How to distinguish the quality of the water purifier filter?

How to distinguish the quality of the water purifier filter?

You may have doubts, is there a good or bad filter for the water purifier?
Of course! Even with the same type of filter element, there are quality and process differences, the quality of the filter directly determines the safety of our drinking water.

Cleanroom produces safe and qualified filter elements
Frequently received news from users:
“I bought a filter cartridge online before. After using it, I found that the water purification effect is very poor and the service life is very short.”
“There are cheap filter cartridges on the Internet. The appearance looks quite like that. Are these genuine?”
“A cheap filter, is the effect the same as authentic?”
Buying a cottage filter with genuine money is definitely a matter of who is on fire. However, in order to save money and save money, you can buy the filter cartridges on the Internet. Xiao may remind you that you must not “be a big loss”!
The filter element is the “core component” of the whole water purifier. The water purifier can filter the dirty water into water that can be directly consumed. The decisive factor is the filter element.
In general, the life of inferior filter elements is very short, and the effect of purification is not the same. Once the quality of the filter element is not closed, it will not only cause the filtration effect to be greatly reduced, but also affect the water quality of drinking water, and even cause secondary pollution to drinking water.
Therefore, don’t think that you have earned a low-cost filter. You should be careful not to let the “water purifier” become a “sewage device”.
Imagine if the filter element can’t filter, what are the dirty things and bacteria that have not been filtered?

The quality of the filter element is indistinguishable from the appearance, but in fact, it is hidden in the “catty”…
In order to reduce costs, bad merchants will not hesitate to cut corners, shoddy, and secretly “hands-on” in internal materials:
For example, in the case of activated carbon filter cartridges, it is better to use imported coconut shell carbon, but many counterfeiters will use coal-based carbon or shell-shell materials instead. This raw material has weak purification ability, high gray matter, and even releases harmful substances. .

Merchants recycle water purifiers, filter cartridges, and resell in rural areas
Users who have used water purifiers know that the filter element is basically scrapped after the end of its service life. The inside of the filter element is filled with bacteria and various dirt. Think about it, what happens when such a filter cartridge is recycled and reused? Where are the dirty things and bacteria going?

How to distinguish the quality of the water purifier filter, today to teach you a few tricks, to avoid being fooled!

Filter identification method

Third, regular channel purchase
Whether it is a filter or a machine, it is recommended to go to a regular store authorized by Angel.
Angel’s regular after-sales master, with the filter core to go home to change the core service, please check the tooling badge of the door-to-door master in time, beware of counterfeit personnel

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The water purifier can solve the common problems in these four people.

The water purifier can solve the common problems in these four people.

Solve the secondary pollution of tap water

After the tap water is disinfected by chlorine gas, it can kill viruses and bacteria, but it cannot remove heavy metals and volatile substances. After the long-distance transportation of tap water through the pipeline, it is susceptible to secondary pollution, so people basically choose to boil it and drink it again, but Boiling can only solve the bacterial problem, and can’t solve the problems of sediment, rust, heavy metals, volatile substances and bacteria “corpses”. The water quality of drinking water will not be fundamentally improved, and it will cause serious health hazards.


The best alternative to bottled water

A barrel of water is about 8 to 16 yuan, the cost is high, and this water is a proportion of tap water processed with a large water purifier or pure water machine, there is very little natural mineral water; at the same time, bottled water The shelf life is short, it is open after being connected to the water dispenser, and is easily contaminated by pollutants in the air, so it is not an ideal drinking water solution.

Unlike bottled water, the cost is extremely high

Bottled water is listed as daily water by a few wealthy families, but its cost is too high, and the bottled water is clean water, lacking trace elements and minerals. Long-term drinking is not suitable for human health, and its effect may not be like a water purifier.


Meet the standard of raw drinks, the cost is extremely low

The water purifier can effectively separate and remove various pollutants, such as bacteria, residual chlorine, heavy metals, volatile substances, rust, sediment and other impurities and harmful substances in the water, and the cost is much lower than that of bottled water. Good, good water quality, is the ideal drinking water solution for the family.

