The role of the air purifier How the air purifier works

The role of the air purifier How the air purifier works

As the problem of air pollution becomes more and more serious, the emergence of home air purifiers gives us hope that household air purifiers are an effective product to improve the cleanliness of indoor air. Many people don’t understand the function of the purifier. So, what is the working principle of the air purifier? Next, let’s introduce the introduction of the air purifier by the decoration house Xiaobian, let’s get to know it.

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The role of the air purifier

1, air purification function

The “washing” formaldehyde car wash air purifier is a “destroyer” of car interior pollution and a good companion for traffic walking. The unique centrifugal fan is used to drive the bead cleaning method. The water mist is used to remove dust, smoke and organic volatiles such as formaldehyde and benzene. Enjoy the fresh air of the forest waterfall.

2, the dust removal function

Eliminate dust, pollen, suspended particles, and other dust in the air inside the car, the automatic dust removal efficiency is stable; the effect is up to 99%; it can effectively prevent respiratory diseases.

3, deodorization function

Remove the residual odors such as formaldehyde, toluene, ammonia and other harmful gases in the car; the removal rate of pollutants in the car reaches 99.5%.

4, the sterilization function

Prevent formaldehyde and other hazards and keep people away from the threat of leukemia. The sealed space photocatalyst water sterilization, sterilization and disinfection effect is good, safe and harmless, killing bacteria and viruses in the air; the killing rate of natural bacteria in the air for 40 minutes reaches 99%. The purifier can prevent formaldehyde and other hazards and keep people away from the threat of leukemia.

5, can kill Staphylococcus aureus and E. coli.

Significantly increase the oxygen and negative oxygen ions in the air inside the car to provide fresh air.

6, adjust the physical function

Improve lung function, sleep quality, negative ions can neutralize acidic blood, improve hematopoietic function and enhance resistance.

7, air humidification function

Through the centrifugal fan, water droplets can be atomized into the air to humidify the dry air. Natural water molecules can humidify and control the humidity to create a comfortable air humidity environment suitable for the human body. Appropriate humidity can inhibit the spread of bacteria and viruses and enhance human immunity.

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How air purifiers work

The air purifier is mainly composed of a motor, a fan, an air filter, and the like. The working principle is as follows: the motor and fan in the machine circulate indoor air, and the polluted air removes various pollutants through the air filter in the machine. Or adsorption, some models of air purifiers will also be equipped with a negative ion generator at the air outlet (DC negative voltage is generated when the high voltage generator in the negative ion generator works), the air is continuously ionized, and a large number of negative ions generate ions, which are sent by the micro fan. A negative ion gas stream is formed to clean and clean the air.

Air purifier purchase tips

1. The environment and the effects to be achieved should be considered. General indoor air pollution is: allergens such as dust, viruses, bacteria, molds and insects; inhalable organic volatile gases such as formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia; radioactive contamination of ground and building decoration materials released by helium and its daughters. Therefore, the choice of air purification products should consider its function and effect.

2, should consider the purification capacity of the air purifier. If the room is large, you should choose an air purifier that purifies the amount of air per unit time. Generally, larger purifiers have higher purification capabilities. For example, a room of 30 square meters should be 120 cubic meters? Hour air purifier. At the time of purchase, you can refer to the sample or instructions in the manual for selection.

3, should consider the life of the purifier, maintenance is not easy. If there are some products due to the use of filters, adsorption, purifier catalytic principle with the use of time increased, the air purifier inside the filter is saturated, the purification capacity of the equipment is reduced, need to clean, replace the filter and filter Users should choose a purifying filter element with regenerative capacity (including high-efficiency catalytic activated carbon) to extend the service life; some static products do not need to replace the relevant modules, as long as they are cleaned regularly.

4, should consider the layout of the room and the matching of the purifier. The air purifier inlet and outlet air are designed in a 360-degree circular design with one-way air inlets and air outlets. Since the room layout will affect the purification effect, if you want to achieve randomness in the product placement, you should choose a product with a circular inlet and outlet design.

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