The role of the water purifier is to let you drink water at ease

The role of the water purifier is to let you drink water at ease

Why do we recommend that every household should install the best and cheap water purifier? The household water purifier can help us drink healthy and pure water. So what is the problem with the tap water we usually drink? Or what is the problem with our drinking method? The following small series will explain to everyone.

Why can’t tap water be consumed directly?

Tap water residual chlorine problem

Throughout the history of tap water treatment in the world, whether it is the current European water treatment process or the traditional watercraft born in Belgium in 1902. The general process of the tap water treatment process is: raw water → through the water plant → through sedimentation (removal of algae, sediment) → filtration (removal of large particulate matter) → chlorination (sterilization) → finally enter the family through the tap water pipe.
This technique uses chlorine or chloride to sterilize water and ozone to deodorize it.
In summary, tap water may contain residual chlorine, which is the reason why tap water is not suitable for direct drinking.
Tap water organic compounds, heavy metal pollution risk

Why can’t tap water be consumed directly? Chlorinated water treatment can kill bacterial and viral microorganisms in water, but it does not filter out organic matter, compounds and heavy metals dissolved in water. On the contrary, residual chlorine reacts with some compounds in water to form A more harmful chlorinated compound.
Tap water pipeline secondary pollution risk

Why can’t tap water be consumed directly? In the process of tap water transportation, most of the water pipes used in the early stage are galvanized pipes or steel pipes, which is especially common in some old towns. The pipes are prone to rust after aging, resulting in high lead content, especially in places with welding, and secondary to tap water. Pollution. Although the state now requires the use of PP materials for tap water pipelines, it is still difficult to replace all the water pipes in time according to the actual situation in China. On the other hand, due to the long-term use of the pipeline, it will not be replaced, resulting in the adsorption of a large number of tiny particles on the inner wall, which will also cause secondary pollution of the tap water.

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