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Do not buy the water purifier! The reason is…

Do not buy the water purifier! The reason is…

Is the boss cheap?

Is it cheaper than this?

Is there anything cheaper?

This is what we often encounter;

When we come up with cheap products, the next question will appear;

What is the difference between this and that?

What about quality?

How long can the cheapest be kept?

This should not be a problem?

The old ancestors said: “One point, one price”

Authentic beef can never sell the price of cabbage;

The water purifier is the same, many people choose the water purifier;

Will value some gifts other than water purifiers, etc.;

But in the end, I found that the quality of the water purifier is not good, and I can’t say it;

In fact, one thing that the water purifier is most afraid of is this;

Yes, it is the water hammer effect;

This is a very terrible existence;

Some products are low in price, so they must be based on cost;

For example, the filter bottles, pipe fittings and pipes in our water purifier. .

These are all very important components of a water purifier;

Image from the book “Water Purifier Dictionary”

The wall thickness is different and the pressure is different;

This is the simplest example;

In reality, there are also many consumers who choose some non-standard products because they are cheap.

The resulting problems can only be compensated and undertaken by themselves;

If the filter element has insufficient pressure, or the filter element has too much water pressure, it will cause water leakage.

Quick joints and water pipes can not be trivial, water pressure is large, leading to water leakage

The water inlet tee is too bad, can not withstand the high water pressure at night, causing damage and leakage

So when choosing a water purifier, don’t be tempted to be cheap;

Be sure to choose a regular brand;

Choose a brand with excellent quality;

Avoid economic losses and economic disputes caused by wrong choices;

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Why buy a water purifier?

Why buy water purifier?

Regarding the water purifier, in fact, when we are planning the renovation, we should consider whether or not to install it. If you want to install a water purifier, the most beautiful decoration method is to install it under the sink.
Then we need to install another socket under the sink, and if the water purifier is installed later, it may only be installed on the sink, which will affect the appearance.

Back to the topic, then what we want to discuss this time is, do you want to install a water purifier at home?
Some people feel that it is not necessary, the water flowing out of the water looks very clean, but some people will suggest that you install it, or if you want to install it, let’s take a detailed investigation.

Is the city water not clean?
The water sources for urban water use are reservoirs, rivers, etc. These water sources need to be purified by the waterworks and then transported to various households. The purification process includes sedimentation, filtration, adsorption, and disinfection.
Not to mention whether there will be a lot of impurities or bacteria in the waterworks. The last one, we all know that the water in the water pipes is chlorine.
In addition, we will look at the transportation channel of tap water. The water pipes of the waterworks are not changed for many years, and they will not clean the water pipes. These pipes will accumulate some impurities and bacteria for a long time.
In addition, there are still many old communities and still, use metal pipes. These metal pipes are already rusted, and there may be some rusty particles in the water pipes of their own homes.
Therefore, even if the water coming out of the waterworks is clean, then through these channels, after thousands of households, there will be various hidden problems.

Let’s look at the water plant again. Although the environmental protection pipe is stricter, there are still many water sources that have suffered certain pollution. Some of these heavy metal ions and other pollutants are not easily removed from the waterworks, so the waterworks are inside. Water, there may be some pollution.

The performance of serious pollution of tap water in the home
Usually, when we use water, we may not notice anything at all.
However, if you do not use it for a long time, if you suddenly open the faucet, if the water flowing out at this time is turbid, then your tap water has already suffered some pollution.

The necessity of purchasing a water purifier
Therefore, from the above point of view, basically, the tap water in many cities will suffer a certain degree of pollution. When we look at the water purifier, the merchants may say it is more serious, but it is not unreasonable.
According to different filter grades, the water purifier can be divided into multi-stage water purifiers, such as pp cotton, granular activated carbon, sintered activated carbon, RO membrane, and post-activated carbon.
The purified tap water can reach a higher level of hygiene and protect the family from water pollution such as large particle impurities and heavy metal ions.

