Water purification knowledge has been written into the textbook, and you are still rejecting the water purifier?

Water purification knowledge has been written into the textbook, and you are still rejecting the water purifier?

Due to water pollution, 50 million children die every year, 35 million suffer from cardiovascular disease, 70 million suffer from the stone disease, 90 million suffer from hepatitis and 30 million die from liver cancer and stomach cancer. Drinking water pollution has become a major water environmental problem due to the increasing number of new diseases caused by water pollution.

At present, in terms of health education and nutrition, water is often neglected, and only “food” is ignored, while “drinking” is ignored. It is no exaggeration to say that there are more water blinds than illiterate people in today’s society. The imbalance of economic development has caused environmental pollution, water shortage caused by ecological damage, water pollution, and water degradation have already sounded an alarm to life. 80% of diseases and various nutritional disorders cause nutritional epidemics are directly related to water.

Regarding the “drinking water problem” that the people care about, Professor Li Rite, deputy director of the National Food and Nutrition Advisory Committee and the Food College of China Agricultural University, said: Many people really care about whether there are all kinds of nutrition in the water, but they ignore one. The fundamental fact – water itself is a nutrient.

Water plays an important role in our lives. It is the source of life and one of the indispensable important material resources for human survival and development. Various chemical reactions in the human body must also be carried out normally with the participation of water.

Therefore, the quality of water directly affects our health. The top 5 household water purifier is to add a threshold to the water we drink, to filter harmful substances, and to be healthy.

Many people said that when they bought a house and bought a water purifier? It is not an ornament, but a necessity for life; 80% of cells are made of water, and 80% of health is determined by water!

Nowadays, water pollution is getting more and more serious. If you do not filter the drinking water, the human body will become a filter. In fact, the water purifier is a blessing for every family. Some people may ask, I have been drinking for so many years, there is no problem at all. Why do you want to buy a professional water purifier now? Follow the footsteps of Xiaobian to understand the harm of sewage pollution on the human body!

01. Death organic matter

[Source example]: untreated urban domestic sewage, papermaking sewage, agricultural sewage, and urban garbage.

[Hazard]: Consumption of dissolved oxygen in water, endangering the survival of fish.

It causes oxygen deficiency in the water, causing the death of microorganisms requiring oxygen. These aerobic microorganisms can decompose organic matter and maintain the self-purification ability of rivers and streams. The consequences of their death are: rivers and streams are black, stinky, toxins accumulate, and harming humans and animals.

02. Organic and inorganic chemicals

[Source examples]: chemical, pharmaceutical plant emissions, paper, tannery wastewater, building renovation, dry cleaning industry, chemical lotion, agricultural pesticides, herbicides.

[Hazard]: Most organic chemicals are toxic. When they enter rivers and lakes, they will poison or poison dead organisms, causing ecological damage.

Some organic chemicals accumulate in aquatic organisms, causing poisoning after eating. Water contaminated with organic chemicals is difficult to purify. After human consumption, the safety and health of the body are threatened.

03. Petrochemical detergent

[Source example]: Dishwashing detergent used in large quantities in homes and restaurants.

[Hazard]: Most washing spirits are petrochemical products, which are difficult to degrade. Discharge into the river will not only seriously pollute the water, but also accumulate in the aquatic products, and people will suffer poisoning after eating.

04. Heavy metals (mercury, lead, cadmium, nickel, selenium, arsenic, silver, etc.)

[Source examples]: mining and smelting processes, industrial waste, tannery wastewater, textile mill wastewater, domestic waste (such as batteries, chemicals).

[Hazard]: It has direct physiological toxicity to humans and animals.

Irrigation of crops with water containing heavy metals can contaminate crops with heavy metals, making agricultural products toxic. Deposited at the bottom of the river, the bay, through the aquatic plants into the food chain, through the aquatic products such as fish into the human body.

The water purifier is a product produced for water pollution. It will reduce the damage to the human body as early as possible. Whether it is healthy or not depends on whether you have money or not, but whether you have a concept!

The human body is vital. Once it is difficult to recover, it is difficult for us to protect the health of our family’s drinking water and reduce the harm to the body. Why not?

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Analysis: The role of the water purifier and the benefits after installation

Analysis: The role of the water purifier and the benefits after installation

As a kind of living utensils, water purifiers are more and more important in real life. There are water purifiers in many places. The cost of water purifiers is not high, and the water filtered by them has reached the standard of raw drinks. It can effectively filter all kinds of pollutants and ensure the cleanliness of the water. Then, let’s introduce the role of the water purifier and the benefits of installing the water purifier.

The role of the water purifier
1. Improve tap water
Common waters harmful to the human body include: industrial wastewater, pesticide-contaminated water, heavy metal water, animal wastewater, etc.; common harmful substances in water are bacteria, viruses, E. coli, particulate impurities, residual chlorine and so on. The water purifier can purify all the above toxic water, and at the same time can remove the harmful substances contained in the above water. The mission of the top 5 household water purifier is to purify the water and improve the water source. It can be installed in the kitchen to purify the tap water (groundwater). It can effectively remove harmful substances such as viruses, impurities, residual chlorine, and heavy metals in the water, and wash vegetables, cook rice and soak the fruits with purified water. They are very healthy and beneficial.
2, instead of barrel bottled water
The cost of bottled water is extremely high, which is not suitable for daily use by the family. Bottled water is listed as daily water by most wealthy families. However, this method is too high for consumption and is not suitable for large-scale use, and the effect may not be like a water purifier. The barreled water is connected to the water dispenser, which has a high cost, short useful period and is more susceptible to secondary purification. A bucket of water is about 70 yuan, the cost is higher, and the water is tap water that is processed by a large water purifier or pure water. There are very few natural wells. A bucket of water is stored for a short period of time and is easy to change. It is in an open form after being connected with the water dispenser and will be purified by the purifying substance in the air.

Water purifier benefits
1. Tea: There is no residual chlorine, and the tea is more fragrant and purer.
2, use clean water to make hot pot: the top is not bleached, the soup color is positive, the taste is purer.
3,  mung bean soup: 30 minutes mung bean completely flowering, clear soup green water (cooked with tap water mung bean soup red, red foam on the top, and a long time).
4, cooking rice, steamed rice, noodles, stir-fry: no chlorine smell, rice is more fragrant.
5, electric kettle boiling water: no water, no cleaning.
6, clean the ophthalmic lens: reduce scratches, cleaner.
7, wash your face, wash your hands, take a shower: the skin is delicate and white, no longer greasy, save time and detergent.
8, laundry, towels: no longer yellow, hard;
9, extend the life of electrical appliances: water heaters, washing machines, electric irons, humidifiers, etc.

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