The growth rate of the water purifier market has slowed down, and the market share of the head brand has really stabilized?

The growth rate of the water purifier market has slowed down, and the market share of the head brand has really stabilized?

Health water has become the appeal of many consumers, so the water purifier market has developed rapidly. According to the data of Aowei Cloud Network, the water purification market has achieved fast-moving to fast-running in recent years: in 2014, the market size of the industry was only 9.7 billion yuan, which continued to rise in 2015-2017, and the water purifier market was sold throughout the year in 2018. The scale of the project reached 31.69 billion yuan. In recent years, the water purifier market has almost doubled.
However, according to the latest data released by, the top 5 best water purifier market in the first half of 2019 was 13.83 billion yuan, a slight increase of 1.3%. It can be seen that the rapidly developing hot sale water purifier industry has gradually slowed down.
Nail Technology believes that two reasons have caused the above changes:
First, the quality is uneven. Whenever an emerging industry emerges, it will flood into a group of companies that dilute the market dividends. Consumers will not know the market and promote some low-priced and low-quality products to make profits, which will cause the overall reputation of the industry to decline.
Second, homogenization is serious. At present, the mainstream water purifiers in the industry use ultrafiltration membrane filtration or reverse osmosis membrane (RO) filtration, in addition to innovation in terms of capacity and appearance. Insufficient technological innovation capability has led to the industry entering a stage of homogenization competition.
With the development of the industry, the head brand is expected to continue to strengthen, and some problem brands will gradually be eliminated by the market, so that product quality problems will be gradually solved. However, if the homogenization problem is not solved, it is still difficult for the water purifier market to see a substantial increase again.
At present, there are certain shortcomings in the two mainstream filtration schemes in the industry. It is understood that the relatively mainstream ultrafiltration membrane filtration on the market can filter out large particles, but it is difficult to filter out some harmful heavy metals. However, the reverse osmosis membrane technology developed for this difficulty also has some shortcomings. Although it can filter heavy metals, it also filters out healthy trace elements.
To solve the problem of homogenization, the first problem is how to break through the shortcomings of the existing technology.
At the recent press conference, Fang Tai released a water purifier equipped with its self-developed NSP membrane chromatography double-effect water purification technology. It is understood that the water purifier can efficiently remove heavy metals while retaining beneficial minerals, solve the pain points existing in the industry, and has double protection of net flow inhibition technology and active leakage prevention technology to improve drinking water safety.
It can be seen that under the trend of consumption upgrading, Fang knows that not only high-end can impress consumers, but should promote the product and even industrial upgrading through technological innovation, in order to better impress consumers, thus re-activating this vast market.
This is also reminding Huamai, Gion and other brands that have gained a good market share in the water purifier industry. If they are not vigilant, they will focus on investment and innovation in technology research and development. In the future, it will inevitably be stimulated by Fangtai or others. Join the brand beyond.

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