The difference between “hydrogenated water” and hydrogen-rich water “small sub-group”

The difference between “hydrogenated water” and hydrogen-rich water “small sub-group”

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After the water in the hydrogen-rich water machine is activated by electrolysis, the original macromolecular water becomes a small molecule water, but these molecular groups can be discretely polymerized in a very short time, which is very unstable. In general, the fresher hydrogen-rich water, the smaller the molecular group, the stronger the penetration and the solvency, and the better the activity.

But you can’t generalize that “the smaller the molecular group, the better.” In fact, pure water produced by RO reverse osmosis technology has very small molecules. However, because the reverse osmosis treatment process removes trace elements of essential minerals contained in the water, it is called “poor water”. Experts in the theory of small molecule groups, Dr. Matsushita Kazuhiro of Japan, have done related experiments and found that the pure water produced by reverse osmosis has even worse “bioenzyme activation ability” than tap water. Therefore, we should not only focus on the size of the molecular group, but also the nutritional value and activation capacity of water.

According to Dr. Matsushita and Hiroshi, simple small molecule water is not necessarily beneficial to the body. If it can satisfy the conditions of “bioenzyme activation ability”, “very strong interfacial activity” and “rich mineral composition”, then it is correct. It is very beneficial to promote health.

At present, nuclear magnetic resonance is generally used to measure the molecular structure of water. Since the equipment is very expensive, the detection cost is quite expensive. At the same time, the molecular group itself is only a dynamic indicator, its structure is extremely unstable, and it is always in the gathering and separation. In view of this, the Japanese hydrogen-rich water machine industry has not used it as an evaluation index for electrolytically reduced water. However, the fact that the molecular group is indeed small can be confirmed by simple experimental means, such as tea-dissolving experiments and oil-soluble experiments.

All in all, for ordinary consumption, it is only necessary to use these experimental methods to verify. For example, using tap water as a reference object, by observing and comparing the plant growth rate, the oil-soluble effect between the two, the brown color dissolution rate when brewing cold water, the food ripening speed during cooking, and the difference in the degree of aroma, it can be concluded in conclusion.

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