What are the benefits of the water purifier? After reading these three, you will know.

What are the benefits of a water purifier? After reading these three, you will know.

The economy is developing, the industry is advancing, and humans are constantly discharging wastewater or sewage containing heavy metals into the river. The river water emits a stench of odor; tap water is added with a large amount of chlorine for disinfection; bottled water, the date is fictitious, and there are repeatedly exposed black barrels… In this case, clean water The device has become the terminal water purification option for many people. So, what are the benefits of installing a water purifier?
Article 1: Resolving secondary pollution of tap water
In daily life, most people think that it is absolutely safe to kill all the bacteria by boiling the tap water. In fact, this is a wrong view.
“Nani? Can’t drink even boiling water?” The answer is possible. This is because tap water is easily contaminated by secondary pollution after long-distance transportation through the pipeline. Moreover, the water is boiled and only the bacterial virus is killed. If the tap water contains heavy metal substances, it cannot be removed. Boiling water to drink does not eliminate these harmful substances. Instead, it does “bad things” and raises the concentration of harmful substances. After the water is boiled, it cannot soften the hardness of the water. It is very easy to form a large amount of scale, and the oxygen content is reduced. Conducive to human metabolism.
Article 2: The best alternative to bottled water
You can’t drink tap water, can you drink it in bottled water?
In fact, most of the bottled water is tap water processed by large water purifiers or pure water machines; at the same time, the bottled water storage time is short, easy to deteriorate, and it is open after being connected with the water dispenser and is easily polluted by air. Pollution is therefore not an ideal drinking water solution.
Article 3: Meet the standard of direct drinking, the cost is lower
The pure water machine uses a reverse osmosis membrane for filtration, so the water can be drunk! Speaking of this, many people have to ask, is this high-end and healthy water expensive? actually not!
For example, the price of a barrel of high-quality bottled water is about 15 yuan, and the industry water purifier can make a bucket of water less than 5 cents, one-thirtieth of the bottled water, and wash vegetables for cooking. A dragon. Of course, there is also cheap bottled water, and there are also 5 yuan a barrel for cheap, but do you dare to drink such cheap bottled water?
According to incomplete statistics, the filter element of a water purifier can be intercepted for one year: about 3600 mg of rust, about 98,000 mg of organic matter, about 500 mg of sediment impurities, about 4 mg of lead and so on. These organic substances and heavy metal ions are absorbed into the body within one year and gradually accumulate each year. It is conceivable how much harm to the human body will be. Therefore, investing 5 cents a day and installing a water purifier can directly drink, taste good, and can protect the health of the family. Why not?
It is not difficult to see from the above that the use of water purifiers is the best solution to protect the safety of drinking water for themselves and their families, compared to boiling water and bottled water. With the increasing popularity of water purifiers, it is foreseeable that water purifiers will become the mainstream trend of household drinking water in the future.

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