (about 20 cm × 20 cm × 2 cm), which is due to the consideration of the air volume of the air conditioning system. After all, the amount of air is closely related to the area of ​​the wind, but to ensure that the effect of the filter is good enough, the life is long enough, and the filter material in the filter must also reach a certain volume. So as long as the model is not too strange, its air-conditioning filter can reach this minimum. However, the air purifier filter has no corresponding standard to specify its minimum volume. Some old air purifiers have a filter cartridge that is only half the size of the air conditioner. Considering again that it is necessary to include a particulate filtering portion and an activated carbon portion, its containment ability and life can be imagined.
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Stopping the flu epidemic, use the Olansi air purifier

                                          Stopping the flu epidemic, use the Olansi air purifier

The flu is influenza, which is an acute respiratory infection that occurs after people get infected with the flu virus. The reason why the flu is fatal
 is not the flu itself, but its complications, such as pneumonia, gastrointestinal tract, heart damage, nervous system damage and so on. Therefore, in
 addition to eliminating the flu virus, the prevention of influenza should also eliminate the virulence factors that cause complications. In recent years,
the number of elderly people in Hong Kong has been increasing and such people are more susceptible to influenza and complications. As a result, the elderly 
in the Hong Kong flu epidemic have suffered from serious and fatal cases.

The main route of transmission of influenza virus is airborne, and the virulence factors of complications are also abundant in the air. Coupled with the hot 
summer, people like to stay indoors for a long time. Therefore, if the indoor air can be disinfected, it will greatly reduce the incidence of influenza and 
its complications.

How to effectively disinfect indoor air? An air purifier with disinfection is a good choice. And when it comes to this, I have to mention the olansi Air Purifier.

Olansi air purifier has the effect of purifying indoor air and effectively eliminating bacteria in the indoor space. The antibacterial rate against Staphylococcus
 aureus and Escherichia coli is over 99.99%. In addition, the removal rate of 0.1 μm particles (influenza virus size larger than 0.1 μm, belonging to the dust 
particle range) can also reach 99%.



how to choose air purifier

There are seven  purification structures (HEPA filter layer, HEPA filter (using imported 3M filter), activated carbon filter layer, cold catalyst coating, negative ion generator), in which cold catalyst coating and HEPA filter layer purify indoor air. And the role of inhibition, sterilization.


The sterilization technology is a unique patented technology of HOYI Hongyi, which can inhibit indoor mold and Staphylococcus aureus,

and make the indoor air more clean and hygienic, thus reducing the incidence of complications such as pneumonia.choice Olansi air purifier

is best way .


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