The filter replacement frequency of the water purifier can be as low as four months and as many as two or three years. Some households may use a four-month water purifier. When the filter element is replaced, it can be clearly seen. Impurities, this time, you may think that the water purifier installation comparison value.
In the end, for most families, water purifiers are more necessary.
Because we need to drink a lot of water every day, and the quality of water will affect our health. If conditions permit, we recommend that you install a water purifier.

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How to deal with the smell of water in the water purifier? The right medicine is the key

How to deal with the smell of water in the water purifier? The right medicine is the key

As people’s requirements for quality of life are getting higher and higher, many people nowadays will consider decorating a water purifier in their home life. After all, everyone knows that the current water pollution is still very serious.

However, when using a water purifier, many people will encounter such a problem, that is, the water from the water purifier will have an odor, so what should we do if we encounter this situation?

Don’t worry, today Xiaobian takes you to understand the reason, the right medicine is the key!

The filter element is dirty or has reached the end of its life.

If our water purifiers are not used for a long time, it may be caused by dirty filter elements.

Therefore, it should be cleaned and reused. If you don’t, you can contact the after-sales service personnel. Of course, this is the case, that is, the life of the filter element has arrived, and everyone can replace it in time.

Not used for a long time

If this happens, it will also cause the water in the water purifier to smell bad. Because there is no one in the family for a while, the water purifier will not be used. If the used filter element is stopped in the middle and then used again, it will appear. The water in the water purifier has an odor.

Choosing a good brand is very important

If the water purifier can’t find the cause of the water, it may be related to the quality of the water dispenser. Before purchasing the water purifier, it is recommended that you choose a water purifier brand with reliable quality and complete after-sales service.

This also avoids frequent loss of filter quality or the use of a water purifier.

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Recommended use of water purifier

Recommended use of water purifier

As for the water purifier, it should have a history of more than ten years. As the Wanfeng brand, why has there been a product of water purifiers, but it has never been widely promoted to the market? This is due to various factors. of.
People who have worked in chemical production or have studied chemistry carefully know that the surface of carbon particles has the function of adsorbing particles. Then the real principle of the water purifier is here. Many groups in the society boast magical water purifiers, and then they are desperately premium or participate in cheap gifts to entice consumers, a water purifier sells sky-high prices. As a brand development strategy, we absolutely cannot do such a thing.
The water quality after the five-pole filtration of the water purifier is indeed very good and is the standard for achieving pure water. However, according to China’s national conditions, long-term drinking of pure water will greatly reduce the individual’s immunity, and there is no real help for health. Moreover, every ton of tap water can only produce one ton of purified water, and two tons are waste water, causing a large loss of water resources.
If fake or inferior goods appear in the market or go through the streets, the products that are promoted by the assembly will probably be unqualified products, especially the quality of plastics, which may cause harm to the body.
Water purifier products, because there are multi-channel sales links, there are also problems of overcapacity, the product design of each factory, business is not the same, the quality of after-sales accessories and accessories are a series of problems.
Collecting the above factors, the Wanfeng brand’s water purifier has been in an obscure state.
We believe that a house must be used for clean water in the true sense. After many years of improved testing of German technology, the following recommendations are recommended:
1. Use the method of entering the household water, only need to wash the filter element frequently, no need to replace the filter element, which greatly helps to extend the service life of household water heaters, faucets, triangle valves and showers. (The following figure)

2. Use the ultimate version of the Wanfeng water purifier (below)

Advantages comparison: 1. No motherboard controller. 2. No power requirements. 3. No pumping booster equipment. 4. No pressurized barrel. 5, ultimately will not produce any after-sales service needs. 6. The purified water quality meets the national standard for mineral water, and healthy particles are not lacking. 7, no waste water, will not cause the loss of water resources. 8. Installation and use of the original metal pipe will not cause secondary pollution to the water quality. 9. The water flow pressure is clear at a glance. 10, the amount of water is more than five times that of ordinary water purifiers.
In summary, a rational choice of water purification equipment can really help healthy drinking water.

