What are the effects of so many types of activated carbon filter cartridges?

What are the effects of so many types of activated carbon filter cartridges?

Urban pipeline pollution and pollution from major lakes have accelerated the development of water purifiers, the core of water purifiers, when the heat is its “core.” Whether it is a pure water machine or an ultrafiltration machine, it has a large number of cores, especially the activated carbon inside, which has different functions. What is the role of these water purifier activated carbon filters? Let us look at them one by one!

First, the role of PP fiber melt-blown filter

The tap water is pretreated, and the sediment, suspended matter, colloid, impurities, etc. in the water are filtered out, the filtering area and the amount of dirt is large, the filtering effect is good, and the service life is long.

Second, the role of granular activated carbon filter

It uses high-quality coconut shell activated carbon to absorb substances harmful to the human body such as color, odor, residual chlorine, halogenated hydrocarbons and organic substances in water.

Activated carbon filter

Third, the role of compressed activated carbon filter

It deeply absorbs the harmful substances in the water, such as color, odor, halogenated hydrocarbons, and organic substances, and effectively improves the taste of the water. The long-life compressed activated carbon rod and the high dirt-absorbent mesh structure give the filter element a dual-function filtration performance.

Then come to the science of activated carbon:

Activated carbon is a specially treated charcoal with numerous fine pores and a large surface area with a surface area of ​​500-1500 square meters per gram of activated carbon. Activated carbon has a strong physical adsorption and chemical adsorption function, which can effectively filter harmful substances. It is the use of its huge area to adsorb harmful substances in the micropores of activated carbon, thus preventing harmful substances from being absorbed by the human body in the water.

Advantages of activated carbon filter:

1, no desorption, no secondary pollution

Many people know that the fear that the water purifier they bought cannot achieve the goal of completely purifying the water source will cause secondary pollution. This can be described as “losing the wife and folding the soldiers.” Because the filter element used in the general water purifier is the granular activated carbon used. The granular activated carbon collides and collides with each other due to the impact of the water flow so that the filtered water becomes black, and at the same time, the already adsorbed pollutants are released again to form secondary pollution. However, the activated carbon rod filter will not, the activated carbon rod after the specific process, in addition to a little black water when used for the first time, there will be no signs of black water in the subsequent use, not because of adsorption And the formation of secondary pollution.

Activated carbon filter principle

2, dual function

The filter element of the ordinary hot sale water purifier adopts granular activated carbon, but the granular activated carbon is only the function of adsorption, and the activated carbon rod filter has not only good adsorption effect but also relatively large volume impurities due to its own rich and tortuous micropores. The role of interception, so it can be said to kill two birds with one stone.

3, high removal efficiency, no waste

When the filter element of granular activated carbon is used in the process, when the water flow passes through instantly, it can only contact the surface of the activated carbon particles, and most of the inside can not be used in contact, which causes great waste; and after grinding it into ultra-fine powder, it is made into a rod-shaped product. The specific surface area will increase, the adsorption micropores will also increase greatly, and each part of the activated carbon can be in full contact with the water flow, which is advantageous for use and filtration.

4, filter no dead ends

The filter element of granular activated carbon has a large gap between the particles, which makes the contact between activated carbon and water flow insufficient, which affects the filtration effect of the top-rated room water purifiers itself. However, the micropores of the activated carbon rod filter element are evenly twisted so that each drop can be The activated carbon is in full contact to improve the filtration performance of the water purifier.

5, a wide range of uses

The granular activated carbon filter has a single action and is rarely used in combination with other filter materials, and the activated carbon powder can be mixed with a plurality of functional filter powders to form a rod-shaped functional filter element, and the water quality is removed in a targeted manner.

The water purifier activated carbon filter plays a big role in the water purifier. We must not underestimate it! However, we must choose the regular water purifier brand replacement when changing!

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Which is safer for air purifiers with different purification modes?

Which is safer for air purifiers with different purification modes?

In recent years, more and more people are beginning to realize the harm caused by air pollution, and gradually use air purifiers to improve air quality. However, in addition to smog, there are many sources of pollution in life. The most harmful to people is formaldehyde, and now the top rated large room air purifier can not only absorb smog, but also absorb formaldehyde. What technologies are used in the air purifier for baby room on the market in addition to formaldehyde? Xiaobian has made some sorting out.

