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Second-hand smoke is equal to chronic suicide. How to do air purification?

Second-hand smoke is equal to chronic suicide. How to do air purification?

European air purifier,air purifier PM2.5,WIFI Air purifier

According to the latest report of the World Health Organization, nearly two-thirds of women of childbearing age in China passively smoke second-hand smoke at home, and more than half of them are exposed to second-hand smoke in the workplace. Experiments have shown that the concentration of PM2.5 produced in a sealed space of 35 square meters exceeds 30 times the normal value. The micro-particles originating from second-hand smoke account for about 90% of the total indoor PM2.5. As long as you can smell the smoke in the room, PM2.5 has already exceeded the standard by at least double. The global death of 24 million people each year is closely related to indoor PM2.5.

Studies have shown that secondhand smoke can lead to adult lung cancer, coronary heart disease, childhood asthma, sudden infant death syndrome. It can also cause many diseases such as adult stroke, childhood brain cancer and lymphoma. Passive smoking can increase the risk of lung cancer by about 20% and the risk of coronary heart disease by about 30%.

For everyone’s health, or hope that everyone smoke less, in order to reduce the harm of second-hand smoke from the source! However, for old smokers, quitting smoking has never been easy. Even American writer Mark Twain said: ‘It is easy to quit smoking. I have already quit a thousand times!’

What should I do if I can’t stop smoking and I don’t want my family to be harmed by second-hand smoke?

Planting green plants

Can plant some potted plants to absorb second-hand smoke to reduce the damage of nicotine to the human body! Such as: Ivy, rich coconut, cyclamen, evergreen and so on.

Use air purifier

If you have a husband or elder who loves smoking at home, you can put an air purifier at home to purify harmful smoke and dirty air inside the room. Note that when selecting an air purifier, you should choose a purifier produced by a regular manufacturer. Inferior products not only have a poor purification effect, but also release harmful gases.

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In the smog, don’t think that the indoor air is cleaner than the outside

In the smog, don’t think that the indoor air is cleaner than the outside

Home Air Purifier,Wifi Air Purifier,Air Purifier with HEPA

Now that it has entered a period of high incidence of smog, people began to experience the pain of breathing. Many people think that the indoor air in the haze is much better than the outdoor. As long as the doors and windows are closed and the house is at home, it can prevent smog. Is that really the case?

1.Is the indoor air better than the outdoor in the fog?

Engineers from the China Academy of Building Research have found through many field measurements that the concentration of PM2.5 in the room is not necessarily lower than that of the outside, due to factors such as smoking and cooking. The measurement found that in the case of no window opening, no smoking or cooking, the concentration of indoor PM2.5 is generally about 30% to 40% lower than the outdoor concentration. For example, if the outdoor is about 500, the indoor temperature is usually about 300-350. Another set of test data shows that some household indoor PM2.5 concentration values ​​are higher than outdoor. One of the households found that the outdoor PM2.5 concentration was 230 μg/m3 and the indoors reached 474 μg/m3 when the door was closed for several days. Therefore, it cannot be said simply that the indoor air in the haze is necessarily better than the outdoor.

2.The source of indoor air pollution

Indoor PM2.5 is affected by many factors. Previously, they also monitored some public places, and the PM2.5 concentration inside was even higher than that of the outdoor. This was caused by many factors. Hou Li’an, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said that the source of indoor PM2.5 is mainly from outdoor pollution sources and indoor pollution sources.

Source 1: Outdoor

When the fog is severe, the window opening is not properly ventilated, and the indoor PM2.5 concentration will rise rapidly. At the same time, in the case of closing the doors and windows, it does not mean that the air flow is isolated. The tiny PM2.5 particles can still run into the house. At the same time, people will carry a variety of fine particles and microorganisms when they go out to their homes.

Source 2: Indoor

In fact, daily activities such as gas burning, kitchen fume, indoor smoking, air conditioning heating, furniture decoration, etc. will bring PM2.5 to the interior. Because the indoor space is small, the probability of producing PM2.5 in a closed room is more obvious than that in the outdoor, so the home is not necessarily absolutely safe at home.

3.How to purify indoor air

In the face of the ‘ten crouching’ environment, how should we properly clean indoor air, effectively suppress indoor PM2.5 pollution, and create a healthy and healthy indoor environment.

1)Properly open the window ventilation

If the fog does not open the window, it can reduce the intrusion of PM2.5. However, long-term indoor ventilation will cause the concentration of carbon dioxide and other exhaust gases to slowly exceed the standard, and the content of microorganisms and bacteria will increase, even more than outdoor air. Not enough, people will feel poor breathing. Therefore, smog days also need to open windows for a short time. The staff of the provincial environmental monitoring station suggested that when the outdoor air pollution is not very serious, avoid the traffic peaks and winds caused by morning and evening. When dust is raised, under the static wind conditions, you can open the window twice a day for 20-40 minutes. If you encounter continuous pollution, you can hang a wet towel near the screen window when ventilation, which can filter and absorb. effect.

