The role of the air purifier is what the role of the air purifier

The role of the air purifier is what the role of the air purifier

Many consumer friends don’t have a special understanding of the role of air purifiers. Today, I will introduce the role of air purifiers.
Is the air purifier useful?
The best large room air purifier for pets can repeatedly filter the dust in the air and clean the air so that people can be in a pure air quality environment when they are at home or at work in the company. The value of the function is naturally self-evident.
There are many such products on the market today, the effect is very good, the improvement of air quality begins with our life, such as home, factory, company, etc., because our life is basically this law, not at home. Rest, then work outside, the working environment time is not too short, in order to make your environment better, start with the air purifier.
The role of the best air purifier for allergies:
1. Purifying air: air negative ions make gas-soluble substances such as dust, smoke, pollen, droplets of water droplets and suspended microorganisms easy to accumulate, can oxidize with organic substances in the air to eliminate the odor generated by them, and thus have clean air, The role of improving environmental quality;
2. Sterilization: Air negative ions can be combined with bacteria, microbial viruses, etc. attached to the dust in the air to make them fall.
Experimental studies have shown that air negative ions have a strong inhibitory effect on airborne microorganisms, so that the virus loses its ability to attack cells, thereby reducing the effect of bacteria purifying the air;
3, eliminate static electricity: static electricity is generally caused by positively charged ions, negative ions in the air will be combined with positive ions, to eliminate the role of static electricity;
4. Biological effects: Experimental studies and clinical observations have shown that air negative ions have many biological effects on the body.
Can the air purifier be opened continuously for 24 hours?
As long as the fan life, wear, heat dissipation is no problem. Because in theory, any electrical appliance can operate 24 hours a day without rest, but the electrical appliance will have a service life, which is calculated according to the time of use.
For the air purifier, after a long time of opening, the loss of the filter material is large, for example, the material that can be used for one year can be replaced only after half a year or three months. It is recommended to turn on the machine when someone is there and turn off the machine when no one is there. For example, if you have children, old people, etc. who are at home for a long time, and when you sleep at night, be sure to open them.
In one case, some electrostatic or plasma discharge type purifiers may generate a small amount of ozone during use. The long-term operation may cause indoor ozone concentration to exceed the standard. Such a purifier is not recommended for 24 hours.
It can be discriminated by whether the air outlet has an obvious odor after opening for a long time.
Does the air purifier produce radiation?
From the point of view of decontamination, the concentration of pollutants near the outlet of the purifier is lower, but there are drawbacks such as blowing sensation and loud noise. When the room is small, the distance of the purifier has little effect on the concentration in the room.
It is recommended that the air purifier be operated slightly away from the person because it may adsorb pollutants from the air around the purifier.
A good air purifier should have no radiation, because of the radiation problem, noise problem, secondary pollution problem, etc. have been considered when the product leaves the factory.
However, due to the chaotic market of air purifiers, the quality of some small brands and OEM products is difficult to guarantee. It is recommended to be as far away as possible.

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