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Is there any use of the water purifier? Four steps to understand the truth

Is there any use of the water purifier? Four steps to understand the truth

The brands and types of water purifiers on the market are so dazzling that consumers are not only questioning: Are these water purifiers really useful? What does it purify?

Let’s take a look at the details below with Xiaobian. Even if the water source is pure water, from the water source to the household faucet, and not to mention the pollution of tall buildings and underground reservoirs, there are several kinds of pollution that are inevitable:

First, rust
The water is transported by a galvanized iron pipe, and water and iron are oxidized to form red iron oxide, which further oxidizes to form black ferric oxide. Pipes in new buildings are more susceptible to oxidation. Almost everyone has this experience. The faucet is turned on for the first time every morning, and the red material in the effluent is rust.

Iron is an essential element of the human body, but as one of the indicators of drinking water, the iron content per liter of water must not exceed 0.3 mg.
If the naked eye can distinguish the color of rust in the water or can taste the taste of rust, then the iron content in the water is greatly exceeded, the iron content exceeds the standard, not only the perception, poor taste, long-term drinking, will increase the burden on the kidney, leading to the endocrine system disorders, high blood pressure and other diseases.
Second, lead and other heavy metals
During the transportation process, there will be a lot of heavy metals such as lead dissolved in the water. Long-term drinking will increase the burden on the liver and kidneys of the human body, and easily cause diseases in the liver, kidney, heart, and nervous system.

Third, chlorine
Chlorine is a strong oxidizing agent with a pungent odor and a mouthfeel. Chlorine is a tap water disinfectant widely used internationally.
The residual chlorine is chlorinated and disinfected. After a certain period of contact, the amount of chlorine remaining in the water. According to international requirements, the safety of residual chlorine is the end of the pipe network (at the household tap) should be kept at 0.05 mg/liter of water to control the growth of bacteria in the transportation process, so the city supply tap water contains residual chlorine.

Fourth, bacteria
Whether it is surface water or groundwater as a source of water, bacteria and E. coli in tap water can be said to be ubiquitous. Water is the source of life. The water contains nutrients, and the water has relative thermal stability, thus providing an excellent environment for the growth and reproduction of various bacteria.

Is water purifier useful?
A water purifier is a product that removes suspended solids from water and organic compounds, inorganic compounds, heavy metals, bacteria that are harmful to the human body, and retains the vector elements and minerals required by the human body. The water treated by the water purifier, although apparently no different from the original water, has undergone significant changes in water quality.

The working principle of the water purifier is to purify the water layer by various filter elements to achieve the purpose of removing impurities. The filter element of the water purifier mainly includes a granular activated carbon filter element, a reverse osmosis filter element and a rear activated carbon filter.

The filter element with good material can remove impurities such as sediment, rust, bacteria and suspended solids in the water, remove the odor in the water, and remove metal ions and radioactive substances such as calcium and magnesium in the water to completely purify and soften the water.

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What is the relationship between water purifiers and water pollution?

What is the relationship between water purifiers and water pollution?

Stop the water! There is no water at home. . .

It’s coming, the water is so turbid, it’s disgusting. . .

But why does the water in the house usually look like there is no problem;

And when it comes to water, it will become filthy after coming back to the water?

First, let’s take a look at a short video from CCTV. This will give us the answer.

Our pipes are also the same as the water tanks. Usually, a small number of impurities will flow into our homes;

However, when the water is stopped, the water pressure becomes larger when the water is supplied; then the impurities previously deposited in the pipeline are washed out, thereby causing the water in the house to become smashed!