2) Raising green plants

Some experts suggest that when outdoor air pollution is serious, you can plant more green plants with relatively strong adsorption capacity on balconies, terraces, indoors, and try to select large leaf plants. Because of the large leaf area and many pores, it can not only adsorb PM2. 5, can also increase the oxygen content of the air. Such as green radish, evergreen, tiger skin, ivy and so on. Since the surface of the plant contains a layer of adsorptive mucus, this mucus has a strong adsorption function for tiny particles. At the same time, plants can also adsorb a small amount of PM2.5 during photosynthesis. Therefore, using natural means such as green plants to help slow indoor PM2.5 pollution is both effective and trouble-free, and can add a green color to the home.

3)Less smoking

Cigarettes, cigars and pipes produce a lot of fine particles in the PM2.5 category when incompletely burned. Tobacco smoke contains more than 7,000 compounds, including 69 carcinogens and 172 harmful substances, which can seriously harm the smoker itself. And the physical health of the inhaled ‘secondhand smoke’ audience is even worse in the ashes. Therefore, smokers should smoke as little as possible, whether they are going out or staying indoors.

4)Choose the air purifier

A good air purifier has a good adsorption effect on PM2.5 and can play a certain purification role. The core of the air purifier is the filter. If you want to filter PM2.5 particles, the best internationally recognized HEPA high-efficiency filtration technology can effectively suppress allergens in the air, such as dust, pollen, germs, second-hand smoke, dust. Such as small particles, the purification rate for particles of 0.3 microns is 99.97%. If it is used to filter cigarettes, the effect of filtration can be almost 100%, because the size of the particles in the cigarette is between 0.5 and 2 microns, and the membrane cannot pass through the HEPA filter. For the purchase of air purifiers, please click here to view the product content of our station.

5)Light diet, soot filtration and discharge

Cooking fumes also have a small contribution to PM2.5. Cooking, frying, frying, roasting, etc. will cause indoor PM2.5 to soar, so when cooking, replace with cold, steamed, boiled, marinated, etc. It is possible to control the oil temperature not to exceed 200 °C.

When selecting a range hood, the inner row hood should be considered more, because the hood type hood only discharges the exhaust gas directly to the outside after a simple soot separation, which is very harmful to the collective environment. The inner-row hood also uses a filter to absorb harmful gases after the soot is separated, and then discharges the purified gas. At the same time, the range hood should be opened early and closed, and the kitchen window should be ventilated.

6)Do indoor cleaning and personal hygiene

Wipe the tables and chairs with water in the house and mop the floor, because the humid air helps to reduce dust and fine particles floating in the air. In addition, the use of a humidifier, the placement of towels on the heater, the cleaning of sheets, pillows, etc. with a wet towel are all desirable methods of absorbing fine dust. In addition, use air fresheners or cleaning products as little as possible, including aldehydes, benzenes and other pollutants.

After going out to the room, you should wash your face, rinse your mouth, clean your nose, and remove the contaminated residue attached to your body. This will minimize the adverse effects of smog on health. It is best to use warm water when washing your face, which is good for washing off the particles on your face. When cleaning the nasal cavity, you can use a clean cotton swab to wash the water repeatedly, or repeatedly use the nose to gently absorb water and quickly rub your nose, while avoiding coughing. In addition to facial cleansing, the exposed parts of the body are also cleaned.

7)Replace the closed door and window

Under the influence of outdoor bad weather, tiny particles will enter the room through poorly sealed doors and windows, which is an important way to generate indoor PM2.5. The use of more airtight doors and windows is conducive to the reduction of indoor pollution values. Therefore, when replacing the doors and windows, it is necessary to choose a good airtightness, and the sound insulation and dust can be obtained in one fell swoop. The sliding window is more airtight than the casement window. When replacing, try to choose the casement window.

Olansi Healthcare  Industry  portable air purifier is willing to work with more families to further study and manage family indoor issues and contribute to more family health.

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I want to know why the air is particularly bad today?

I want to know why the air is particularly bad today?

Air purifier 2019,Air purifier desktop,wifi air purifier

Why is the concentration of PM2.5 today so much higher than usual? Why does the morning look foggy, and at noon the air is getting better? Why is there a continuous smog in the winter, but the summer is clear? Want to know which factors affect the concentration of PM2.5, you may find the answer from this article.

