Turn K05 into a suspended car air purifier

Turn K05 into a suspended car air purifier

K05 car purifier is a hot product of Olansi, it has the function about 360° Inlet Purifying (HEPA Filter). It is Using high-temperature melt spray fiber drawing. By combining small particles with a multifunctional filter, the HEPA filter can filter out tiny particles larger than 20 nanometers, including bacterial mold, dust, allergens, and some viruses. The world health organization’s publications show that bird flu, human influenza, and Legionnaires’ bacteria are all greater than 20 nanometers. It has the ability to effectively kill the grass fungus and also has a strong inhibitory effect on the general bacteria. Now, we can use this black vent cup holder (also called bracket) to turn the K05 into a hanging car air purifier, which is more convenient and more intimate.


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