The harm of pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables far exceeds your imagination!

The harm of pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables far exceeds your imagination!

People eat for food, and eating is definitely the biggest thing in life! Is it enough to eat enough? Do not! Eat healthily and eat safely to get a healthier life and a longer life.
Kangkang today takes fruit and vegetable cleaning as an example, and discusses with you why the health of eating is so important that it deserves everyone’s attention!

Why take fruit and vegetable cleaning as an example? Because the “pesticide” on the tip of the tongue is not uncommon! Recently, the latest test report from the US authorities shows that the pesticide residue rate of strawberries is nearly 100%, which is listed as the dirtiest fruits and vegetables! This is the third consecutive year that strawberries have been classified as “the dirtiest” fruit. In addition, food safety incidents such as various poisonous kidney beans and Lipton milk tea that have been exposed in recent years are inseparable from the problem of pesticide residues.
When it comes to the cleaning of fruits and vegetables, most people still stay in the stage of cleaning with only water. Some people pay attention to the fact that some people will add the appropriate amount of salt to sterilize, but the fact is that such a cleaning method can only remove about 40% of the surface. Pesticide residues, the remaining 60% of pesticide residues that are difficult to clean, enter into your body along with fruits and vegetables, are absorbed, accumulate, and hurt your body day and night!

According to statistics from relevant departments, only cases of poisoning caused by pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables are more than 1,000 cases per year in Guangdong.
Scientific research shows that long-term accumulation of pesticide residues in the human body can cause chronic poisoning, causing problems such as fatigue, headache, loss of appetite, liver and kidney damage, and blood circulation to all parts of the body, thereby reducing the immunity of various organs of the body. Force, increase your liver burden, cause chronic diseases such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes, gastrointestinal diseases, and even cancer! A large number of foods with excessive pesticide residues can cause acute neurological problems and other problems, affecting the health of future generations!

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