What are the advantages and disadvantages of the ultrafiltration water purifier? Ultrafiltration water purifier is good

What are the advantages and disadvantages of ultrafiltration water purifier? The ultrafiltration water purifier is good

Familiar people know that both ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis are made from pure water using a filter membrane. The difference between them is that reverse osmosis requires water pressure, so it needs an electric drive to complete the filtration, which wastes water resources and costs electricity. Filtration is combined with the water pressure of the normal water supply pipe to produce pure water, so it saves water resources.

Advantages and disadvantages of household ultrafiltration water purifier
Advantages of ultrafiltration pure water machine

1. The ultrafiltration water purifier does not require any electricity to operate. It can be filtered using ordinary pipe water pressure, so only ultrafiltration pure water equipment will continue to work when your lab is out of power.

2, remove the pollutants in the water, the UV water purifier only kills all bacteria, bacteria, and viruses but their bodies are still in the water. Unlike UV water purifiers, top 10 best ultrafiltration water purifiers remove all bacteria, so ultrafiltration water purifiers are significantly more advantageous than UV water purifiers.

3, can even purify dirty muddy water, ultrafiltration purifier can even clean turbid muddy water, and remove all bacteria, turbidity, and dirt in the water, which is impossible in UV water purifiers, and when using public supplies When using a faucet or pipe water, the ultrafiltration membrane water purifier works as well as the RO water purifier.

4, ultrafiltration purifier will never fail, and will not give you impure water. Because the ultrafiltration membrane is very strong, it will not crack and leak impure water. Although it will be blocked due to contaminants, cleaning is very easy. This is unmatched by RO filtration membranes.

5, ultrafiltration does not require too much maintenance, can maintain the ideal working condition for many years, the unique manual flushing device will discharge all the blocked bacteria and mud, so that the ultrafiltration pure water machine is kept in an optimal state if the maintenance time is OK Up to ten years.

Household ultrafiltration water purifier

Disadvantages of ultrafiltration pure water machine

The only problem with the ultrafiltration water purifier is that it can not remove dissolved salts in the water. Only the RO water purifier can remove heavy metals and dissolved salts in the water. When you use the ultrafiltration water purification system, please ensure that the TDS level in the water is good, in the water. Can not contain heavy metals. If you are unsure of the TDS level of the water supply, then you should choose the RO water purifier.

It can’t reduce the hardness of water, retains minerals and leaves heavy metals such as lead, arsenic, calcium, and magnesium, as well as smaller virus bacteria.

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