What are the hazards to the body when eating vegetables with residual pesticides?

What are the hazards to the body when eating vegetables with residual pesticides?

1, leading to decreased body immunity: long-term consumption of vegetables with residual pesticides, pesticides absorbed by the blood, can be distributed to the synapse and neuromuscular junctions, directly damage the neurons, causing central nervous system death, resulting in immunity of various organs of the body The power is falling. For example, frequent colds, dizziness, palpitations, night sweats, insomnia, forgetfulness, etc.

2, may cause cancer: chemical substances often contained in residual pesticides can cause cancer in cells of various tissues.

3, increase the burden of the liver: residual pesticides into the body, mainly rely on the liver to produce enzymes to absorb these toxins, oxidative decomposition. If you eat fruits and vegetables with residual pesticides for a long time, the liver will work constantly to break down these toxins. Long-term overload work can cause some dry liver lesions such as cirrhosis and hydronephrosis.

4, leading to gastrointestinal diseases: due to the gastrointestinal digestive system, the stomach wall folds more, easy to contain poison. Such residual pesticides are easily accumulated therein, causing symptoms such as chronic diarrhea and nausea.

Extended information:

Method for removing pesticide residues on vegetables

1, peeling method

Although organic phosphorus, organic mercury, and pyrethroid pesticides have low solubility in water, they are easily soluble in organic solvents or waxy liquids, while vegetables have many waxy surfaces and are easy to absorb pesticides. Therefore, vegetables that can be peeled, such as cucumber, loofah, pumpkin, etc., should be peeled and then eaten.

2, the alkaline water immersion method

Organophosphorus pesticides decompose rapidly in an alkaline environment, so this method is an effective measure to remove pesticide pollution and can be used for various vegetables and fruits. The method is to first put a small baking soda in the water, stir well and then add the vegetables. After soaking for 15 minutes, pour the alkaline water, then rinse with water.

3, heating method

As the temperature increases, the decomposition of carbamate insecticides is accelerated. Therefore, some vegetables and fruits that are difficult to handle by other methods can be removed by heating, such as amaranth (water spinach), green vegetables, celery, cauliflower, beans. Wait. The method is to first clean the surface dirt with water and put it into boiling water for 2 to 3 minutes to remove it. According to the test, more than 80% of the residual pesticide can be removed.

4, the use of oxygen detoxification

Oxygen is a relatively stable molecular structure with much less oxidizing power than ozone. Ozone (oxygen) is composed of an oxygen molecule carrying an oxygen atom; the oxygen atom is extremely active and oxidizing. At present, the new environmentally-friendly small household appliances “oxygen detoxification machine” or “multi-functional oxygen machine” appears on the market is actually using the strong oxidizing ability of active oxygen to decompose residual pesticides on the surface of fruits and vegetables.

Since the oxidative decomposition ability of ozone in water is stronger and faster than in air, cleaning vegetables and fruits with active oxygen water has a good effect of removing pesticide residues.

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