The analysis of mini air purifiers which cost-effective which brand is good?


air purifier manufacturers whole house air cleaner became the home appliance industry, “the new favorite”, air purifier is not only practical, stylish appearance of the product is reflected in the quality of life. Air purifier manufacturers to meet the needs of consumers in many ways to produce a wide range of portable ionizer oxygen bar products, from small volume of automotive cleaner to large volume of household, industrial purification products are numerous. The market began to cohabitation, consumers often because of the lack of understanding of the air purifier and deceived. Today, the author for everyone to analyze the most popular on the market, the most cost-effective a purification products – OLANSI K04 home air purifier.

OLANSI K04 as the latest king of the cost-effective, simple from the appearance of view, the Australian Rock K04 is clearly different, lightweight body fusion of a variety of fashion elements, in many ordinary second-hand smoke absorber products Will “temperament” the meaning of the most incisive. Simple yet elegant, low-key without losing the connotation.

OLANSI  K04 main cost-effective, 6-fold filter purification, not only can effectively remove more than 99% of the air allergens and bacteria, but also effective adsorption degradation of formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, TVOC and other harmful pollutants. Professional research and development of the sixth generation HEPA peptidic bacteria NANO filtration, AC efficient activated carbon, honeycomb photocatalyst filtration technology, can be more accurate to the air pollutants to capture, remove the indoor PM2.5, formaldehyde, haze and other substances easy.

In addition, the largest highlight of the OLANSI K04 is the control panel and dual sensor design, the use of efficient touch button settings, with dual sensors (TVOC, dust sensor), can quickly capture the test data, and three-color light with real-time display of air Quality, so that the effect of purification at a glance. The control panel is fully functional, including negative ions, UV function selection, timer shutdown function, and wind speed adjustment, the product from the details, intelligent human nature.

OLANSI K04 in addition to human design, intelligent and sensitive, the biggest bright spot lies in its product design. Through the introduction of China imported DC motor, can greatly reduce the vibration noise, precision components of the perfect collection, reduce the gap collision and friction frequency, so that the motor at high speed at the same time, the noise to a minimum, so that consumers in the course of use More comfortable and comfortable.

Summary: OLANSI K04 healthy air purifier as the appearance of fashion and elegant, “talented” cost-effective products, purely OLANSI is the international brand of customer support to reduce its price. OLANSI K04 from the overall effect of purification and user-friendly design point of view, make people refreshing, Australia Rock K04 can be said that the air purifier industry art, it is worth buying.

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