The OLANSI air purifier brings us more fresh air.

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In recent years, air pollution has become more and more serious, more and more brands into the field of air purifier. And OLANSI as a focus on healthy lifestyle brand enterprises, from the beginning of the creation, has always insisted on focusing on products, the elaborate research and development of products to more people, unknowingly has been in this area has gone through 30 years. And Olansi care about people’s health, has been in the field of air purification, then the olansi Air Purifier what is its special place?

Like the OLANSI air purifier K08 is the leader in air purifiers. It uses olansi latest design concept, combined with the current advanced manufacturing process, equipped with OLANSI efficient sterilization technology and catalytic coconut shell activated carbon technology composite filter. 360 degrees into the wind, the integration of the coarse filter, three in one filter in one, effective dust, smoke, antibacterial, in addition to smell, in addition to formaldehyde. In addition, the machine adopts double inlet air aerodynamic design, configuration DC motor, in a substantial increase in indoor warranty air purifier efficiency, while greatly reducing the product power consumption, so that purification efficiency level to achieve high efficiency level.

OLANSI sensor use air purifierK08 function is also very strong, indoor air environment automatic monitoring and digital display, four-color background lights segment display; double into the air aerodynamic design, 360 degrees into the wind; and its coarse filter, Can filter out hair, pet hair and other large particles; triple filter set OLANSI efficient sterilization technology, catalytic coconut shell activated carbon technology, HEPA efficient filtration technology and one. Set the purification haze (particulate matter), decoration pollution of formaldehyde and other volatile organic pollutants, antibacterial and other functions. OLANSI efficient antibacterial technology, suitable for indoor air dynamic purification advantages.

The OLANSI aanion hepa air purifierK08 coconut shell activated carbon selection of high quality coconut shell as raw material, with a large surface area, high strength, uniform particle size, pore structure developed, strong adsorption characteristics, the load of OLANSI’S proprietary formaldehyde catalytic oxidant , Can quickly clean indoor odor. HEPA filter paper by the support layer, melt blown layer, electrostatic layer composition, greatly increased dust holding capacity, composite filter longer life; double-sided three-in-one filter, dust capacity is the original size of OLANSI’S original filter four times, Life is four times the same under the same conditions; air volume sliding stepless adjustment; there is a key sleep function, a key automatic function and a key efficient hurricane function.

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