The basic types of fruit and vegetable machine

The basic types of fruit and vegetable machine

According to the core technology of fruit and vegetable machine, the current fruit and vegetable washing machine is mainly divided into three types.
Type: ozone sterilization, ultrasonic cleaning, plasma sterilization and fruit and vegetable machine.
The first category: fruit and vegetable machine (also known as oxygen detoxification machine) using ozone sterilization
Market price: between 80-150 USD
Ozone sterilization fruit and vegetable machine principle: We all know that ozone is at normal temperature and pressure
Unstable structure, it will decompose into oxygen and a single oxygen atom by itself; and the oxygen atom has a strong
Active, has a strong oxidation of bacteria, destroys it, and the excess oxygen atoms will
Recombined into a common oxygen atom, there is no toxic residue, so it is called a non-polluting disinfectant.
So when the fruit and vegetable machine is in operation, the ozone generator produces ozone, which is stinky by the ozone pump.
The oxygen tube is transported to the washing tub of the vegetable washing machine, is in contact with the water machine in the washing tub, and is dissolved in the water.
Form ozone water to achieve sterilization, disinfection, degradation of pesticides and removal of residual substances on the surface of fruits and vegetables
Effect. According to reports, ozone-eliminable bacteria include hepatitis virus, E. coli, and green
Bacillus, bacteria, etc., and also very effective against chlortetracycline.
But I have to say that the ozone sterilization fruit and vegetable washing machine also has certain disadvantages: such as ozone
Irritating to human respiratory mucosa; ozone is a strong oxidant, the higher the concentration, the more damage the item
Heavy, can make the copper sheet appear green rust, rubber aging, discoloration, elasticity so that it becomes brittle,
Breaking, bleaching and fading the fabric. Therefore, care should be taken to avoid the ozone disinfection of these items.
Also, keep the machine as far away as possible, and remember to place the machine when not in use.
Places that children cannot reach.
The second category: fruit and vegetable machine with ultrasonic cleaning
Market price: between 150-300 USD
Ultrasonic cleaning sterilization fruit and vegetable machine principle: sound pressure drama when ultrasonic waves propagate in liquid
It causes strong cavitation and emulsification of liquids, generating millions of tiny cavitations per second.
Bubbles, which are rapidly and massively produced under the action of sound pressure, and are not violently blasted.
Produces powerful impact and negative suction, which promotes the peeling of dirt and achieves a clean effect.
Disadvantages of ultrasonic fruit and vegetable machine: Ultrasonic itself does not have sterilization function, usually
In case, the ultrasonic cleaning sterilizing fruit and vegetable washing machine is usually equipped with an active oxygen generator.
The sterilization effect is completed and the cost of manufacture is relatively high. This is also because ultrasound technology is more widely
Used in industry, suitable for some products that are particularly small and have high requirements for cleanliness, such as watches and clocks.
Cleaning of precision mechanical parts, electronic components, circuit board components, etc.
At the same time, the noise pollution during ultrasonic cleaning is heavier.

The third category: fruit and vegetable machine using plasma sterilization
Market price: above 300 US dollars
Principle of plasma sterilization fruit and vegetable machine: water treatment technology is used to accelerate oxygen and hydrogen ions
Activation, converting them into plasma form to produce hydroxyl groups, in the case of non-thermal energy
Decompose, disinfect and purify organic and non-organic materials, leaving harmless by-products such as water and water
Disadvantages of plasma-sterilized fruit and vegetable machines: although plasma sterilization ability is stronger than stinky
Oxygen sterilization, and avoid the negative effects of ozone disinfection, but the ability to clean plasma
Weak. Moreover, the cost of the plasma type fruit and vegetable washing machine is the highest.

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