Another is that sediment and other substances enter the water because of the rupture of the water supply pipeline;

Of course, the tap water pipeline should be cleaned regularly, otherwise, the tap water in the home is even more terrible;

In fact, our water will be polluted more or less after passing through pipelines and water towers;

Just look at the frequency of cleaning, and the amount of impurities in the water is less;

Tap water is a necessary source of water for our family’s life if this water source cannot be guaranteed;

Then our health will be threatened!

Is the water purifier needed?


Because we have no way to effectively solve the secondary pollution problem of tap water.
Water; as the source of life, is a precious resource for human survival and development. Our lives are inseparable from water resources, and all chemical reactions taking place in the human body are carried out using water as a medium. Without water, nutrients cannot be absorbed; oxygen cannot be delivered to the desired site; nutrients cannot reach its site of action; waste cannot be discharged; metabolism will stop.

Water pollution, the use-value of water caused by harmful chemicals is reduced or lost, polluting the environment. Acids, alkalis, oxidants in sewage, and compounds such as copper, cadmium, mercury, arsenic, organic poisons such as benzene, dichloroethane and ethylene glycol will poison aquatic organisms and affect drinking water sources and scenic spots. When the organic matter in the sewage is decomposed by microorganisms, the oxygen in the water is consumed, which affects the life of the aquatic organism. After the dissolved oxygen in the water is exhausted, the organic matter undergoes anaerobic decomposition to generate an unpleasant gas such as hydrogen sulfide or mercaptan, which further deteriorates the water quality. Water pollution is really there. Even if you don’t look at water pollution reports or news about water pollution, you can’t guarantee that the water you drink every day is clean. Humans can no longer hide their ears.

So what is the relationship between water purifiers and water pollution?

Due to the development of society, the destruction of human activities has seriously polluted the water on the earth, and people’s domestic water has attracted serious pollution. According to the survey, one-third of households worldwide have difficulty using water every year. There are 45 million people who are assessed to suffer from water pollution each year and continue to grow each year. The number of deaths due to water pollution is 30 million, most of them children. For China, most cities have water safety hazards. In recent years, factories have gradually shifted to rural areas, and some rural drinking water problems have been seriously polluted. Therefore, the health hazard of water pollution is imminent and must be resolved.

Water pollution has prompted the birth of water purifiers. Water purifiers can be said to be essential household appliances to ensure the safety and hygiene of household water in this era of pollution. According to the principle of filtration, the water purifier can filter the tap water from the filter through the filter, which can effectively remove acid, alkali, oxidant, copper, cadmium, mercury, arsenic and other compounds, benzene, dichloroethane, Organic poisons such as ethylene glycol; sediment, rust, bacteria, etc. in ordinary water can be easily removed.

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High quality water purifier, this is the right choice.

High quality water purifier, this is the right choice.

Water is the source of life, and it is only when there is water.

Normal people have about 70% water, and the importance of water to the human body is self-evident.

With environmental changes and the development of modern technology, more and more families choose to install household water purifiers to protect the safety and health of their family’s drinking water.

According to the sampling inspection by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine in 2017, a total of 109 batches of water purifier products produced by 107 enterprises in 9 provinces (cities) were inspected. After inspection, the detection rate of unqualified products was 34.9%. More than 30% failed. [1]

There are so many brands of water purifiers, and the quality of the products is uneven. How can we choose a high-quality water purifier?

While understanding the concept and technology of water purifiers, the quality assurance of third-party certification is also very important.

EU drinking water standards
Everyone knows that in many EU countries, tap water in taps can be directly consumed. It can be seen that the EU countries have high control over drinking water safety. If the water quality filtered by a water purifier can meet the EU drinking water standards, it will reflect the excellent filtration effect of the water purifier.

NSF certification
In addition to water quality in line with EU drinking water standards, there is a leading international independent NSF for certification and testing of water quality and food safety products.

Founded in 1944, NSF was selected by the World Health Organization as a collaborative center for drinking water safety and treatment.