The principle of the air purifier is to promote the air circulation flow through the ventilation system, and the air to be filtered flows into the filter net from the air inlet, adsorbs and decomposes the formaldehyde molecules in the air, and reduces the formaldehyde content in the air through continuous circulation. Finally, the purpose of purifying formaldehyde is achieved.

At present, there are many air purifiers on the market, mainly through the activated carbon filter to remove formaldehyde. It only adsorbs a variety of gaseous pollutants such as formaldehyde and toluene in the air, and then stores them in the filter, which cannot be decomposed. After the purifier is used for one or two years, the filter should be replaced. Otherwise, when the filter is saturated or encounters high temperature, the adsorbed formaldehyde will be released into the air to form secondary pollution.

Xiao Bian learned in the Gome Air Purifier store that one of the double-faced air purifiers, in addition to other purifiers, added a filter, using a double filter design, greatly increased In addition to the work efficiency of the purifier, in addition, the chemical bonds of organic pollutants such as formaldehyde are opened, and the UF00 decomposes the formaldehyde module to decompose it into carbon dioxide and water.

Also learned at the Lekmen store, its purifier is also a combination of two technologies, using a filter + negative oxygen ion hybrid purification mode. One of the Magic Net K9 purifiers uses an innovative formaldehyde decomposition technology and ultra-microporous activated carbon adsorption technology to decompose formaldehyde. I believe that friends who have studied chemistry know a chemical equation, HCHO+O_2=CO_2+H_2O It uses this principle.

At present, the city’s air quality has been significantly improved. People buy air purifiers not only for removing cockroaches, but also pollutants such as formaldehyde and second-hand smoke are threatening people’s health all the time. Therefore, all manufacturers have let air purifiers with time. Advance, using physical + chemical technology for air purification.

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This ashtray is actually an air purifier, and it will not affect others!

This ashtray is actually an air purifier, and it will not affect others!

People who smoke are very experienced
Sometimes I want to come to the house.
But taking into account the feelings of others
Can only bear
. . .
Of course, if you can’t smoke, don’t smoke, you can quit the best. . . . But occasionally encounter such a situation how to take care of the feelings of all parties~~~
Non-smokers watch everyone chat while smoking
Everyone is happy when they talk.
This is one by one pumping
I smoke secondhand smoke myself
Very difficult
. . .
An Olansi “go drum” ashtray multi-function purifier that can not only be used as an ashtray but also purify the air at the same time, so that too much smoke can be absorbed and purified. Use with a top-rated large room air purifier. . .
Can be used as an ashtray
Easy to stay away from secondhand smoke
It is an ashtray and a small top 10 room air purifiers.
Significantly reduce secondhand smoke
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It is well known that the smoke generated when smoking is essentially solid small particles, and the smell of smoke, the main ingredient is nicotine. . .
The Olansi is a detachable design with internal turbine fan, activated carbon, flame-retardant filter, and fan. . .
When in use, the smoke with particles can be sucked in from the air inlet with a built-in powerful turbofan!
After filtering the harmful impurities in the activated carbon filter cotton, it is sent out from the air outlet to purify the air. . .
Built-in powerful turbofan
Inhaling smoke with particles from the air inlet
After multiple activated carbon filter cotton
After filtering out harmful impurities
Then sent out from the air outlet
In a confined space
Olansi can effectively and efficiently remove harmful gases
It is worth mentioning that the fresh air blown by the powerful turbofan is also rich in a large number of negative ions, and its concentration is up to 8000000/cm3 or more so that even if you do not smoke, you can always use it as an air purifier. Oh. . .
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There are two gears to adjust the wind, no matter when single or multi-person smoking, you can easily adjust the different clean air modes. . .
In addition, the special aromatherapy design allows the essential oil to be dripped while purifying the air and allowing the air to have its own aroma. . .
Built-in 4000 mAh lithium battery, support USB charging. 20 hours in low-speed mode and 5 hours in high-speed mode at full power
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Air purifier conscience guide, so buy, no longer have to worry about being pitted

Air purifier conscience guide, so buy, no longer have to worry about being pitted

