The air purifier is better for micro electrostatic cleaning.

The air purifier is better for micro electrostatic cleaning.

Every winter, PM2.5 is almost explosion in most parts of the North. On November 8, 2014, Shenyang, Liaoning Province even reached 1400 μg/m3. The government has called on the public to minimize outdoor activities. The highway was once closed due to smog. The dangers of smog can be seen.

It is in this environment that the air purification industry was detonated. Air purification products are mainly divided into two major categories: medium purification and electronic purification.

Media cleaning requires regular replacement of the filter, which is expensive to maintain at a later stage.

There are two kinds of electronic purification: electrostatic dust removal and micro static electricity. Electrostatic dust removal will produce ozone. For people who are often indoors, there will be certain harm; while micro-static will not produce ozone, and there is no need to change the filter regularly, and the maintenance cost is very low.
Aiyoute is a technology-based enterprise mainly based on micro-static. The slogan of Aiyoute is “can breathe deeply”. It not only purifies the air with high efficiency, but more importantly, it does not need to replace the filter. The maintenance cost is very low, and the product installation is also low. Very convenient. Beijing Benz Center is taking advantage of these micro-static advantages and signed a supply contract with Aiyoute.

In the future, the air purification industry will focus on user use and portability. Micro-electrostatic purification technology is a qualitative improvement for the field of air purification. It will surely break the existing technological monopoly of the traditional purification industry and achieve rapid growth.

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