NSF’s testing and certification of water purifiers is very demanding. It also conducts periodic inspections of inspection product brands and maintains follow-up supervision of manufacturers. It can be said to be “lifelong” supervision.

Obtained the NSF certification, which represents the international recognition of water purifier products and is a strong proof of quality products.

WQA Gold Seal
There is also a high-quality symbol and logo in the field of water purifier products, that is, the WQA (American Water Quality Association) gold seal.
Olansi meets all the above requirements

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The water purifier is a display? After reading you, you are silent!

The water purifier is a display? After reading you, you are silent!

The importance of water to human health, I am afraid everyone can say one or two. However, our daily tap water has experienced too many cruel flaws in the processing, rust, heavy metals, pesticides, dyes… and various viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms, even after boiling, simple sterilization Chloride and heavy metals in the water will not decrease. Therefore, it is very important to filter the water and drink it.
However, the filter kettle is slow to filter, the RO water purifier is bulky, the installation is troublesome, the price is high, the faucet water purifier is more friendly, the purification is quick, the price is close to the people, the volume is still small… except that the purification effect is not known, everything looks They are perfect. In order to answer the doubts and confusions in everyone’s mind, today we will test and monitor the faucet water purifier.
The packaging looks very textured. The water purifier looks like a camera lens. At first glance, it is super technical, and the middle LED lights are very cool.
The fittings for all kinds of faucets are all in line, 3 internal thread adapters and 1 external thread adapter, which can match the various thread taps that are common in the market. There is also a separate monitor cover that can be attached to the adapter when the filter is removed.
Remove the bubbler of the faucet and gently rotate it up. It is more labor-saving than installing the bulb, it does not occupy the place, it is light and easy to carry, and it can be brought together on a business trip.
After opening the one-eye intelligent monitoring faucet water purifier, then turn on the Bluetooth of the mobile phone, the “One Eye” APP will automatically search and match.
Of course, it is definitely not only because it is convenient, after all, there are many products of the same type on the market. I value its water purification technology and its own monitoring module. The two functions are two of its biggest highlights. It is said that after the filtration, the detection module of the palm of the hand can accurately detect various data in the water, and score the water quality, so that you have a number before you drink.
Its filter element is also full of black technology. The activated carbon fiber + ion exchange fiber selected for the one-screen composite filter has a large micropore content, a narrow pore size distribution and a surface area twice that of the ordinary filter element, which means that the filtration capacity is stronger and the purification effect is obtained. How to know it.
Turn on the faucet and in the original water state, the TOC, TDS, turbidity and temperature data in the water are detected in a few seconds, and the four-color LED lamp is used to indicate the quality of the water. Turn the switch to the side and turn on the clean water. The tap water comes out of the faucet and is filtered through a multi-brand composite filter. Then it is clean and healthy water. The LED light turns green instantly. This purification effect is obvious~
Raw water, clean water status LED light display
Moreover, these detailed water quality data are uploaded to the mobile app, and the water quality is intelligently scored by the AI ​​big data algorithm. You can see the filtering effect and the quality of the water at a glance based on the monitoring results.
Raw water, water purification APP data comparison
The turbidity and temperature data of water is very simple and clear.
The TOC and TDS sound like an inscrutable look.
Don’t worry, Xiaobian will come to you for science.
TOC refers to the total organic carbon content in water, which is a key indicator of the degree of organic pollution in water. Popular things are pesticide residues, biopharmaceutical residues, antibiotics, fertilizers, petrochemicals and other organic pollutants.
TDS is the total dissolved solids in water. Minerals, soluble salts, ionic organics, heavy metal ions, and calcium and magnesium ions are counted among them. It can also be regarded as one of the reference indicators of the degree of water pollution, but it can not really reflect the quality of the reaction water.
Because a cup of water containing a small amount of pesticide (or disinfectant, pesticide, etc.), compared with a cup of mineral water, TDS may be very small, but the TOC value will change significantly.
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