What are the advantages of fruit and vegetable machines?

What are the advantages of fruit and vegetable machines?

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The advantage of the fruit and vegetable machine is that it can thoroughly clean a large amount of chemical preservatives, preservatives, etc., reducing the intake of pesticide compounds from fruits and vegetables, and reducing the variety of diseases caused by bacteria and organic compounds for a long time. The disease effectively guarantees the safety of the food people eat and protects the health of the human body.

Fruit and vegetable machine can also be used for the following cleaning:

1.Fruit and vegetable
The fruit and vegetable machine can effectively remove pesticide residues, hormones and preservatives in fruits and vegetables, and the degradation rate is as high as 95% or more.

2. Meat
Fruit and vegetable machines can effectively eliminate various hormones, toxins and additives in meat.

3. Grain
The fruit and vegetable machine can eliminate excessive chromium, pollutants and heavy metals in the grain, and the removal rate is over 90%.

4. Tableware disinfection
Not only can you clean fruits and vegetables, but you can also wash away the bacteria, stains and detergents in the dishes.

5. Eggs
In addition to eliminating pesticides, fruit and vegetable machines can also destroy the outer walls of the remaining eggs on the surface of fruits and vegetables, preventing eggs from harming our bodies.

6. Effective decontamination

The fruit and vegetable machine can effectively clean the surface of the fruit and vegetable, such as sediment, dust and stains.

7. Lasting preservation

After the fruits and vegetables are cleaned in the detoxification machine, they are subjected to anti-mildew disinfection, so the storage time in the refrigerator is longer and the preservation time is longer.

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