The water purifier is a display? After reading you, you are silent!

The water purifier is a display? After reading you, you are silent!

The importance of water to human health, I am afraid everyone can say one or two. However, our daily tap water has experienced too many cruel flaws in the processing, rust, heavy metals, pesticides, dyes… and various viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms, even after boiling, simple sterilization Chloride and heavy metals in the water will not decrease. Therefore, it is very important to filter the water and drink it.

However, the filter kettle is slow to filter, the RO water purifier is bulky, the installation is troublesome, the price is high, the faucet water purifier is more friendly, the purification is quick, the price is close to the people, the volume is still small… except that the purification effect is not known, everything looks They are perfect. In order to answer the doubts and confusion in everyone’s mind, today we will test the Olansi intelligent monitoring faucet water purifier.

The packaging looks very textured. The water purifier looks like a camera lens. At first glance, it is super technical, and the middle LED lights are very cool.

The fittings for all kinds of faucets are all in line, 3 internal thread adapters and 1 external thread adapter, which can match the various thread taps that are common in the market. There is also a separate monitor cover that can be attached to the adapter when the filter is removed.

Remove the bubbler of the faucet and gently rotate it up. It is more labor-saving than installing the bulb, it does not occupy the place, it is light and easy to carry, and it can be brought together on a business trip.
Of course, it is definitely not only because it is convenient, after all, there are many products of the same type on the market. I value its water purification technology and its own monitoring module. The two functions are two of its biggest highlights. It is said that after the filtration, the detection module of the palm of the hand can accurately detect various data in the water, and score the water quality, so that you have a number before you drink.

Its filter element is also full of black technology. The activated carbon fiber + ion exchange fiber selected by Olansi composite filter has large micropore content, narrow pore size distribution and twice the surface area of ​​ordinary filter element, which means stronger filtration capacity. I will know when I test it.

Turn on the faucet and in the original water state, the TOC, TDS, turbidity and temperature data in the water are detected in a few seconds, and the four-color LED lamp is used to indicate the quality of the water. Turn the switch to the side and turn on the clean water. The tap water comes out of the faucet and is filtered through the Olansi composite filter. It is clean and healthy water, and the LED light turns green instantly. This purification effect is obvious~

Raw water, clean water status LED light display

And these detailed water quality data are uploaded to the mobile app, and the water quality is intelligently scored by the AI ​​big data algorithm. You can completely see the filtering effect and the quality of the water according to the monitoring results.

Raw water, water purification APP data comparison

The turbidity and temperature data of water is very simple and clear.
The TOC and TDS sound like an inscrutable look.
Don’t worry, Xiaobian will come to you for science.

TOC refers to the total organic carbon content in water, which is a key indicator of the degree of organic pollution in water. Popular things are pesticide residues, biopharmaceutical residues, antibiotics, fertilizers, petrochemicals and other organic pollutants.

TDS is the total dissolved solids in water. Minerals, soluble salts, ionic organics, heavy metal ions, and calcium and magnesium ions are counted among them. It can also be regarded as one of the reference indicators of the degree of water pollution, but it can not really reflect the quality of the reaction water.

Because a cup of water containing a small amount of pesticide (or disinfectant, pesticide, etc.), compared with a cup of mineral water, TDS may be very small, but the TOC value will change significantly.

An experiment can be a straightforward explanation of the relationship between TOC and TDS.

The first group is the data of pure disinfection water, and the second group is the test data of disinfection water and tap water in a ratio of 1:1. It is found that the turbidity of water is obviously increased, while the TOC is straight down 68.1. %, while the TDS change is relatively small, only down 4.3%.

The purification effect is good, the slow water is also a nostalgic, after all, everyone’s time is very valuable 哒~Olansi intelligent monitoring faucet water purifier in the water purification state, the water is very fast, the water is also quite large, filled with 500ml of mineral water bottles Less than 10 seconds, there is no difference in the amount of water from the faucet, and there is no noise.

Filled with mineral water

Many households who have used household water purifiers have a problem. How often do you replace the filter? We all know that the water purifier works by the filter element. The traditional water purifier can’t monitor the specific purification of the water quality. The use of the filter element is naturally unknown. If you want to judge whether you want to change the filter, you have to open the machine to see its use, so that time and effort can not be avoided.

At this point, Olansi intelligent monitoring faucet water purifier is more humane and scientific, not only can monitor water quality in real time, APP will dynamically analyze the use of filter elements, intelligently remind the core change, let you replace the filter element in time, no Will cause secondary pollution.

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