What are the advantages and disadvantages of the fresh air system and the purifier?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the fresh air system and the purifier?

Advantages and disadvantages, natural ventilation, air purifiers are more conducive to health and energy saving

In recent years, the “new air system” capable of continuously filtering outdoor air for 24 hours has entered more and more people’s homes, and there are various products such as pipeline fresh air system and wall-mounted new air blower. Compared with air purifiers, the fresh air system has advantages and disadvantages?

Olansi air purifier believes that the fresh air system can continuously introduce and filter outdoor air, and can reduce the indoor carbon dioxide concentration without opening the window. However, due to its working principle, the filter device continues to operate, and soon it will face the problem of reduced energy efficiency. The air purifier draws in indoor air. The PM2.5 concentration is not so high through the barrier of the building. The fresh air system directly inhales the outdoor air and processes higher concentrations of pollutants.

In addition, large particulate pollutants such as PM10 will settle in the room and will rarely enter the purifier but will enter the new fan in large quantities outdoors. Under the same conditions, the fresh air system needs to process three times more pollutants than the purifier, and its consumption of the filter material is much larger than that of the purifier. Olansi air purifier pointed out that in areas with more smog, the fresh air system will replace the filter element almost 1-2 months. And because of the complicated structure, it is difficult for consumers to replace it by themselves, and it requires special personnel to operate. Therefore, choosing a fresh air system means higher maintenance costs.

“The research conducted by Tsinghua University’s research group found that if used improperly, the secondary pollution caused by the fresh air system under certain conditions may be more serious than the air purifier. Whether it can be promoted on a large scale is still debatable.” Experts said.

Olansi air purifier believes that purifiers and fresh air systems have their own advantages and disadvantages. It is difficult to simply say who is good or who is bad. The public can choose the right products according to their own needs. “Overall, the “naturally ventilated air purifier” model is both good for health and energy-efficient.”


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