“Three Chaos” Phenomenon in Air Purifier Market

“Three Chaos” Phenomenon in Air Purifier Market

There are all kinds of dazzling advertisements in stores – formaldehyde, 99% PM2.5 removal rate, and many others. Air quality is a major problem. Are these air purifiers really so effective?

In the first half of the year, Shengyi Branch inspected 244 enterprises in the air purifier Regional Chamber of commerce, forged advertisements according to law, punished product quality, checked out 19 brands and 36 models of air purifier standards, certification qualifications were wrong, and counterfeit offenders and reformers found in the water purifier market that “certification confusion, data confusion, there are” Favorable to the phenomenon of confusion.

The so-called “certification disorder, confused data, advertising disorder”. Some businesses, under the banner of certification agencies, use air-cleaning new products for advertising, which are actually false certification. These so-called “certification agencies” are simple environmental protection departments, not accreditation agencies, or some data may indicate that there are no relevant certification standards in the country. Commercial content air purifier performance test report is not standardized, test report test environment and time, data structure, for example, some people claim that a 99% purity test environment of water purifier is not a normal living test space, but a 1 cubic meter enclosed space. Allergy and exaggeration, distortion, misleading consumer support roles, such as “cold is a cure”.

Shunyi Industrial City Branch reminds consumers to buy air purifiers, pay attention to supermarkets or stores to buy household appliances, store purchase invoices, air purifier performance parameters, check test reports and related promotional data. Whether it fully conforms to the national standard test, pay attention to the filtering function, work and the type of selected basic air purifier, etc.

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