Talking about air purifier fan motor housing grounding

Talking about air purifier fan motor housing grounding

Regarding whether the air conditioner fan motor is grounded is a problem that many manufacturers and testing organizations are very concerned about. This problem has been around for a long time, and the debate has emerged. In fact, the problem of grounding and insulation is carefully analyzed, and this problem is solved. “Safety of Household and Similar Electrical Appliances Part 1: General Requirements” The additional insulation, reinforced insulation and grounding measures mentioned in the national standards are the main measures for household appliances to prevent consumers from electric shock. The additional insulation is an effective shielding to prevent the user from directly contacting the accidental charged metal parts, thereby protecting the user’s safety; the grounding is a metal part that is accessible to the consumer, and when accidentally becomes a live part, current flows into the earth, thereby protecting the use. There is no risk of electric shock.

In general, the additional insulation is waterproofing the dam, and the grounding is to clean the channel. The purpose is to protect the user’s life and property from damage. In this way, it is not difficult to understand the grounding effect of the metal parts in the household appliance. From this perspective, there is no dispute that the fan motor casing and the like should be grounded. The grounding of the best air purifier affordable fan motor housing is discussed below in the standard specific terms. problem.

Article 27.1 of GB 4706.1-2005 clearly states that in case of insulation failure, the accessible metal parts of Class 0I and Class I appliances that are electrically charged shall be permanently and reliably connected to a grounding terminal in the appliance or the grounding contact of the appliance input socket point.
The standard requirement means that the metal parts in the appliance that satisfy the following three conditions must be grounded.
1. Parts of Class 0I or Class I appliances;
2. Metal parts that are accessible to the user;
3. Insulation failure may become a metal part of a live part.
For the designer of the enterprise and the tester of the testing technology, according to the above three conditions, it can be determined whether the metal parts of the product should be grounded. The first two conditions of the three conditions are not difficult to understand, and the third insulation failure may become a live part. The insulation failure mentioned here refers to the failure of the basic insulation. The additional insulation and reinforced insulation in GB 4706.1-2005 are not allowed to fail. That is to say, the accessible metal parts separated from the live parts by additional insulation or reinforced insulation are not protected by grounding. It relies on insulation protection. It should be assessed whether the additional insulation or reinforced insulation meets the relevant provisions of the standard.

It is worth noting that some testers often impose their will on the products being tested during the test, regardless of whether the idea is correct or not. Whether the product meets the requirements should be based on the test results, that is, to find out the design or manufacturing problems through testing. Therefore, the tester should use the actual test result of the prototype as the basis for determining whether it is qualified. The grounding measures are reliable and effective, and the test confirmation of 27.2, 27.3, 27.4, and 27.5 is required. For the ungrounded accessible metal parts, the effectiveness of insulation between the live parts and the live parts should be evaluated. If the electrical strength and leakage current do not meet the standard requirements, it is judged as unqualified.

In short, to determine whether the grounding measures meet the standard requirements should be divided into two parts, first determine the correctness of the grounding system through visual inspection, and then determine the effectiveness and reliability of the grounding system through relevant tests.

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