The drinking water market is in a segmented development trend, and ‘rich hydrogen water’ has become a new hot spot in the market

The drinking water market is in a segmented development trend, and ‘rich hydrogen water’ has become a new hot spot in the market

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After several rounds of shuffling, the drinking water market has become more concentrated in the brand, the market structure of the product is further refined, and the consumer’s demand for drinking water has only required cleanliness from the beginning, and now it is healthy and functional. demand.

In this context, ‘baby water’, ‘ionized water’, ‘alkali-rich water’, ‘glacier water’ and other waters that emphasize the nutrient or functional substances contained in the water have emerged, and a round of killings have been carried out in the market.

Hydrogen water refers to water rich in hydrogen. Because ‘water’ in Japanese means ‘hydrogen’, it is also called ‘hydrogen water’ or ‘hydrogen-rich water‘. In Japan, this product is widely used in homes and hospitals, and is a healthy drinking water for daily health care and treatment.

The hydrogen-rich water generating equipment is characterized in that after injecting ordinary drinking water, the machine can instantaneously produce a hydrogen-rich water with a high concentration and a very good taste. It is understood that since hydrogen is hardly soluble in water, natural water generally does not contain hydrogen, and the daily drinking water is poured into a water machine, and hydrogen is wrapped in a bubble and added to water through a bubble which only allows gas to pass through. Because there is no gas other than hydrogen, it ensures a safer and more stable hydrogen concentration in the water.

It is understood that similar products have appeared on the market. However, since hydrogen-rich water is a brand-new industry, consumers do not understand deeply, and there are mixed situations in the market. Most products have many problems.

Electrolytic hydrogen production sounds simple, but how electrolysis makes it permanent hydrogen production is a very big technical difficulty. In addition to producing hydrogen, ordinary electrolysis produces hydrogen and other gases, such as oxides, which are problems that most manufacturers cannot solve. And olansi’s products have solved all of the above problems. In addition, consumers should pay attention to the concentration of hydrogen contained in the water when purchasing, and whether the product can stably produce hydrogen for a long time.

Hydrogen is a more stable and effective antioxidant than vitamins and minerals. A large number of experimental data show that supplementing hydrogen molecules every day is the most effective way to remove harmful free radicals and remove excess oxides.

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