The top ten “dirty” fruits and vegetables, you may not have thought about the first place, it is so dirty!

The top ten “dirty” fruits and vegetables, you may not have thought about the first place, it is so dirty!

The top ten most dirty fruits and vegetables, you may not think of it, who is the first one, I will tell you below, these things have pesticides, eat more, not only bad for the body but also cause cancer.

1, ned out to be the dirtiest fruit and vegetable. It is said to contain more than 20 kinds of pesticides. Really, I can’t eat it anymore.strawberries. Yes, many people didn’t think of it, it looked like a very clean strawberry, and many people couldn’t resist the pink strawberry heart. In fact, this strawberry tur

2, spinach, is also a small series of vegetables that like to eat, the content of calcium is still very high, so spinach is also the most popular among all green leafy vegetables.

3, nectarine, is still sold now, the nectarine is very expensive, has been continued for 5-7 yuan a pound, and this summer is not willing to eat, the nectarine is still very delicious.

4, Apple, can eat all year round, this pesticide is also seen as normal, otherwise how can grow so big, right, so be sure to wash the pesticide before eating, otherwise, eat in the belly It is not easy to control.

5, grapes, yes, every time you buy grapes, there must be a layer of white things. In fact, the things floating on it are pesticides, and the grapes are very small, it is difficult to clean them one by one, which requires We must first peel the skin when eating, do not put it directly in the mouth, it is not hygienic.

6, peach, it and nectarine is not a variety, and this ranking is very backward, so peaches also have pesticides to a certain extent, although lighter, but also to ensure that the entrance is clean, especially It is for children to eat, but also pay attention to it.

7, cherry, this season of eating cherries has passed, and the cherry is a variety of things, cheap 10 yuan, expensive more than 30 pounds, or expensive tongue, this thing will certainly hit pesticides And the cherries also need to be well managed. The rate of survival without pesticides is very low, and in the end, it will certainly be very high.

8, pear

Pears are delicious and can be used for medicinal purposes, so it is not surprising that they will be on the list, and the pears are ranked eighth. Although it is also a large pesticide, it is still rare.

9, tomatoes

To be honest, I didn’t believe it before, and I often thought of it as a meal. However, this tomato also has pesticides, so since then, I dare not eat it again.

10, celery

Many of the celery of the king of fiber-like to eat, but this celery is also very unclean, there will be pesticides in the gap, so it should be paid attention to during the cleaning process.

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