The main source of PM2.5 comes from human production and life. From the current pollution source results released by the provinces, coal, motor vehicle exhaust, industrial pollution, and dust are the main sources of PM2.5. In addition, other emissions such as straw and garbage burning, food fume, livestock and poultry farming, architectural coating and sea salt particles also contribute to PM2.5. In addition to pollution sources, meteorological and topographic conditions will also have an important impact on urban air quality.

Pollution source discharge

PM2.5 emissions are divided into primary and secondary sources. Primary pollution sources are mainly PM2.5 particles directly produced by fossil fuels (oil, coal, etc.), biomass fuels (straws, wood), and dust. The secondary pollution sources are mainly PM2.5 particles produced by fossils, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) produced by biomass fuel combustion, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, hydrocarbons, nitrates, etc., which are combined with particles in the atmosphere through chemical reactions. .

For a certain area, the distribution of its pollution sources is generally fixed, and the pollutant discharge is relatively fixed, and there will be no obvious changes in a short period of time. However, with the change of seasons and changes in human production and life, the contribution of some pollution sources to PM2.5 will also fluctuate to varying degrees.

1.Heating coal during heating period

In winter, the concentration of local pollutants is high and the intensity is high. Especially in the northern regions, the temperature is low. Coal heating is used, coal consumption is significantly increased, and soot dust, nitrogen oxides and sulfur oxides are emitted in the inversion layer. It accumulates under the weather and forms a large amount of particulate matter through atmospheric reactions. This is also one of the important reasons for the high PM2.5 concentration in winter.

2.Increased vehicle exhaust emissions

Compared with summer, due to the lower temperature in winter, the gas pressure and temperature of the working cycle of the automobile engine are not high, the burning speed of the mixed gas is slowed down, or the low-speed operation of the traffic jam engine is encountered, the fuel combustion is insufficient, and the exhaust emissions of the vehicle are increased. As a result, emissions of PM2.5 and its precursors (sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, VOCs, etc.) increase. The peak of daily commute is also the period of highest PM2.5 concentration in one day.


There is also a “contribution” of sandstorms in the PM2.5 concentration in the north. Although the main component of the sandstorm is PM10 particulate matter, it also contains a part of PM2.5. At the same time, strong wind blows a large amount of dust and dust on the ground and is caught in the air, combined with sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and other gases in the air. Accelerate the formation of secondary particulate matter PM2.5.

4.Straw burning

North China, Northeast Spring and Autumn, southwest, and the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River in summer and autumn are the harvesting period of crops. At this time, burning straw has become the biggest threat to air quality pollution. When the straw is incinerated, the atmospheric sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and PM2.5 index will reach a high peak, in which the concentration of sulfur dioxide is twice as high as usual, and the concentration of nitrogen dioxide and PM2.5 is three times higher than usual. These harmful particles are extremely easy to sink, and the local ground has a large humidity, and the water vapor is sufficient, and sinking to the ground forms a haze.

Straw burning is not the main source of air pollution. From the national level, it produces less than 5% of PM2.5. However, since the straw is concentrated and burned in one or two days, on the day when the pollution is the heaviest, the PM2.5 produced by straw burning may account for 30% and 40% of the PM2.5 in the air.

5.Food fume

Although food fume is not the main source of PM2.5, it certainly contributes to PM2.5, but the proportion is relatively small. Chinese people are used to cooking, frying, frying, roasting, etc., and it is easy to make a large number of soot aerosols. Even in many parts of China, the tradition of using coal and firewood to cook rice is still maintained. The resulting pollution emissions are indeed factors that cannot be underestimated in air pollution.

The impact of food fume on air pollution is more obvious in summer. According to statistics from the Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, cooking sources accounted for 15% to 20% of PM2.5 pollution sources in Beijing’s urban areas during the summer. Eating barbecue seems to have become part of the summer night life of the citizens. However, due to the lack of standardized management and exhaust equipment, the open-air barbecue is mostly charcoal. When cooking, it will release a lot of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and oil mist, and in the air. The dust combines to form PM2.5 particles.

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Indoor smoke is an ongoing health threat

                                                                                                  Indoor smoke is an ongoing health threat

Indoor smoke is an ongoing health threat to the 3 billion people who cook and heat their homes by burning biomass, kerosene, and coal. Air pollution has been linked to higher rates of cancer, heart disease, stroke, and respiratory diseases such as asthma. In the U.S. nearly 134 million people—over 40 percent of the population—are at risk of disease and premature death because of air pollution, according to American Lung Association estimates.

While those effects emerge from long-term exposure, air pollution can also cause short-term problems such as sneezing and coughing, eye irritation, headaches, and dizziness. Particulate matter smaller than 10 micrometers (classified as PM10 and the even smaller PM2.5) pose higher health risks because they can be breathed deeply into the lungs and may cross into the bloodstream.

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