Vegetables are not cleaned, pesticide residues are harmful

Vegetables are not cleaned, pesticide residues are harmful

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Modern agricultural dependence relies mostly on a variety of fertilizers and pesticides, and the meals on our table are no longer “naturally nuisance”.

If the vegetables are not cleaned when they are washed, it is easy to make the pesticides remain on the vegetables. The human body ingests too much pesticide, which not only interferes with the human digestive system, but also causes abdominal pain, diarrhea, etc., and is more likely to cause mutations in the organism, thereby increasing the possibility of cell mutation. Sexually, it can cause cancer in severe cases.

So how can we completely clean up the pesticides on vegetables?

Fruit and vegetable machine
Our fruit and vegetable machine uses four electrolytic sheets, powerful high-concentration electrolysis, water electrolysis to produce hydroxide ions, strong oxidative sterilization, easy to use, ready to make, no ozone, no secondary pollution.

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