Under the smog, life is important. The smog of earning money, the smog of the official, the ordinary people, know the smog, anti-smog.
Americans love to sterilize, Japanese people are afraid of pollen, and Chinese hate PM2.5. In the special industry of air purification, we are the only country in the world that is seriously polluted by smog and has the strength and willingness to purchasetop rated room air purifiers. Hey, so, in the face of thousands of top rated large room air purifier on the market, from hundreds of oceans to tens of thousands of oceans, how can you choose not to be deceived?
We purchase air purifiers, mainly for indoor pollutants. Simply put, indoor air pollutants fall into three categories:
1 Particulate matter | such as inhalable particulate matter (PM10), smaller particles can inhale PM2.5 in the lungs, pollen, pets or body exfoliation;
2 Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) | including various odors, formaldehyde or toluene pollution caused by decoration;
3 Microorganisms | Mainly viruses and bacteria.
The principle of removing indoor air pollutants
Mechanical + electrostatic + water filter
Mechanical type, that is, “filtration”, high air volume fan + filter screen, can intercept some particles and microorganisms, large particles “adsorbed on the filter screen” and adsorbed, small particles are absorbed by the electrostatic force or gravity of the filter fiber, Therefore, the filter screen is often a layered structure, and one layer cannot be blocked.
The most popular air purifiers on the market, with the most mature technologies and products, are mechanical filter purifiers. Electrostatic and water filtration purifiers, although there is no need to replace the filter, but the filtration efficiency is very general, it will bring secondary pollution such as ozone and chlorine, and the problem of microbial growth, so it will not be described.
HEPA high efficiency filter
(High-Efficiency Particulate Air Filter)
Referred to as HEPA
Various countries have different standards for high-efficiency filters, and European HEPA grades (EN 1822) are often mentioned. In the latest EN 1822:2009 standard, H13 grades or higher can be called HEPA (so strictly used) The H10-H12 purifier can no longer be called HEPA).
From H11 (filtration efficiency >98%) to H13 (filtration efficiency >99.97%), with the same CADR value (described below for CADR), the purifier can be faster with the purifier of the H13 filter. Lower, while the H11 filter takes longer. The higher the level of HEPA, the better. Of course, the higher the level, the more expensive the price.
Some air purifiers add a lower filter front filter to the HEPA to filter out larger particles such as hair, which improves HEPA efficiency and longevity, as well as cost control.
HEPA is the core component of the purifier and needs to be replaced at regular intervals.
Activated carbon or zeolite
Both HEPA and pre-filters filter particulate matter and some microbes, and another important indoor air pollutant, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as formaldehyde. Toluene requires an additional filter to remove. The most widely used is activated carbon filter. Activated carbon absorbs VOC through its huge surface area, removing formaldehyde and various odors. The same is true of the basic principle of zeolites.
About air purifier
The most important CADR and CCM
1 CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate), clean air output ratio
CADR is the ratio of the air purifier output clean air obtained by the American Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) according to strict test standards. It is generally expressed by the area ratio time (domestic use m3/h), that is, each How many volumes of air are purified in an hour. The higher the CADR value, the higher the purification efficiency.
Simply put, CADR/10 (poor air quality can be increased to 15) can be used as a reference for purifying the area. For example, the nominal CADR value is 750m3/h purifier, the applicable purification area is about 750/10=75m2, if the purification requirement is higher, it is 750/15=50m2.
International standards require that the purifier must change the air of the area to be used more than 5 times per hour, so each purifier will mark its applicable area, such as 20m2, the height of the floor is 3m, which is 60m3, which requires the purifier. The air volume needs to be above 300m3/h.
2 CCM (Cumulate Clean Mass), cumulative purification
As the name implies, CCM stands for the endurance of the purifier. The new national standard divides the CCM value into 1~4 grades (the higher the number is, the higher the level), corresponding to different pollutants, the particulate matter uses the P1~P4 standard, and the formaldehyde uses the F1~F4 standard.
The CCM value determines that the number of days the screen can be used can be determined under conditions where the purifier, room area, and contaminant concentration are known. However, because the national standard threshold is low, some better purifiers will be marked as “Super P4/F4” or “Several times P4/F4”.
Air purification process
The indoor environment in which we live is always in gas exchange with the outside world. Indoor pollutants, such as formaldehyde that has just been renovated, particulate matter produced by smoking, and odors of other objects, overall, indoor particulate matter or pollutants, have been in a state of dynamic balance.
The function of the air purifier is to control the particulate matter or pollutants in the dynamic equilibrium state to a lower concentration range through the combination of “high air volume + high filtration efficiency”. In order to achieve a better purification effect, it is necessary to check the air leakage in the room. If the air leakage is very serious, even the best purifier, the high CADR and CCM are also white.
The only solution is the fresh air system. By continuously changing the indoor and outdoor air, the fresh air system always maintains the indoor air pressure higher than the outdoor, thus preventing the outdoor air from directly entering the room. The Yang Lao Wet House installed a fresh air system before the renovation, and it has its own PM2.5 filter core. On the basis of the ordinary fresh air pumping air, the purified air is sent into the room.
From this point of view, the air purifier can only temporarily purify the indoor air, does not have the ventilation function, and the purification area is limited, and most fresh air systems must be installed before the house is renovated, so the air purifier can be said to be unmounted. A compromise between the family of the fresh air system.
Air purifier noise
Noise is an inevitable problem for all filter purifiers. The greater the air volume, the greater the noise. Even if manufacturers use a variety of sound-absorbing or sound-proof methods, once the air purifier is turned on, including the fresh air system, it will still add a sinuous background sound to the home.
The noise of the purifier for a long time to work stably, as well as the serious pollution of the air. The noise during maximum power operation is a factor to be considered when purchasing. Different types of purifier manufacturers will basically indicate the decibel number (dB) during operation. Reference.
Additional features / smart services
In today’s smart age, many home appliances add one or more additional features to the product, such as APP control, smart detection, mute or sleep mode, etc., such as smart detection, you should pay attention to the real-time monitoring of the air quality near the machine. , or the entire room, and whether the air purification effect in silent or sleep mode is guaranteed.
Sheep and old wet to say separately is after-sales, this is a problem to buy any home appliances, of course, it is still related to the manufacturer, it is recommended to choose the mainstream model of the mainstream brand as much as possible, saving the factory because of the niche and abandoned it into three.
Of course, the air inlet and outlet of the purifier, the placement and land occupation, the ease of movement, and the level of the color are all important factors that influence your final decision.
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In the haze season, it is better to use the air purifier instead.

