The choice of air purifier is so reassuring.

The choice of air purifier is so reassuring.

The word smog has appeared frequently in our lives, which has caused people to heat up the corresponding home breathing health problems.

The ensuing topic about air purifiers is also endless. For example What brand is good? What performance is good to buy? Is it useful? How can I see the purification effect? ……

Today, we don’t discuss how serious indoor air pollution is, how much harm it will bring to family health. This is a lot of questions about Baidu’s search. Let’s share with you a few of you, me, and he will actually go. Consider the question, talk about whether the air purifier should be chosen this way.

@over 60 years old
“Understanding your son’s filial piety is whether it is useful or not. I can’t see it.”

Aunt Zhang is over 60 years old, and her son is working outside. She lives with her husband and lives a life of worry-free life. She is very accepting of the current smart and convenient home appliances, and sometimes sighs from time to time, with them, their own small life has become better and better. But when she talked about the air purifier that her son bought for her, she also said her own voice: “My son always blames me for not opening the indoor air purifier at home. In fact, I just think that it is useless and invisible after opening. Like the water heater has a temperature display, I know that the water is hot; unlike the vacuum cleaner, the dirty things are sucked clean, the effect can be seen at a glance. The air in the home can not be seen, the air purifier is open I don’t know what effect it has, so I feel useless and I can’t think of it.”

@ novice mother
“I understand that the air purifier is effective, but if I can see it, I am more at ease.”

The novice mother, Xiao Gu, pays great attention to family health issues, especially after having a baby. In addition to understanding a lot of theoretical knowledge, Xiao Gu is also very good at using them in their own lives, especially for the creation of home life, whether it is the environment, decoration, utensils, etc., even indoor air, drinking water, noise, etc. There are a set of questions that are closely related to health. When it comes to air purifiers, Xiao Gu said: “There are many indoor air problems. The harm of particulate matter, formaldehyde, harmful gases, viruses, etc. will exist for a long time. For the baby and family to breathe health, I know very well that it is necessary to use air purifiers. However, I especially want to see how the current purification effect is when the air purifier is turned on and to master the indoor air quality. After all, I can see more peace of mind.”

@ data tester
“To be able to feedback a variety of air indexes, I am sure to buy one of these air purifiers.”

As a data tester, Xiao Chen seems to bring more benefits to people’s lives than others. Before staying in the newly renovated new house, it is also to open the window and ventilate and use various methods to remove the aldehyde. Buying air purifier has become one of Xiao Chen’s must-have lessons. Xiao Chen said: “In order to make the air in the home better, the action is necessary. Buy an air purifier to solve most of the indoor air pollution problems, why not do it. If there is a digital purification Products with air quality conditions are just fine. If you can display multiple pollutant indices, it will be even more bullish. If you look at it, it will be clear. I will definitely start.”

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