There is no smog in summer, but it is more necessary to open an air purifier

There is no smog in summer, but it is more necessary to open an air purifier

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As soon as summer arrived, the foggy days were significantly less and the air quality gradually improved. Many people have turned off their home air purifiers, especially in the southern regions where smog was not as serious. However, most people don’t know that in the summer without smog, they should open the air purifier!

TVOC in summer

Everyone knows that winter should guard against smog, but ignore the ‘TVOC’ in summer.

‘TVOC’ refers to the total volatile organic compounds in the room, including carbon monoxide, carbonates and ammonium carbonate, and a series of toxic and harmful gases in the air. These substances will volatilize more indoors as the temperature rises in summer.

The problem of volatilization of indoor harmful gases is often more severe in summer than in winter.

For formaldehyde, a pollutant that is particularly harmful to the body, its volatile release is greatly affected by temperature. For every 1 °C rise in room temperature, the concentration of formaldehyde volatilized from wooden furniture and flooring increased by 0.15 to 0.37 times. Tiles also often contain serious carcinogenic gases such as radioactive cesium, which also spread as temperatures rise.

In summer, everyone is used to closing doors and windows and air conditioning. As a result, indoor pollutants are more difficult to reduce. In addition, if the interior of the air conditioner is rarely cleaned, the indoor bacterial microorganisms are more likely to grow and are inhaled into our respiratory tract along with harmful gases. Therefore, staying in the air-conditioned room often feels dry mouth and mouth, itching of the throat, mild symptoms of cold, and serious respiratory diseases, which is often referred to as ‘air conditioning disease.’

The World Health Organization has listed indoor air pollution as a top 10 threat to human health, including hypertension, hypercholesterolemia and obesity. The main culprit of respiratory diseases and intestinal infections and even leukemia, which are predisposed to infants and young children, are also closely related to indoor air pollution.

Most families generally open windows for long periods of time after the renovation of the new home. However, even if you have been through the wind for half a year, it is not a cure.

Research by the National University of Yokohama in Japan shows that the release period of indoor formaldehyde is generally 3-15 years. Short-term ventilation is unable to completely remove indoor formaldehyde. These harmful volatiles will accompany the long-term existence of residence.

In addition, more people are hoping for bamboo charcoal bags, plants and fruit skins. As the saying goes, partial treatment of serious illnesses, it turns out that these effects on eliminating indoor pollution are almost negligible and can be ignored.

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