The U.S. plans to expand monitoring of world air quality

The U.S. plans to expand monitoring of world air quality

On our travels in China, we saw first-hand how air pollution affected the region’s overall health and especially air quality in India. After all, for some reason, we have actively built our brand there to curb the problem and help members breathe better than ever before. We are apparently not the only ones.

The United States recently announced its intention to increase air quality monitoring worldwide to raise awareness of air pollution overseas and prevent unfair air regulations. Affected are US citizens abroad and in neighboring countries.

The announcement came last week from Secretary of State John Kerry, who announced that the US government will work with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to expand our preventive quality monitoring of air into countries such as Vietnam, Mongolia, and India. The worst air quality in the world.

This action plan is based on years of research into air pollution in China, which has been under surveillance by the United States for some time. Since 2008, the US Embassy in China monitors the level of airborne particles (PM 2.5) that are more harmful to human health than any other. The clock was not well received by the Chinese authorities, but its reinforcement has forced them to put more emphasis on applying their own air quality rules.

John Kerry and the EPA hope that similar results will be achieved once their new plan is implemented in other countries around the world.

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