This portable air filter is like a British private space

This portable air filter is like a British private space

Raymond Wu left the plane after finishing his first semester in the US in Beijing and entered a thick cloud of fog. At least he thought it was foggy. He felt “weak after the car escaped and the metal burned” and covered the vehicles in the parking lot with dust.

It turned out to be pollution. And the crisis has far exceeded the walls of China.

The experience then led Wu to quit his job as a technology investor and invent a personal air purifier that offers users around the world a “bubble” of clean air.

The Wynd, who arrived on Kickstarter on June 2, looks like a thermos manufactured by Apple (actually designed by Mike Nuttall, co-founder of the global design consulting firm IDEO). Its slender white body is covered with smallpox which absorbs the ambient air.

Inside the unit, a medical air filter captures particles (air pollutants containing allergens, germs, and industrial pollution) above a certain weight. The purified air is distributed in the upper part of the unit and provides a flow of air free of pollutants.

Wynd works best when placed in a small, closed room. The company says it cleans more than 70% of the particles in a car cabin in less than 10 minutes. If you want your baby to breathe serenely while shopping in the city center, the company sells a clip for the Wynd that attaches to a stroller.

Eric Munoz, Wynd’s technical director, is a former aerospace engineer. His experience in producing jet and rocket blades helped him build the fan components that make Wynd relatively quiet but powerful.

An enclave of clean air that surrounds you and makes you cross the day seems pretty neat. But the system is not without errors.

The device is located on inclined support in your face that directs the flow of purified air. At a low setting, it is about as strong as a small table fan.

I can not imagine running it and putting it on a conference room table. That would raise so many questions that I think he would find a new house in my drawer after a few days.

For people with extreme allergies or traveling to countries such as India and China, where the air pollution crisis poses a serious health risk, a Wynd can be worth the cost of $ 189 (or $ 139). $ at the end of the Kickstarter campaign),

Apple and Google employees test the device on business trips to China, according to Wu.

There is little data on Wynd’s effectiveness relative to its competitors. But the company claims that the sensor inside the device, which detects when to turn it on, is just as accurate as of the high-quality TSI DustTrak professional air quality monitor, sold at retail for about $ 5,000 and the size of a hand vacuum.

The Wynd has an eight-hour battery life or a normal workday.

The filters last from three to six months, depending on the level of pollution in your personal area. Since the device has a Bluetooth connection, your phone will notify you if you need to order a replacement filter at $ 7 each.

While the Wynd sounds like an expensive game with limitations, Wu hopes the device will become as ubiquitous as Brita’s clean water filter.

Everyone should fight for clean air, “he told Tech Insider.

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