In the haze season, it is better to use the air purifier instead.

In the face of smog, it is essential to wear a mask when going out. Many families will try to reduce the number of outings and choose to stay indoors. In fact, smog does not exist outside, but there are also harmful particles in the room. Even if the doors and windows are closed, the smog that is inaccessible will slip in. In addition, personnel activities, cooking, and smoking can also raise the level of indoor particulate matter, which is harmful to our health.
The air purifier can remove these particles and has a certain removal ability for gaseous pollutants and microorganisms. Two key parameters should be seen when purchasing.

Clean Air Volume (CADR)
Reflecting the actual working capacity of the purifier, it can be expressed in terms of the volume of air that can be purified per unit time. Different room sizes should be selected for air purifiers with different CADR values.

Cumulative Purification (CCM)
This refers to how much the purifier filter can absorb contaminants. Among them, the cumulative purification amount of the particulate matter is specified to be not less than 3000 mg.
In addition, when purchasing the purifier, you should also pay attention to other health parameters, such as the emission of harmful substances such as ozone and the size of machine noise.

Buying a top-rated large room air purifier will also be used
1. Use top rated large room air purifier in the case of severe air pollution, it is best to close the doors and windows to ensure a good purification effect. If the atmospheric air quality is good, there is no need to turn on the air purifier for a long time, and natural ventilation should be the first choice.
2. The air purifier should not be placed on the wall or furniture. It is best to put it in the middle of the house or leave the wall more than 1 meter away from the wall.
3. The air inlet of the air purifier has a coarse filter or a dust collecting net. It should be cleaned frequently and dried naturally after washing.
4. When using the air purifier, pay attention to the regular replacement of the filter element. The time for replacing the filter element should be determined according to the actual use time of the product.

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