What are the functions of the water purifier?

What are the functions of the water purifier?

In recent years, the issue of drinking water safety has gradually gained more attention.
Water Purifier
Consumer demand is also rising. The function of the water purifier is to effectively filter out rust, sand, colloid, and chemical chemicals such as residual chlorine, odor, color, and pesticide in the water. Moreover, it can effectively remove impurities such as bacteria, germs, toxins, and heavy metals in the water. Then,
Water Purifier
What is the role?
Common waters harmful to the human body include industrial wastewater, pesticide-contaminated water, heavy metal water, animal wastewater, etc.; common harmful substances in water include bacteria, viruses, E. coli, particulate impurities, and residual chlorine. The water purifier can also purify all the above toxic water, and the water purifier can remove the harmful substances contained in the above water. The mission of the top home water purifier is to purify the water, improve the water source, and install it in the kitchen to purify the tap water (groundwater). It can effectively remove harmful substances such as viruses, impurities, residual chlorine, and heavy metals in the water, and wash the vegetables, cook rice, and soak the fruits with purified water. It is very healthy and beneficial.
2, instead of barrel bottled water
The cost of bottled water is extremely high, which is not suitable for daily use by the family. Bottled water is listed as daily water by most wealthy families. However, this method is too high for consumption and is not suitable for large-scale use, and the effect may not be like a water purifier. The barreled water is connected to the water dispenser, which has a high cost, a short useful period and is more susceptible to secondary purification. A bucket of water is about 70 yuan, the cost is higher, and the water is tap water that is processed by a large water purifier or pure water. There are very few natural wells. A bucket of water is stored for a short period of time and is easy to change. It is in an open form after being connected with the water dispenser and will be purified by the purifying substance in the air.
3, the benefits of water purifier
(1) Making tea: There is no residual chlorine smell, and the tea is more fragrant and purer.
(2) Use hot water to make hot pot: the top is not bleached, the soup is positive, and the taste is purer.
(3)  Mung bean soup: 30 minutes of mung bean completely flowering, clear soup green water (cooked with tap water, mung bean soup red, red foam on it, and a long time).
(4) Cooking rice, steaming rice, making noodles, stir-fry: no more chlorine, the rice is more fragrant.
(5) Electric kettle boiling water: no water, no cleaning.
(6) Cleaning the ophthalmic lens: reduce scratches and be cleaner.
(7) Wash your face, wash your hands and take a bath: the skin is delicate and white, no longer greasy, saving time and detergent.
(8) Laundry and towels: no longer yellow or hard;
(9) Extend the service life of electric appliances: water heaters, washing machines, electric irons, humidifiers, etc.

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