What are the hazards of pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables?

What are the hazards of pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables?

Many people not only like to eat fruits and vegetables but also like to eat raw fruits and vegetables; there are many people who like to adhere to the nutritional value of fruits, love to eat with the skin. However, there is a basic sanitation condition, that is, to remove the net residue. The primary types of pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables are organophosphorus and organochlorines.

Long-term consumption of vegetables and fruits without pesticide residues will definitely cause great damage to human health. The damage mainly includes the following three aspects.
01 causes the body’s immunity to decrease
Long-term consumption of agricultural residues, pesticides are absorbed by the blood, can be spread to the synapse and nerve-muscle joint number, and specifically cholinesterase constitute a phosphokinase, directly damage neurons, The formation of the central nervous system has passed, resulting in reduced immunity in various organs of the body. For example, frequent colds, dizziness, palpitations, night sweats, insomnia, forgetfulness, etc.
02 causes gastrointestinal diseases
Because the gastrointestinal digestive system has abundant mucosal blood vessels and many wrinkles in the stomach wall, it is easy to contain poisons. Such pesticide residues are simply piled up in the process, resulting in slow diarrhea, aversion, and other performance.
03 aggravated liver burden
Residual pesticides enter the body, relying on the liver to make microsomal oxidase to absorb these toxins for oxidative differentiation. If you eat fruits and vegetables with pesticide residues for a long time, the liver will continue to work to differentiate these toxins. Long-term overloading can cause liver damage such as cirrhosis and hydronephrosis.

Vegetable pesticide residues have exceeded the damage to the body?
There are hundreds of species in our country, including bio-derived pesticides, chemical pesticides, minerals, and so on. The human body damage is relatively high and toxic pesticides, mostly organic phosphorus. The national regulations include 41 pesticides including BHC, DDT, methamidophos, and chlorpyrifos.
Unless it is illegal, it is not available on the market. In addition, some carbamates and organochlorine and pyrethroid pesticides are mostly poisoned or low-toxic pesticides. Residues in vegetables usually do not cause acute poisoning in human bodies. However, such pesticides, related research It is indicated that it will be enriched, causing endocrine disorders and even latent risks such as cancer.
In general, the number of pesticide residues, the country’s quantitative specifications are based on human physiology and pathology research, but it does not mean that all people within this scale can eat, can accept, human system or various factors will cause different Degree of damage. However, it is not necessary to be afraid. According to experience, there are usually only a few overdoses of vegetables. If you are worried, don’t put it in the refrigerator immediately after you buy it, put it in a ventilated place for one night, then use the activity. The clean water is carefully cleaned and eaten, and then eaten, so that the residual pesticide can be dissipated.

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