The ideal analysis of the current status of life whether do we need air purifier.

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Life always give us a lot of tempered. Many people in order to be able to foothold in the city, and finally they have their own house, but never imagine that the affect of pollution and neglect of the air health challenge. In the face of this status quo, we naturally can not sit still, so we have to own a favorite house to add a home appliances – air purifier,

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Indeed, although the air purifier market speculation hot, but the audience penetration rate is always not high. In the air pollution serious moment, for the purification of air purification products have been in the doldrums, the reason worth pondering. In fact, the attitude of the air purifier, consumers generally maintain a more abstract fuzzy concept, which there are many errors, mainly in the following areas:

First, the window ventilation can purify the air, improve indoor air quality. If the outdoor environment is good, ventilation is able to improve the composition of oxygen in the air, reducing the concentration of toxic gases. However, if the pollution is more serious areas, outdoor pollution is more serious than the interior, will lead to our environment even worse. So the traditional ventilation not only can not improve the indoor air pollution environment, it is possible to increase the intensity of pollution.

Second, for sterilization, to smell, in addition to formaldehyde these problems, each brand of air purifier can do. To completely sterilize, to smell, in addition to formaldehyde, requiring the air purifier to take the purification technology is quite scientific, stressful. Some manufacturers in order to flicker consumers, any exaggerated product features, but in fact can only remove some of the harmful substances. Therefore, not every brand of air purifier can be bacteria, odor and formaldehyde and other harmful substances at the same time eliminated.

Third, the air purifier has the function of purifying the air like, humidification, skin and other additional features in one fell swoop. With the continuous improvement of people’s quality of life, the market’s purifier not only stay in the air purification level, but with a lot of additional features. These additional functions in addition to alone for people to improve the enjoyment of life, the air purification also has a certain role. Such as air purifier humidification function, on the one hand can humidify the air, so that indoor air becomes moist; the other hand, can effectively increase the life of the net ion group, so that the air purification lasting long.

With the development of economy and science and technology, the destruction of the environment is becoming more and more serious, the pressure of life is also growing, some “urban disease”, “modern civilization disease” morbidity is gradually rising, pure fresh air not only help the body and mind Healthy, but also can help relieve stress and relax. Let us pay before inadvertently, so that our lives full of color, which is the charm of the air purifier.

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